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  1. So, I went to my local game store today hoping to find a decent new 3rd party snes controller, if one even exists, and was about to leave empty handed. I asked the woman behind the counter if they happened to have any snes or genesis controllers, and she said they were sold out of new ones, but she might have some old used ones (as if I wouldn't want one) in the drawer behind the counter. Well, lo and behold, she pulls out a snes ascii pad, and 2 genesis 6-button MK-1653's (the big ones) in excellent condition. Took home all three for $15. Would've paid at least that plus shipping for ONE on ebay.
  2. I grew up on Long Island and pronounce it "Marr-ee-oh". Wasn't until I moved down south I heard the other pronunciation.
  3. I got Commando new in '93 and never had music. Never knew it was supposed to have music until about 10 years later when I read about it somewhere on this site. Could it be possible that there were a run of defective carts?
  4. Fortunately, I have never played it. But, Mega Turrican is pretty good.
  5. I just discovered I have a similar problem with my model 2, audio is coming out of both red and white but no stereo. When I hook up my model 1, the difference is like night and day. Any suggestions??
  6. Anyone play a game you didn't like or had a hard time getting into at first, but you heard good things about it and stayed with it and fell in love with it? Two games for me would be Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis version), and the Shining Force series. They both are very well made games with that ooze quality. Batman and Robin turned me off at first with its tough difficulty and odd music choice. But after playing it often, it turned out to not be so tough, I even once managed to beat it in one life. And I found out that to truly enjoy the music, I had to play it through my stereo with subwoofer. Now, in my opinion, it is the best Genesis music I have heard. I especially love the music on the Mad Hatters stage. I started playing Shining Force right after I finished Phantasy Star IV, still hungry for more rpg goodness. But, I had a hard time getting used to the battle system, eventually gave up and played Shining in the Darkness, another great game. So, I decided to give Force another try, and I am glad I did. I ended up playing a little every day until finished, and I am now working on SFII. Now the next game on my list is Gunstar Heroes. I have played it quite a bit, but still don't find it to be the gaming masterpiece that some consider it to be. The art style kinda turns me off from it, but I will definitely give it another chance considering the enjoyment I got out of two other games I didn't like at first.
  7. yeah, that's how I got my 7800, got it after my Jaguar, so I think it was in 94, maybe 95. Was at an outlet mall, famous brand electronics sounds familiar.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. Looks like the Sanwa JLF is what I'll go with, and will probably use a Happ Competition for a second project.
  9. So, I've decided to attempt to build my first arcade controller, and am in need of some advice. First, can anyone tell me what the difference between the Happ Ultimate, and Competition sticks is? And second, I've also been partial to the short ball topped sticks used on pac-man and galaga cabinets; does anyone know where I can find one like that? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I'm surprised no one has mention this http://hyperkin.com/blog/2013/03/retron-5-details-revealed-from-the-midwest-gaming-classic/ yet. If its for real or vaporware, I'm not sure. But the HDMI output and Bluetooth controllers sound nice.
  11. while you can play mostly all of the 5200 library on an A8, the best part of the 5200 is the system itself, from the giant box and "unique" controllers, it screams 1982 and has a certain charm and maybe mystique to it. While it may not be my most played system, it is the one I am most pleased with acquiring.
  12. there is also the redemption adapters that were sold here by AtariAge, one allowed use of 7800 controllers, and I believe there was another for sega. not sure how easy they would be to find though.
  13. Not sure if it qualifies as depression or dissatisfaction, but sometimes when I'm in the mood to play, I'll end up switching between dozens of game looking for the "one to scratch the itch" but it usually ends up being way too late after I should be asleep, and I never really played anything and go to bed unsatisfied.
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