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  1. The place looks great! Clean but with a nice vintage arcade look about it. I wish there was something like this in my home town. Is the food any good?
  2. RIP OFF the old vector graphics game had 2-player team up action
  3. Found this old picture from August of 1983. I was napping in my Dad's LazyBoy but I thought y'all might get a kick out of the reading material I had. I was 13 years old:)
  4. Did anybody mention the Supercharger games? Dragonstomper and Escape from the Mind Master are two of my favorites:)
  5. Wow! That's crazy! I say that because Galaga is one of those classic arcade games that showed up everywhere even after it was OLD. You go into a buisness of some kind that has a couple of beat up old arcade games with faded graphics on the sides of the cabinet. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede and Galaga are cabinets that always show up. I remember watching other kids playing Galaga at the skating rink when it was brand new. It was so new that nobody would allow there ship get captured. Nobody realized at that point that you could get it back and have double fire:)
  6. I remember playing Pepper II on my Colecovision back in 1983. I had no idea it had been an arcade game until a few months later when I read an article in a gaming magazine about arcade games that flopped but were successful when ported to home consoles.
  7. I fire up the emulator on my laptop every so often when I want to play. I build up a new team to powerhouse status when I do it. You're right though, it's not the same as playing with your friends. Back in the glory days I would name my players after the original cast of Star Trek and the Phoenix Cardinals (now known as the Arizona Cardinals). I need to look for a better controller for my PC. I'm using a MOGA and no matter how I configure it in the emulator settings it just sucks compared to the real console. Try to throw to second base and it throws to first. Same thing with with other classic NES games that are emulated like Contra and Castlevania which I like to play from time to time. It also sucks when playing 2600 games on my laptop also. The precision just isn't there when playing:(
  8. I remember playing this game when it first came out. My friends and I where in our late teens and we were instantly hooked. We played lots of leagues and were so hopelessly addicted that one of my old friends blamed Baseball Stars for almost flunking a semester of college. It was common to leave trash talking notes under the wiper-blades in the college parking lot. Hey Mo, (short for Morgan) unless you want everybody to think you're a candy ass you better show up at Big Daddy's this afternoon so I can blow your sorry ass out of the water. It has been over 30 years so I'm paraphrasing but something very similar to this was said way back in 1990. I have a NES emulator on my laptop so I play a new league once every year or two. This is definitely my all time favorite console baseball game. I know that lot's of people prefer Baseball Simulator 1000 and it does have some cool features and incredibly deep statistical package for a NES sports game. I just can't get past those goofy little midget players on the fielding screen. The graphics and player animations just don't look as good as they do in BS. I do wish that Baseball Stars had the in depth league stats that BBS1000 has. Anyway just wanted to share a fun gaming memory from many years ago:)
  9. Any chance that a version for paddles is coming in the future?
  10. This series was such a fantastic idea but the games were nothing but a cruel joke. ET has generally been the labeled as one of the worst games by Atari and it was pretty lousy IMO. But at least it was a puzzle based game that had a final solution. Swordquest Earthworld was just trial and error and contestants who got into the contest solved the comic but nobody ever finished this nightmare of a game. To me this was a golden opportunity that ultimately ended up coming across as just another rushed cash grab by corporate Atari. It was just another nail that was being Hammered into there coffin.
  11. I remember when they released Donkey Kong on the NES. I was finally gonna have the real thing with all four levels. How could those jacklegs not have the pie factory level on that port???!!!
  12. Well put. You could also include the fact that the PS2 was the first system that you could play online with.
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