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  1. Hi all, I got ahold of Brian (TSO) and he released the source to ForeSight. It has been uploaded to the Atari Orphan's page. I can post a disk image here if wanted. FujiMan
  2. You should be able to get 12vdc between the blue and black wires when the power is on. Red should give around 5v. Disconnect power main and check fuse with VOM with continuity. You can have the power supply repaired (recapped) or get a third party power supply. Exxos or Centurion would have new replacement supplies. https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/storenew/ https://centuriontech.eu/product-category/atari/ FujiMan
  3. Hi, Looking for detailed install pictures of Qmeg OS and switch. Confused in which wire goes where. Fuji-Man
  4. http://www.butalafuneralhomes.com/obituary/david-reinhardt
  5. We've lost another Atarian... David Reinhardt (aka 'The Infinite' sysop from Watch City BBS -- Elgin IL) has passed on. A good friend will be sorely missed. RIP Dave.
  6. I think this image is broken. It won't open in FloImg or Hatari. FloImg shows red exclamation point and Hatari crashes when I try to view disk contents.
  7. Something broke between 2.81 and 2.90 for me. Need to fish through thread to which beta broke it. WinXP Pro SP3 Window title updates, Plain window, CPU 50%
  8. I've done Pera's mod to a few adapters, works great!
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