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  1. The Dig on PC has a Lunar Lander clone. The original versions of Pitfall the Mayan Adventure have a port of the Atari 2600 Pitfall hidden in it. Not quite the same, but the GB Space Invaders has an actual SNES version that can be played when the game is used with a Super Game Boy. The Goemon series has various versions of older games, most of them only having one level, with the exceptions being Time Pilot in Goemon 4 SFC and Quarth (aka Block Hole, aka Block Game) in Goemon DS. Maniac Mansion DoTT has the original game hidden in it (the files included can also be used to play the original in Scumm VM). Donkey Kong 64 has the original Donkey Kong and Jetpac hidden in it. Pac-Man 2/Hello Pac-Man has Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (or a clone of Ms. Pac named Pac Jr in the case of the Genesis version, not to be confused with Jr. Pac-Man) hidden in it.
  2. I wonder if a similar distribution scheme to some movies would work. Buy the physical and get a code for the digital version. It has mostly been avoided in the games' industry, though the re-release of Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 came with the digital (though the digital and physical can't be installed at the same time).
  3. Not to mention that Atari actually did plan to publish a port of Pac-Man for the Colecovision (though it was never officially released). And Jungle Hunt was released by Atarisoft for CV with better graphics than those on the 5200. Of course, these versions were made afterwards, but it's funny that they ended up publishing games for a system they trashed.
  4. Thanks for the link. I plan to buy the rom when it's made available for purchase so I can play it on the encore. I'm also curious about updates to the website since I heard merchandise will be made available there too. I tried searching for more information on the site on the forums, but came up empty. Oops, I thought the Champ Games site was linked in the last post, but it wasn't (I meant to quote the previous post that mentioned the site). It has direct links to the store and some of the links there point to a sign in page.
  5. Hi. I'm a bit confused by the website. I can't find a registration page anywhere. Will Galagon be available to purchase there soon?
  6. Did you try using the Genesis controller on the 2600 without the adapter? The adapter is used to make the Genesis controller work like a 7800 controller, but I heard that it's not possible for the 7800 controller's second button to work in 2600 mode?
  7. BrianC

    Congo Bongo?

    Looks very impressive. I wonder what the heck happened with the SG-1000 port. It doesn't even try to pull off an isometric perspective and only has 2 levels.
  8. Awesome! The earlier one is already incredible. I found out (thanks to MiSTer) there is a game on Ladybug hardware named Dorodon that got a port to MSX. I'm not sure if it's anywhere near as good as Ladybug, though.
  9. Looks awesome! It looks like the rainbow block lock (for lack of better words) from FHMC Q*Bert is in this version, but with Coily having to be led to the blocks instead of Q*Bertha?
  10. Neat! Kangaroo is good stuff. I was surprised to find out it was made by Sunsoft. It's now on Switch and PS4 via arcade archives, though it's the JP version with the "mom" left untranslated.
  11. Thank you! I tried Uridium on the Mister and Mega Sg. It starts to play on Mister, but goes to a green screen of death when starting a game. Mega Sg cuts off a line at the top where "shield" is, but it is still fully playable. Excellent conversion with incredible music.
  12. I have a TMSS model 1 with excellent sound quality and it doesn't have the rainbow banding that the Mega SG has when using composite via the DAC. S-Video looks awesome, though. Super NT doesn't have the issue with composite.
  13. Yeah, my mom's room was completely destroyed (thankfully we weren't home at the time), but we're all ok. Most of the other rooms were intact, but there was some water damage and the roof needed to be replaced. House is currently being repaired and they started on the roof. DAC is a digital analog converter. It lets you use the Mega SG on a CRT. I used an adapter for S-Video. I tried composite, but it has a terrible rainbow effect. Looks nice in S-Video, though.
  14. At least Sega CD works via Mega Everdrive Pro, including a few of the problem games that wouldn't work on the latest firmware with the Sega CD model 2, on Mega SD using the Sega CD 1 bios. Too bad I'm without a CRT currently so I can't play Lethal Enforcers in S-Video with the DAC until I move back in to the house (tornado knocked a tree into the back of the house).
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