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  1. Please add me to the list for one to Australia please
  2. id be in interested in a PCB + Case + pre-programmed ARM kit when avalkiable.
  3. Please add me to the list for one cased LynxSD cartridge. Thanks!
  4. I only have a webcam so taking so may pictures would be a nightmare, but they are all in good condition.
  5. These are mostly PAL. i have updated the list to reflect region.
  6. rheffera


    All this speculation about air raid is nice but, unfortunatley, thats all it is. we will never truley 100% know where it came from, or if any PAL copies ever existed.
  7. Take your pick: (these are mostly PAL!) Best Electronics Quadrun Proto. (NTSC) Repos: (all ntsc) Planet of the Apes Coke Wins Malagai - go go home monster (homevision repro) kabobber - alligator people Homebrews: (all are complete with applivable box and/or manual) Atrix (NTSC) Gammation(NTSC) Raster Fahndung(dual format) Haunted adventure trilogy Thrust + Gosub swoops jammed astar avcs-tec-challenge lady bug holiday qb conquest of mars crazy balloon seawolf space treat deluxe gingerbread man (NTSC) stratogems (DUAL) medieval mayhem(DUAL?) skeleton+ oystron toyshop trouble (limited. no 141) reindeer rescue encaved elevators amiss starfire atari vcs 30th anniversary (NTSC) Other: (mostly cart only) Krokodile cart Galaxy Invader (Action-hit tec skull cart) Condor attack (as above) Bank heist (as above) Apples and dolls (polyvox) mr postman (Marpes) Panda Rescue (Skull carT) Galactic (rainbow vision) Surround em (skull cart) dragon attack (skull cart, lavel ripped) space grid (skull cart) Serie especial II (fotomania cart) (NTSC) boom bang (HES, Sealed) All supercharger games, 1-7, all cib, some sealed! (NTSC) complete set of froggo games cib. (NTSC) pyramid war (rainbow vision) hey! Stop! (rainbow vision) the year 1999 (rainbowvision) time warp (skull cart) netmaker (rainbowvision) space robot (????) hole hunter (Taiwan. http://www.atarimania.com/detail_soft.php?...RSION_ID=17463) (NTSC) farmyard fun(http://www.atarimania.com/detail_soft.php?MENU=2&VERSION_ID=12988) (NTSC) exoset missile (john sands) seahawk (john sands) space raid (rainbow vision) tom boy (rainbow vision) curtiss (rainbow vision) pac-kong (rainbow vision) wall ball + manual (NTSC) stargunner +manual (NTSC) CIB ghostbusters 2 death trap (NTSC) london blitz(NTSC) frogger 2(NTSC) atari video cube + manual(NTSC) PM me if interested in anything
  8. Ooh i remember this game from the last time it was on HSC. Time to take you boys to school
  9. Come on man, the game you are creating here is awesome! keep up with it
  10. its been a year in the making! I want I want! Good job simon!
  11. Pictures added. more stuff for sale added. FB, i also should mention there is some VERY LIGHT crush damage from the shrinkwrap on both sealed Mystique games.
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