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  1. Oooohhh yeah...I want this I've actually played the coin op too! Awesome
  2. This is an old school ebay tactic. Put a ridiculous high price on a rare item...people start clicking it. Inevitably they look at your other auctions, if those other auctions are reasonably priced, or even a good deal...you get sales and the strategy worked...
  3. somebody buy this before I talk myself into it haha
  4. I don't know either...but what I do know is back in 1985 I was personally purchasing Atari games on this list for just a few bucks each at retail stores. Children's Palace frequently had them for $2.99 etc... I never saw Track n Field, even at full price. I did purchase Snoopy for, IIRC, around $4.99 at Kay-Bee...around 1986ish?
  5. Okay, all the ET signs have shipped! Thank you very much everybody this was fun! I do still have a few left if anyone is looking, Thanks again!
  6. Dude!! That's awesome. Yeah, a guy on KLOV ordered those and had them sent to Patrick as a mystery gift. Pat used the return address to track me down on Facebook. After chatting a bit turned out I frequented Star world's arcade back in my youth (I was born in Dekalb IL and went down there in the summers to visit my grandpa when I was really young, live in MN now) had no idea it was the same place and was still open!! Blew my mind. We're friends now, I need to get down there this summer for a visit.
  7. I would have used Combat instead of Racquetball, just saying...
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