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  1. My original Neo Geo Pocket Color and the game that influenced that purchase
  2. Checking out Donkey Kong on this episode of AtariCade 7800!
  3. Checking out a collectible MiniCade from the upside down Stranger Things Palace Arcade MiniCade!
  4. Tetris 35th Anniversary Special!
  5. I have been consulting Edladdin Controllers, he is working on a standalone controller for the 5200 to include a spinner I had a standalone controller breadboarded (just duplicated the trakball circuit for just the X axis), but got to lazy to make a PCB and just modded my 5200 trakball instead
  6. A little more info on the Atari 5200 spinner mod I did and trying some various TrakBall compatible games on it
  7. Initial testing my my spinner mod for the TrakBall controller is working out pretty well
  8. Get those flags while droppin' a smoke screen with Super Impulse's Tiny Arcade New Rally X!
  9. even number game modes will have the medium and small asteroids move at a angle. start a game on the 1st mode and destroy some asteroids to get a medium and small one on the screen. then use the game select switch and has you go past the even numbered game modes you will see the medium and smaller asteroids change their path and go diagonal. so the even modes are a little more challenging with the diagonal asteroids.
  10. Strap on your helmet and get ready to qualify with Super Impulse's Tiny Arcade Pole Position!
  11. Time to go choppin' some trees in Bally/Midway's 1984 arcade game Timber!
  12. Checking out the MyArcade Galaga/Galaxian/Xevious pocket player!
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