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  1. Hehe, I was really waiting who will notice it first 🤣 And it finally happened Glad that you like it Cheers!
  2. Hello JAGUAR fans all over the world! Here we are again with another nice piece of gear themed after your beloved 64-bit system. This time it's a Jaguar backpack with factory made elastic zipper-tag featuring beautiful "JAGUAR" logo! More details about our new product can be found, among others via eBay: eBay UK eBay USA
  3. Some photos sent by our customers! Our scarves in retro-rooms ❤️
  4. Hi Guys! Thank You so much for Your attention @slx: both Atari 8-bit scarves are much softer (one-sided version). So they are very cozy to wear, but also enough rigid to put it on the wall, trust me @TGB1718: well, we could think to lower shipping cost a bit, if someone buy the scarf direct from us BTW - do you mean about shipping cost at eBay UK? @invisible kid: thanks for Your kinds words. we put a lot of effort in there. believe me, it's very hard to make negotiations with very big factory with such limited order. @Yautja: what Spancho said look at the box it was common also for ST line, that's right (Tramiel's spirit)
  5. Hello 8-bit ATARI fans! "Retro Venture" designed two new models of scarves - this time fully dedicated to ATARI 8-bit computers! One with the heroes of some legendary games: ...and 2nd one in the theme of the popular ZYBEX game: Please check eBay for more info: eBay USA eBay UK Worldwide shipping! In case you have more questions before purchasing - please contact us.
  6. @Yurkie: there's another firm called "Retronics" who sells dust-covers for older Atari 2600 models :) we don't get in our way and make covers for other systems sorry for a late reply, I found notification just now. Check out the new, very attractive offer for our solid & transparent anti-dust cover for Atari 2600 Jr. owners! eBay UK - CLICK eBay USA - CLICK
  7. Hello. We (Retro Venture) are considering doing dust covers for Mega ST & TT (at least for the keyboards). More infos soon
  8. Me too: http://www.retroventure.eu Thank You in advance! /|\
  9. Dear ATARI ST fans! Last year we were celebrating 35 years of the Atari ST line of home computers, the successor to the Atari 8-bit family. The prototype presentation of the ST was held at the CES in January 1985 in Las Vegas. It was very successful for Atari, and the product helped revive the company. It was the first personal computer to come with a bitmapped colour GUI. The initial model, the 520ST was released in 1985. It's primary designer was Shiraz Shivji (born in 1947 in Tanzania) an African engineer, also Atari's Vice President of Research and Development. The "Father" of Atari's first 16-bit computer - the ST. In 2012, in a special video with greetings to the participants at the "Silly Venture" event held in Poland, Shiraz admitted that his favourite computer he designed was the Atari 520ST, which caused a wave of enthusiasm amongst SV participants. As a main organizer of the Silly Venture party, I was so proud to receive hand written greetings from Shiraz, and close to 200 T-shirts were printed and given out to every SV visitor. Here is a direct link to the mentioned video-greetings on YouTube: On this new item from us, you get "35th ATARI ST anniversary scarf" with a hand written signature by the Father of the ATARI ST! Not only for autumn and winter walks, but also as a fan accessory - the scarf will also look fantastic in any retro corner, and your very own signature from the creator and designer of this computer will be a priceless souvenir for every die-hard ST fan! And hey, just imagine visiting some retro-computer clubs or parties with this scarf! These are solidly made scarves, woven on both sides utilising HD technology! It's 100% acrylic, warm at winter, fashionable and comfortable too. Version: Premium Size: 20 x 140 cm Material: Acrylic By purchasing our product you are helping support "Retro Venture" in the implementation of new projects, as well as "Silly Venture" which has been held in Gdansk/POLAND since 2000! THANK YOU! ATARI ST 4EVER! The scarf can still be purchased, among others via Ebay, but the current batch is limited in quantity (the second batch is in production). EBAY USA EBAY UK In case you have more questions before purchasing - please contact us.
  10. Thanks for Your kind words, guys! The 1st batch is over, but we got a 2nd one today!
  11. We would like to thank everyone who decided to express their interest in the product dedicated to the new VCS 800 console. Unfortunately, the interest is too small and it would not even cover the production costs. However, we are not completely closed to users of this console - if you have any ideas that could work - please share them with us! Thank you in advance. Best regards, Retro Venture Team
  12. And it happened! John Mathieson received our scarf and he really likes it - both the design and the quality of workmanship, so this week we are sending another package to LA! ✈️✈️✈️ Long live the JAGUAR! The scarf can still be purchased, among others via Ebay, but the current batch is limited in quantity (the second batch is in production). EBAY USA EBAY UK
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