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  1. I'd venture to say most of the floppies could easily transferred to .ATR files using APE and 4 drives very quickly and uploaded to Archive.org. There are some who would say making flux images with kryoflux or a super copy pro card is the only way, taking much more time as well as space. The documents would be a very time consuming unless you have a large scanner that can do duplex, ocr or pdf at a decent dpi. When all said and done, where do the originals go? A museum?
  2. I've modded a few CX-80 for Atari ST machines to be used as a trackball. It didn't require that much modding, cutting a trace or two and running a few wires at most.
  3. Fonts for Gimp: http://members.bitstream.net/marksim/atarimac/fonts.html
  4. Hi all, When I was younger, I ordered a set of diskettes for the Analog Compendium for $35. They came a few weeks later, with the numbers #1, #2, #3 scrawled in magic marker. Not exactly what I expected for $35 and 3 diskettes. Well, today I scanned in the front cover and gimp'd some grayscale labels. You will need to have the ExtraSmooth Atari Fonts if you wish to adjust the labels. FujiMan Analog Compendium.xcf
  5. Latest version of diskettes. Computer Shopper Disks (May 14 2022).zip
  6. Hi, Is there a configuration settings for printer width for custom width settings? 0<x<=132 or ??? FujiMan
  7. Updates to Disk 3. Computer Shopper Disk 03.atr
  8. Program Perfect in April 85 30190 GOSUB 30310:POKE N85,N39:POKE N84,Y+N2:PRINT CHR$(28):CHR$(29);:GOTO 30110 30200 POSITION N39,10: ? " ":POSITION N39,11:? " ":POSITION N39.12:? " " 30220 POSITION N2,10:PRINT CHR$(156):LN$(5,LEN(LN$)):PRINT :PRINT :PRINT CHR$(157);"CONT" Change to: 30190 GOSUB 30310:POKE N85,N39:POKE N84,Y+N2:PRINT CHR$(28);CHR$(29);:GOTO 30110 30200 POSITION N39,10: ? " ":POSITION N39,11:? " ":POSITION N39,12:? " " 30220 POSITION N2,10:PRINT CHR$(156);LN$(5,LEN(LN$)):PRINT :PRINT :PRINT CHR$(157);"CONT"
  9. I remember this one, but there is one before it... Under "Using Mailing List II" - "Part II" - Line #1285 1285 PRINT #5;SP$(1,5):ID2$(SP$(12);:IF Q THEN PRINT #5;SP$(1,HS+5);ID$; Should be: 1285 PRINT #5;SP$(1,5);ID2$(SP$(12);:IF Q THEN PRINT #5;SP$(1,HS+5);ID$;
  10. Here is the disks that contain the data for Atari Ace's great work so far. I only found about 2 errors in his work! The files are in the same order as his web page. Computer Shopper Disks (April 8 2022).zip
  11. Ugh. okay. The ones from Atari Ace will be easy to put on disk.
  12. Okay, I downloaded the pdfs what I could find on archive.org. I've started to type in the ones from 1985. I find that OCR'ing the magazines do not work. so no cut and paste. scans of the code segment only at higher resolutions may fix that. The auto proof program can be a PITA because the checksum codes are, at times, unrecognizable. I've had a few time where simple lines were not accepted. '40 END', for example. I've started to type them in on the Perfect disk. I'll move them to a Computer Shopper WIP diskette ATR. Anyone else working on these? FujiMan
  13. I have an 800xl with strange situation. This machine has no peripherals attached. With first power on, the machine make its SIO noise and then goes to self-test. After pressing reset, the same SIO noise then BASIC READY prompt appears. Any cartridge put in before power up works (Dig Dug, ASM Editor, Sparta X). The machine seems to be functioning normally after reset. Any of the chips should I swap out or test? FujiMan
  14. Here some pictures of bb config. Looks like bb is trashing sector 1 with partition list.
  15. I'm still having this issue, is there another RAM test I can use to verify these boards?
  16. I do have discord channel that I had set up for our users group. https://discord.gg/zupvkPpQ I have 130xe->bb/fb(180/360/1.44)->SCSI2SD (16gb configured as 4gb) Drive was formatted with hdinit using 256 byte sectors (16777215 sectors) overnight.
  17. Hi all, Every time I boot the black box, the partition list is random data. Clearing the list whacks the boot drive (mydos 4.53/4) somehow. If I manually clear the list, and fix it, next boot list is random again. Any idea how to fix? Thanks FujiMan
  18. I have 2 of these, one gives me an error when I run scan512.com, but says it passes the test at the end. Is it a bad scram or ???. It gives the error during bank 00, possibly in the unique test. Error msg is vague where and when it is happening.
  19. Please change FileName in csv export to have 8.3 instead of 83. Thanks.
  20. and Black box. Some ATR are not full 720 sectors, seen a few with 368? or less as well. Just enough to hold the directory sectors and VTOC.
  21. Mat*Rat had a util called CUSTOM.BAS that would print ATASCII to a printer. The disk had 2 fonts. Came in handy more than a few times. custom.atr
  22. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\rory\Downloads\a8rawconv-0.92>a8rawconv.exe scp0:96tpi:\\.\COM13 test.atx A8 raw disk conversion utility v0.92 Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Avery Lee, All Rights Reserved. Licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Unable to open serial port: \\.\COM13 C:\Users\rory\Downloads\a8rawconv-0.92>
  23. a8rawconv.exe scp0:96tpi:com13: test.atx gave the same error. Wondering if I need to use a different drive or ???.
  24. Just got a scp, cannot open serial port. VCP installed in USB serial converter. COM13 shows in device manager using FTDI, running a8rawconv gives me the following error. A8 raw disk conversion utility v0.92 Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Avery Lee, All Rights Reserved. Licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Unable to open serial port: COM13 Any hints or directions greatly appreciated.
  25. I built one of these with full serial connections. https://subethasoftware.com/2018/02/28/wire-up-your-own-rs-232-wifi-modem-for-under-10-using-esp8266-and-zimodem-firmware/ I've set 'ats46=3s48=1s50=1s52=1s54=1s56=1&w' and dial 'atddarkforce-bbs.dyndns.org:520'. I connect 90% of the time and get to the file section. I was told to use 'atd' (not atdt) from the guy who maintains Zimodem. Not sure why it would matter. I have tried TAZ and Flash 3.02 programs. Downloading fail regardless of protocol. Mostly timeouts, or Subpacket too long errors. I have a UDS-10, which downloads do work... But I'd like to the get ESP8266 to work.
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