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  1. I mean https://www.nintendoage.net/ goes to a new Nintendo Age site rather than gocollect now, but gocollect is still there and I'm not sure what the deal is with the new site (attempt at revival? It currently has less content than video game sage). Confusing. doh: nintendoage.com still goes to gocollect. Not sure how I ended up at the .net site.
  2. AFAIK, high score uploading on AVS is no longer available since the site that hosted it on was changed into gocollect. Apparently, it's back to Nintendo Age now, but the scoreboard and AVS part of the site is long gone.
  3. The problem fixed itself after I ran an older version of Stella and then 6.3. It seems to have been a configuration error. After going to the older version and going back, every game that crash worked again, including the Champ programming games.
  4. I had crashes on a couple games using the latest version of Stella. A couple were 4k homebrews and others were games and demos of Champ Programming games like Mappy and Scramble.
  5. The latest update added more Sega CD issues and both Final Fight and Sonic CD had issues when I used my model 2 Sega CD. I still had issues with bios loading, if I remember correctly, as well.
  6. Maybe take a look at the FMV game, Road Avenger (also known as Road Blaster, not to be confused with Roadblasters)? It combines driving with a Dragon's Lair style FMV game.
  7. That's a raspberry pi in a astro city style shell, not the official one. AFAIK, the official one only has sega games.
  8. Lost Vikings plays best with the 6 button and even uses the mode button. Robotron in the Willams collection also plays best with a 6 button controller.
  9. AFAIK, Venture has all the levels. It's the 2600 port that's missing the third level. The odd thing is that the sg-1000 Congo Bongo, despite being made by Sega themselves, only has two levels and didn't even bother with the isometric perspective. The second level in it, oddly enough, is the very level that's missing from the CV version.
  10. Are you referring to the odd freezing bug in Bubble Bobble (which doesn't seem to happen with the actual EU cart) on the Mega SG? Bubble Bobble doesn't have FM sound. The implementation for FM on the Everdrive X7 seems to be more accurate than the Mega SG for a few games. Edit: read a few previous posts. Definitely the freezing bug. I hope that Mark III/SG-1000 adapter gets released soon so I can test with the JP version of Bubble Bobble. I got the same odd freeze using the Mega Everdrive X7 too.
  11. Namco Museum DS has both the old and new versions of Dig Dug II.
  12. Dig Dug II NES isn't all that rare and still sells for pretty cheap.
  13. Boxxle was made available on the forums in a team pixelboy update here.
  14. I remember reading a post that said those pink mini arcade games are yet another one of those multigame machines with NES based games.
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