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  1. It's also worth mentioning that the sequel was named The 11th Hour. Taito released an arcade game named Metal Soldier Isaac II with no Metal Soldier Isaac I. One of the songs in the game was later used in the original Darius.
  2. Final Legacy on the Atari 8 bit also has a native Trak-Ball mode, though it only works on one part of the game, IIRC.
  3. I have AtariVox now. Speech and high score saving make this port even more incredible.
  4. The odd thing is that Kangaroo is a Sunsoft game, who ported some of their other AC games like Arabian, Ikki, and Route-16 to the Famicom. Not sure why they would license it out.
  5. PC version of the collection (which I got free from the Amazon games app) also has the same issue with rotary stick games. I was disappointed that many bugs present on Switch weren't fixed when it was ported to other systems.
  6. 2600 core on MiSTer is not bad for officially released games, but still doesn't support many of the later homebrews. I heard that 2600 support is being worked on and will be added to the 7800 core, but I'm not sure if support for the newer harmony/melody based carts will be added. Official 2600 controllers can be used with adapters. 2600daptor D9 is excellent and also works great with Stella (which is currently the best way to play 2600 games on modern hardware). Unfortunately, none of these methods accept carts, though Stella does support modern homebrews and has better compatibility than the current 2600 core on mister (7800 core is excellent, but it doesn't support 2600 games yet).
  7. The Atari Game Brain is an unreleased system with boxes containing circuitry from dedicated systems like Pong and Stunt Cycle. It does not use ROM based cartridges. It's not the same as the Video Game Brain. I'm not sure Video Game Brain (which AFAIK is third party) cart switcher would work with the CV, but I heard a few of those switchers aren't recommended because they use the wrong voltage.
  8. I found this to be one of the better things about the Midnight Mutants, especially with Al Lewis's likeness in it. I agree it doesn't hold a candle to the Zelda games, though.
  9. Also, from what I have seen in a youtube video of the 7800 proto, the music is terrible (even for TIA sound. Sounds almost like PC speaker music).
  10. I have seen the arcade machine a few times in the US. It didn't seem to be especially rare. At least there are other nice ports of the game. I also like the Genesis game, though it's very different.
  11. BrianC

    Rikki & Vikki

    I used a different method for adding the header, but I noticed that, last I checked, the version of flips at romhacking.net isn't the latest either. Beat sounds like the way to go, though.
  12. Looks nice. Why no Sunsoft (back then Sun Electronics Corporation) copyright (Atari only distributed the game)? It looks like they had "licensed from Sun Electronics Corporation" on the flyers, but no in game copyright for Sunsoft, only "Atari Inc". Sunsoft definitely retains the rights, though. They recently licensed it to Hamster for the Arcade Archives on PS4 and Switch.
  13. I just purchased the games. Can't wait to play them via harmony encore.
  14. I have two Seagull 78s and I recommend them, especially now since it had an awesome redesign that now comes with an extension cord. Older model is still excellent, but has a built in cord instead of a detachable one.
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