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  1. Dig Dug II NES isn't all that rare and still sells for pretty cheap.
  2. Boxxle was made available on the forums in a team pixelboy update here.
  3. I remember reading a post that said those pink mini arcade games are yet another one of those multigame machines with NES based games.
  4. I'm a bit confused. Strikers 1945 is a Psikyo game, not Capcom. Capcom didn't make a 1945. They did make 1941 and 19XX, though.
  5. I'm not sure with bubble bobble (though I have both the EU and JP carts of it and can test the former). I don't have the cart of Rastan, but the FM on the Everdrive X7 sounds like it should (and this bug has been around in the last couple firmware for Mega SG). Edit: I tried the EU Bubble Bobble cart and the demo didn't lock up after looping a few times, but the JP version played off the mega sg directly locked up on the second or third loop. EU version off ROM hung up in the same area. Not sure if this happens on SMS since I never let the demo set for that long before. Odd thing is that it unhangs if the start button is pressed (at least this was the case with the EU ROM version).
  6. It didn't seem to press all four directions when I pressed down (I tried to press straight in the middle and inputs only registered when the controller tilted) and diagonals aren't like the super nt colored 8bitdo non pro sf30s with oversensitive diagonals.
  7. There is also talk about the controllers here. I liked the controllers quite a bit myself, but the response here was more negative and the controller is lumped in with the GN6 and Old Skool clones. Also, while the controller is close, the pad presses down, unlike many of the originals. I didn't feel it affected anything, though.
  8. Namco's version of Ms. Pac-Man also felt like Now Production pretty much hacked the NES Pac-Man (or used its code) into Ms. Pac-Man. Some of the ghost behavior is closer to Pac-Man than Ms. Pac-Man.
  9. I still have doubts about what you say about the controllers being the same (though no doubt they are made in China). The build quality of the Retro-bit controllers is noticeably better than the GN6, which feels cheap in comparison (which still is decent for a clone controller). It's an older GN6, though I heard similar comments about the build quality. Maybe the reason the boards are similar is that they are both based on the same controller? I generally hear bad things about Old Skool products too. I found the retro-bit controller to be one of the better clones out there and comes much closer to the original than previous clones (and I didn't find the pressing down to harm anything or affect the response of the controls). I did hear that some pads are looser than others, so there does seem to be a QC issue, though. One of the better clone controllers I have used is the Krikzz Joyzz. It definitely nails the d-pad and the feel of the buttons (d-pad has a nice tilt and doesn't press down). There are still some things that feel cheap considering the price, though. The paint over the start button is already fading (something that didn't even happen with the Hyperkin controller) and the end part fell off the receiver a couple times (though it was easy to put back on and is staying on). No LED lights that are visible on the controller either. The response is excellent and it works great with the Genesis and Mega SG. I wish analogue would post more actual updates on their Twitter instead of pictures. I'm interested in the Mark III/SG-1000 adapter since I have a few Mark III and SG-1000 carts to play on the JP SMS.
  10. . The Namco version was officially licensed and on a standard NES cart. It's very similar to the GG and GB/GBC versions of Ms. Pac-Man.
  11. I picked up the collection and I like it quite a bit. I like how the GB emulation has SGB style limited color, a square pixel mode, and a dot matrix filter.
  12. I like the Sega licensed Retro-bit Genesis controllers despite the d-pad being able to press down. Pressing it down doesn't affect anything, it works great with SFII moves, and it's very responsive.
  13. mappy was already released. I have it. It's the FC version of the game, but with changed copyright info on the title screen and no "Namcot". Maybe you meant Ms. Pac-Man?
  14. Will there be an easter egg for Galaga to change the title screen to Galagon? I bought the full version of that one. Good stuff. I'm excited to see a new version of Galaga on 2600 from the same programmer!
  15. GN6, but older. Bought before 2017.
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