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  1. This movie is a give me! I am so happy when I read the announcement on this! This can EASILY be turmed into a movie ( and should have been done a long time ago). If no one knows how and why. Please watch the DVD "Once upon Atari". You could simply do a movie JUST on the work environment. Then adding in how they got paid, pushing cartridges out the door, programming the games, employees jumping the ship to make 3rd party games, etc etc... Not only can you make a movie from this, they wont even fit everything in! For the younger generation that wasnt around during this era, do yourself a favor, watch "Once upon Atari". You will see what I am talking about.

  2. Both left is correct. There are 2 small switches. The front one is black and the back one is white - they are set together so its hard to actually seperate them for other drive settings - However its simple enough to use a small screwdriver and push them both left.


    God... You guys are masters!!! Excellent job!!! Worked perfect!!... Now for some serious questions. Is it possible to download these to cds or to get games for these off the internet ( besides ebay ) or just perserve the games i have? I would love to have backups of these just in case. Is there a copier for these?

  3. Ok guys... Here the problem I am having..

    I have an XE system along with a 1050 drive and some software.. I was told they will work together. I tried by doing what some instructions online says, on startup disconnect the keyboard and hold down the select button and turn it on while the 1050 is on. But doesnt work... Is there something I am missing?

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