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  1. Crazy Climber


    Just curious...How long are the cords on this?
  2. I haven't played or purchased a COD in as long as I can remember...but now I might...I know silly but still
  3. In my experience old ladies are generally nosy, if something is afoot at the workplace, they want all the gossip/credit/etc... BTW - very cool story bruh
  4. I'm not saying trades don't happen, but most of the time (at least when I've attempted) people want to trade a bunch of common/mediocre stuff for rare stuff.
  5. I don't know man, it was kind of a lose lose...there WAS communication up until 2018...but it sounds like any communication after that would have just been him telling us we are NOT getting a game. I doubt he would come off as a hero for saying that... I don't know if I'd go as far as awful businessman, the guy has easily moved tens of thousands of games and done a million+ in sales...thats pretty good for "homebrews" most people struggle hard to sell 100 copies of a game lol. He doesn't expand much on the paypal thing that basically shut him down in 2018, probably due to legal action/etc.. but it sounds like the taxman might have got him if I had to take a guess. Right around that time is when paypal started heavily enforcing taxes. The IRS will close accounts, seize assets and leave you pennyless...they are like a "mafia" lol Sounds to me after 2 years of dealing with paypal seizing all the money for whatever reason he just paid for all the remaining cost with credit cards and personal loans and got us our games. I'd say that's pretty heroic. Far more heroic than making a public announcement we weren't getting anything lol. I'm sure a lot of people will piss and moan about never doing business with them again but if you check ebay right now the game I paid 50 bucks for is selling consistently at $300-$400+ I would say a 500% or more return on your money is a fair enough "sorry" but I get it, it's the principle... I don't know, the guy is obviously passionate about making great games for us...it's clearly not about the money or he would have just walked....I say he gets a pass I'll order in the future (if there is one after this...)
  6. haha, so true. Yeah, this phone is indestructible. People have mentioned SHTF situations when they see it, I also stock a lot of food at the house so it gives the appearance I'm a "survivalist" type... but the truth is I'm just cheap and lazy
  7. Thanks! They were going to toss them at work and a light bulb went on over my head Most of my cool old stuff goes in the basement but I keep the stuff I really like in my bedroom. Just a few things, don't want to overdo it...my wife doesn't care for it so I drew a line halfway down the room, here's my half....
  8. Well, seeing the hell this guy went through to release it, I'm surprised we got anything at all. He's kind of nuts, but I don't know, he won me over I guess... #LOCUSTERY
  9. Still have mine from childhood, still works too. Wasn't even meant to be retro, just never got rid of it and is currently the only working land line in our house (my wife insists we keep it for emergencies and all of our battery powered "cordless" phones died 10 years ago)
  10. FINALLY GOT MINE! Yeah, the Investors edition is pretty dope. I also got my leatherbound Pier Solar strategy guide that I completely forgot I even ordered...it's really nice too!!
  11. I'd be possibly intersted in the "worn" system if it doesn't cost a testicle (see my sig)
  12. Still with collectors most likely. It's like Reggie's (Nintendo) quote about the used game industry... "If devs are worried about used game sales, they should make better games" Basically, people keep good games Now, flash forward to when we all start dying off and I'm sure our living family members will be dumping our cherished games off at thrift stores just like we did with grandma's porcelain figurines...
  13. Yeah, at a bare minimum spend a Sunday afternoon taking good pics that show everything. You don't need to do a wall of text descrbing everything for a lot this size, but for the price of a decent used car, you need to at least show it all :)
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