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  1. Not complaining, I am just not interested in the game, its not one I would have purchased if it was sold to begin with because again, I am not interested in that type of game Since I cant exchange it, I will offer mine up for sale and just join the club again since it was hinted it will be a arcade conversion. That is type of games I like to collect
  2. (Willie!) Giving the Blaze 12 in 1 mini Pong a try
  3. I was not intending to disrespect the work done to bring that game out by Collectorvision, I am just not interested in the subject of the game I am geared more towards another genre of gaming. I am respecting their wishes to not sell the 2019 club game and hope I can exchange it for next years club game (unless I join again, then maybe I can exchange it for something else I would like to have ). I did not even play the game, so I cannot honestly say anything about how it plays, sounds or looks. I simply am not interested in this title. I fully support what Collectorvision has done and have been very happy with the club
  4. (Willie!) Thanks to my Co-Host Matt for bringing this to our attention I am loving this game!
  5. I am hopeful next years club game will be something I am more interested in, so I can exchange the game from this year for that one as I really dont care for it .
  6. Battlin' the evil Robotron's on the Atari Lynx!
  7. You'll believe a Pixel can fly! Its another one of my favorite games on the 2600, Superman!
  8. My dad used one of these for his business back then I recently sold the one I had laying around in the game cave.
  9. Defending my precious bricks from those pesky Alien kleptomaniacs in Konami's/Stern's The END!
  10. Just gave this a try, it is AWESOME! it needs a cart/box release!
  11. Will Frosty escape Mr. Sunshine's maze of doom? Checking out the Atari 2600 hack of Berzerk called Frosty! (I call it FrosZerk! :P)
  12. Another ole arcade favorite of mine! Juno First!
  13. Checking out another Masterplay Clone for the Atari 5200! Thanks to The Atari 5200 Podcast for sending this in!
  14. Checking out this awesome update to Moon Patrol on the Ole Atari 5200!
  15. Thanks to Maker Matrix I now have the correct cable for the ThumbStick controller and some sweet color buttons!
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