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  1. Yeah, I used to work for a thrift. The cool stuff usually comes from dead people...
  2. ha, yeah, I ended up getting a nice working system (2 of them actually) from "The hankster" I would have sold you the extra but already found it a new home. Speaking of that, I have to revoke/cancel my $150 offer for this lot as I no longer need one (not that he was considering it anyways lol) INTV BABY!!
  3. I "think" I have one of these...it's buried though so give me a little time. Send me a reminder in a few weeks if I haven't got back to you...
  4. I've been looking for one for months...(a year now?) I cant find anything under 300 bucks. With a somewhat high failure rate (at least in my experience, red screen, etc) I just can't do it...
  5. Big lots at a greatly reduced price. Gives someone a deal and you save tons of time.
  6. They have this one coming... https://www.strictlylimitedgames.com/space-invaders-invincible-collection/
  7. This could be one of those "game crash era" debates... I mean, take Activision and maybe Parker bros out of the equation and there wasn't many 3rd party games period for the 5200...
  8. Dude, you are on FIRE with these patches!! Awesome stuff man!!
  9. For the title of this topic it does matter what the underlying price is... "Why is the atari stock so high?" Answer...it's not high. It's "higher" than it was but not HIGH
  10. My guess is it's just a cool name so Al used it
  11. yeah, 160% of a stock worth (under a dollar) isn't saying much. For instance...160% increase of 10 cents would be what...26 cents?
  12. I haven't been on yet, but has it been reached ten times over on actual hardware? I could see doing it with save states...but actually hardware, leaves little room for error as far as I can tell...
  13. Shawn brings up a good point here...I didn't even look at the pics (my computer is so old it won't even load them lol) but some of those games have a HUGE price difference for condition. Rampage for example, those are almost always trashed, a really nice one would likely get top dollar...but yeah, mint is always more desirable, beat up labels drop the price/etc..
  14. Pricecharting.com prices typically only work well (for fast sales) on the really rare stuff. Ikari warriors for example, not an easy game to find so it sold right away. You don't get a lot of options on that one (at least ones that aren't grossly overpriced) Games like... -Pete Rose Baseball $24 -Double Dragon $34 -Rampage $43 -Donkey Kong Junior $15 -Title Match $28 -Super SkateBoardin $37 -Xenophobe $33 -Impossible Mission $29 Are somewhat easier to find, or very easy in some cases. Basically they don't sell instantly at the going rate on pricecharting... While the prices might not be too far off, or even dead on in some cases, they aren't going to sell immediately at those prices, you will need to wait for someone looking for them...and hope a cheaper option isn't available to them. If you look at the completed history on ebay, you can see a lot of those sellers had that game for sale in their possession for awhile/etc.. they got top dollar, but they waited for it. Basically, if you want stuff to move fast (like I typically do) you need to go 60-70% of the going rate. Either a collector will snatch them up, or a reseller that wants to deal with the work and time involved for the extra 30/40% return. Hope that helps
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