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  1. Most of you know that Captive is a game that "never" ends. I have played 160 maps back when the game came out and got tired of it. Yes, there is apparently an end, but it's almost impossible to reach it because it would take decades. With 336,000 maps, it requires a patience no human has. I have no clue why Anthony Crowther (the programmer) made it so impossible. Anyone ever thought of hacking the code to jump to the end? or at least, jump to the last mission? I have no experience in hacking code, but I tried. All I could find in memory was these interesting lines: ============== Congratulations Amendment of the legend of Trill: A small party of four droids brutally outwitted the entire federation force and succeeded in freeing the creator of evil ============== Trill has been rescued! Trill has been left to die Trill has be killed! ============== I can safely assume that these are all part of the ending. There has got to be a way to reach that ending!
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