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  1. Video Pinball! It's addicting. Every time I fire up the old 4 switch I start out with Video Pinball. Kinda like Ed Norton warming up with Swanee River....lol. Then I'll usually give Space Invaders a run. I might even check out my latest flea market finds. Then before closing up for the night, a few quick games of pinball..Ahh..nothing like it. Sean
  2. I picked up a Black Case 4 switch Atari 2600 at the flea market. Nice shape except a broken Color/BW switch. Fortunately it broke in the color position. Some questions; Is the black case version rarer than the woodgrain? It was made in Taiwan so I'm assuming that it was a later production run than the woodgrain. Does anyone know? And lastly, how difficult would it be to repair/replace the Color/BW switch? The switch case is intact, it's the toggle that is missing. Are those parts available? And where might I find them? By the way, the system works quite well. I paid $5, that included 18 games; Fast Food, Coconuts, 3 different labelled Combats, Freeway, Megamania, etc. Not too shabby for a Saturday morning. Thanks, Sean
  3. Sean

    Promo CX2600A

    I picked up a Atari 2600 at the flea market. I know what a surprise. It's a 4 switch with yellow lettering on the switches and yellow piping, not orange around the control panel. The box itself seems the same as my other 4 switches but branded into the plastic on the bottom it says "Not for Resale, For promotional Purposes Only". The serial No. is 271591. The label says made by Atari Corp, Sunnyvale, CA. No mention of foreign manufacture. Other Atari's I have are made by TRW in Taiwan,etc. Anyone know what I have? It does play but it's a bit strange. Almost like it wants to be in two player mode. And some of the scoring graphics are a bit off. Any ideas? Any help will be appreciated.xxx
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