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  1. not really ... I mean here we used to have Famicons with both 9 pin connectors and 15 pin connectors
  2. lol it's a damn famicom connector I have like 20 of those
  3. hey there guys, I've started an open-source project in which all of you are welcome to help. As you will read in the website, I need a small team first and then, I'll start working on the games ... usually a game takes around 1-2 weeks to be completed so hurry up with the team assembly if u want games Link : http://otringal.789mb.com/index.html
  4. well , anyone tried the game yet ??? I want opinions
  5. Um ... so we have Destructor and Vindicators . Cool , I am waiting for more and about the links , all my games or on old CD's cause when I made them I didn't have an internet connection , but I am planning to search for them and upload them . The only game I have uploaded is the Tiny Toon - Out of Space game , that I made for Atariboy , which is the biggest console fan EVER !!! And as you will see , it has Atari 2600 graphics Here's the link : http://rapidshare.de/files/18291381/Tiny_T..._Space.exe.html
  6. well , I dunno if this happened to you before , but here , in Romania , ( our only console ever is Nintendo NES ) , if you would have lended your cartige to a friend , you would have recieved it back with black stripes of plain dirt , consisting of sweat and dust ... it's because they were coming home from football or whatever and play the console without washing their hands ... ALL OF THEM were the same .... 4-5 years I always used to spray my cartiges with a cleaning substance and then clean it ... it was AGHAHGAHGHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!
  7. I already did ... I wrote many many games , from which 3-4 are my favourites So , voting goes on
  8. about Destructor , I'll have to play it cause it's one of the few console games I haven't played ... about the replys , I know I won't get many but considering the fact that people use PCs for net , mail , forums , etc plus all the great games were on PC and because the computer is the most accesible and maleable , I hope some of them will be interested , so I will just wait ...
  9. First of all thanks for the welcome Second , yes I AM going to make the games and third , you mean to tell me there are no console games , without a PC release ??? Think again Oh , and try to think at the ones which are not as popular as Mario , Tiny Toon , Zelda , etc. You'll see . OR IF YOU CAN'T FIND ANYTHING , think of a game YOU would like to appear for the first time
  10. PEOPLE !!! Maybe it's just me , but on other forums , I never saw a topic where 74 people visited and 2 posted , including me ... COME ON !!! Say something !!! Vote .... whatever ..... swear me , but just say something ! I thought people will rush posting when I told you I'll start making games , but no one seems to say a thing ... Why is that ?
  11. Guys , I just have one question .... what program do you use to make an ATARI game and where can I find it , plus the tutorials ... THANKS YOU SO MUCH !!!
  12. So , I come here , I say I'll make any games you want , 44 people visit this topic and one replys ???? Now this is just plain weird ! Well , untill anyone makes a real console game , I'll make PC games , so start voting !!! Plus , Atariboy , you forgot to vote
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