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  1. RIP Nukey Shay. He made some amazing hacks. Last one I played was his 2 player Berzerk Hack, which even has Atarivox support.
  2. The patch is for the FDS bios for use with retroUSB's Powerpak NES flash cart. I think the patch is to allow disk flipping with a button press, but I'm not completely sure.
  3. Speaking of TI, the first thing I thought of when I saw this CV doom demo are those Wolf 3D style Doom games for the TI graphing calculators.
  4. They are good, but QC seems to vary. First two I got work great with Forgotten Worlds when the mode button is held, but the third one I bought doesn't work with Forgotten Worlds, even with the mode button held before startup. First two work great with the 2600daptor D9 and Stelladaptor, but the last one I bought doesn't work correctly with either adapter. Still works great with most games (and oddly works with Ms. Pac-Man when mode is held all the way to the title screen), though. Some third party controllers have odd behavior with forgotten worlds. The Hyperkin GN6 works with Forgotten Worlds when the mode button is held before startup, but B button pauses the game (I heard mileage may very with those too). I haven't checked to see if the latest Retro-bit controller works with the 2600, but the first two RB controllers I bought definitely work with the 2600.
  5. The thrust hack doesn't work on the 7800 since it uses the b/w switch to choose the input mode. Make sure the game is set to b/w, or the controls malfunction when using a Genesis controller. Do the controllers work on an actual Genesis?
  6. The soundtrack is the best part of Jim Power. Is Pyramids of Ra on any of the carts? The NES version came with my Everdrive N8 Pro from Stone Age Gamer. Nice game, but I was disappointed with how it was "finished" compared to the prototype. No sound effects, a SGB style palette (honestly, the grayscale of the NES proto looks better), and a single tune taken from the GB version that plays non-stop with no way to turn it off since the sound menu from the proto (which is silent, but has a sound menu similar to the one in the GB version) was removed.
  7. Mine works too. Full color on first boot up and games work more consistently than with the OEM.
  8. BrianC

    Popeye 7800

    I love that it uses pokey, but part of me is curious what a 7800 Popeye would sound like if it was by the same people who did the official DK, Mario Bros., and DK Jr. ports. However, I certainly wouldn't prefer it to sound like that!
  9. I noticed this picture is from the MSX sequel (Penguin Adventure). I like that game even better than the original.
  10. While the Mister doesn't seem to support the AtariVox from SNAC, I'm under the impression that it should work with the 2600 Daptor II and the AtariVox firmware. There's no option to use it, but the adapter does power on with the intro speech.
  11. Each character uses the potion differently. It's more effective for the Wizard compared to the Valkyrie and the Warrior.
  12. I'm a bit confused. Compatible with the NES or FC Vaus? The FC Vaus isn't compatible with the NES Vaus controller and won't work on the NES Arkanoid, even when played on a Famicom.
  13. Scramble and Super Cobra have new paid ROM versions now? How do these differ from the ones that used to be available for download here?
  14. It's also worth mentioning that the sequel was named The 11th Hour. Taito released an arcade game named Metal Soldier Isaac II with no Metal Soldier Isaac I. One of the songs in the game was later used in the original Darius.
  15. Final Legacy on the Atari 8 bit also has a native Trak-Ball mode, though it only works on one part of the game, IIRC.
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