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  1. Wondering about this game. I found in my local market hidden in a box of electronics (Oakland). It says "Gakken" and seems to be a PAL Wondering about the rarity of it. Thanks for any comments! FYI been a while since I have been on this forum
  2. I know this is an old post, but found these 4 in Mexico and noticed you did not have Decatlon image! It is beat to crap, but.. -T
  3. Howdy! I finally got an Atari 400 to play this Loaner cart I'm not too familiar with what the 5200 looks like. The color did shift from the completion of the first round to the next round. It had the rocket ship, tank eating flowers, mines, the hill with rolling boulders. I'm guessing everything. I did run through the game 4 time and have to admit I got the Atari thumb! One thing it did was start to play automatically? Not sure if this is part of the 5200. Anyways, until next find! Houston
  4. I just read this because I was cleaning something in my house and found this.. I got the this shirt off his back during the 2001 conference. He was very nice about it because I told him I did not want the ones he was selling. He told me that it was his during that time. He signed it and I took it home. I think I'll frame it as well. Something to share
  5. I was just in Mexico city and came across a street market. Walking around I found a few games. There are interesting from the Hecho en Mexico silver labels to the Pitfall screen with the name OONIK on it. I have not tested any of these, but there cool as part of my collection. -houston
  6. Thanks for the info I just opened it to take the image. It's closed and stored away Is something like this rare or are there a lot of these?
  7. I was at the Oakland Flee Market about 3 months ago and picked up a bag of loose 2600, nintendo and some 8 bit carts. Not really looking at the 8 bit, they were part of the package. I normally do not collect them. I just started to sort them an notices one did not have a name, but it did say Moon Patrol EPROM Cartridge 11-30-83 on the back of it. I'm guessing it's a prototype. Let me know what you think. Thanks -houston
  8. I still have my snow white prototype.
  9. Oh yea only the Dracula cart has 4 other other languages besides english on the top.
  10. I do not collect Intellivision games to often, but someone had some games on craigslist for $100.00 for 72 loose carts. I talked him down to 75.00 It seemed like a good deal. What do you think? Attached some images, not familiar with intellivision games. Thanks Tenoch
  11. Hi I just picked up an Atari four switched Factory reconditioned box, system, and two controllers for 15 bucks. I did some searches on this but all that comes up are the six switch systems? Why is there more six switch than four talked about? anybody? Is this a good find, just wondering. Thanks -h
  12. Hey Matt I'm just curious, how do you see the 2 snow white proto that exist. Two versions of the same game that exist or each version being a unique snow white game. I'm not familiar with how much a version changes direction when creating a game. Thanks Matt -h Yes that's true, but there are more reasons for this than just dumped vs undumped. 1. There are several A-Team protos known to exist (I owned 2, and I know of at least 4 others). There is only 1 known PP proto. 2. PP has a "mystique" about it. Pictures of the prototype have been floating around the net for ages, but the prototype was MIA. 3. PP is a unique game, A-Team is a hack of a game that has been floating around the net for ages. 4. Best Electronics sold copies of A-Team at one point. PP has never been offered for sale. Honestly though, it's more the fact that there is only one known PP prototype that keeps the price high. If two or three more are discovered the price will go down, regardless of if it has been dumped or not. If no other copies are found and the game is dumped, the price will stay high. It's all about the number of known copies. Tempest
  13. nice find VonGuard I was going to Laney that day as well, but ran out of time. I do not find much there, but you were there at the right time like I did over at the Ashby market when I found 12 protos. nice job! -h
  14. I found this at the market today has anybody seen one of these. What system would this go on? Thanks -h
  15. I sorta did not see it the few hundred times I mean the few times I went through the Magazine reading the article. Love the Computers for people type treatment. -h
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