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  1. Thanks to everyone that stopped by the PacaPalooza 5200! Livestream this evening! https://youtu.be/yU0cvvRIHyQ
  2. A cherished PS1 game in my collection! Lots of great Namco arcade ports on this! https://youtu.be/KQRbq_uORR4
  3. Thanks to all that stopped by the stream this evening!
  4. Channeling my inner pool hustler with Imagic's Trick Shot! another game I enjoyed playing (and still do) on my Atari 2600! https://youtu.be/IBhfaFz53T4
  5. Another favorite Pinball game on the Atari 2600! Bumper Bash by SpectraVision!
  6. My favorite version of Missile Command to play on my Atari 800 and now my 5200! Just need to fix the bug that messes up the trakball calibration between stages if you are moving the trakball
  7. Diggin' GalaForce 2 on the BBC Micro!
  8. Giving my AtariVox+ a try on the Vectrex!
  9. A shorter summary about the Velleman TV Tennis kit (for those that dont want to watch the 2 hour livestream :P)
  10. Thanks everyone who attended the Livestream last night, it was a lot of fun chatting and playing StarBlade Alpha!
  11. Re-visiting an old favorite I had for my Bally Astrocade! Muncher!
  12. I absolutely love what Champ Games has done! I cant stop playing the demo so excited about this game coming out! I like that dual dpad controller you are using! I plan on getting a Edladdin Super Twin to have arcade joysticks (and may make a custom overlay for it themed to Robotron )
  13. Time to get some sub huntin' done with Mattel Electronic's Sub Chase!
  14. Setting up Stella on the PC to play the new Robotron 2084 demo from champ games using a twin stick controller
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