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  1. The Simpsons intro... 320k Saludos!! SimpsonsIntro.zip
  2. Nice tool! My little contribution, Super street fighter 2 intro. Saludos!!! SF2.zip
  3. Sorry, I do not know that site... My page is http://elatari.atariware.cl/, and is hosted by www.atariware.cl site(rulez ) and we are programming the New Rally X Atari 8 bit version.
  4. Hello bluemax2006, remember, this program will insert ATR files correctly into an initialized Compact Flash with MyIDE Fdisk, and the Image-Loading activated.
  5. ¡¡¡Excelent!!! Is a good "wish list".
  6. Now you can download a new version that write the correct name in the correct slot Download ATR2MYIDE ver0.3
  7. Paranoid: Hi, yes atr2myide is only a beta developmental. Please give me more information about of problem that you have using the atr2myide, and the specifications about CF and Hard disk that you used. You are right!, Atr2MyIDE only check the size atr file, up to 130k. Only if the program crashes out, it remains in memory, then you should to press Control-Alt-Delete keys and terminate process execution with the name atr2my.vvv...sorry. Para mi es mas facil en español, pero en ingles todos los demas pueden entenderlo. Larry: Hi, sorry ATR2MyIDE can't copy partitions from one CF to another, but could be an interesting features to future.... try Norton ghost. cheers to both
  8. The Atarimuseum page is down and an text appears saying "This domain name expired on 07/30/2006 and is pending renewal or deletion.". I hope that return soon... http://www.atarimuseum.com/
  9. Hello, I uploaded a new version of ATR2MyIDE, now you can directly access a harddrive or Compact Flash connected to your PC(IDE or USB) for write ATR files to MyIDE image-disk space. :!: Be careful, you could write data to the wrong drive :!: Is important that you confirm the number of sectors, heads and cylinders, specially if you use CF card in an USB card reader/writer. cheers, Nachocientos. [May 29,2006]New version. Now you can copy several ATR files simultaneously. Download new ver. here : ATR2MyIDE.EXE
  10. I did an small program that work in Windows for insert ATR files into an dump of an initialized Compact Flash with MyIDE Fdisk, and the Image-Loading activated.(also should to work with Hard Disk) I use some software for dump the Compact flash with USB card-reader. And with my program I insert into this dump all ATR files that I want. The files names are inserted too(for MyIDE OS 4.2). Then I return the dump to the Compact Flash. This work perfectly for my. I hope that will be useful for you. note: all previous images(not inserted with my program) into "image-loading" are erased. The partitions are not modified. I have tested only with MyIDE OS 4.2 Later I plan to add direct access to Compact Flash. ATR2MYIDE.zip
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