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  1. Pit fall creeped me out when I was a kid.... E.T. did too......Im going to go lock myself in a closet for a couple years...I will come out when theres no one left that knows me
  2. Just wandering if anyone knows what this is worth... Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen
  3. Metroid Mega man series Mike tysons punchout double dragon ninja gaiden balloon fight zelda final fantasy maniac mansion super mario bros 3 metal gear battletoads a boy and his blob spy vs. spy those are a few of our favorites
  4. Yea, this is truly depressing, and this is when you realize that life is really short and many things have been forgotten already. There are so many people of my generation(im 19 btw) that have never even seen an Atari or an Intellivision, but I have a plan for my children... you see, im going to start them out on Pong before they can walk, and work my way up through the systems. One day i will say to my child,"Did you play your video games today?" "but i was doing my homework." " WHAT!?! Video games come first! you can do your homework on the weekend, Now i want those 8 master robots beat before bedtime!" ....lol. True gamers will live forever through their children and through their children's children.
  5. ...to tell you the truth pitfall creeped me out when i was a kid.
  6. gameboy players are awesome...they look great on a tv....even though everyone has already said that.....im pretty sure they are still selling them...i bout mine at walmart about 2 months ago.definetly buy one
  7. the nintendo ds to the lego nintendo anyone know of any game console case mods? im working on a mortal combat one on my computer....but i want to see some console ones.
  8. No need for a study. It's 42. As for this study, it's not a question of whether violent video games influence kids. What determines that is simply this: do the parents care what their kids are doing? Or not? Pure and simple. i got 59....course i do have a tongue ring....i will take it out and try again.
  9. XG1 and 2 are awesome....i played it when it first came out and i got hooked on it....although i didnt know that there was a third one.....TIME TO GO TO THE GAME STORES!!!
  10. That is just ......sick.....YUCK!....other wise the dude that stole the games ....its kind of funny. I wonder how many he broke while getting into the car?
  11. well.....i guess thats another game i go to put on my list
  12. samus is better cherries are better cold mountain dew is better ....anything is better than lara croft
  13. one of them is broken....then i noticed that the buttons on the chip on one 2 are competely flat.....course i would think that would make it always want to go in that direction.....but thank you i think i will go buy the kit
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