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    Auto Start (CONTROL + SHIFT + A) does not seem to be working for me with DD21, FloB edition. Thinking that I might be typing the wrong sequence I temporarily rolled back to 0020. The feature works fine. Unfortunately, my test created more problems for myself. After reinstalling DD21 I discovered that I had forgotten to clear Auto Start. AVGCart was now automatically booting to Action. Since CONTROL + A also does not work in DD21 I had to repeat my steps. Reinstall 0020, clear Auto Start setting, reinstall the DD21 Regards, -SteveS
  2. Your conversions have always been fantastic and still you continue to get better at making them. The shadows in the foreground from a mostly unseen tree not only look just right they give real depth to the image. I'm wishing yet again to have a PAL Atari rig. -SteveS
  3. Using new old stock Sandisk 32GB class 4 (yep. I said "old stock") [EDIT] P.S. Everything OP listed runs here.
  4. I find Jatari fun to play. I had issues - More than once I mispelled my answer. - once there was a list of items separated by commas. I neglected to insert the commas but otherwise my answer was correct. Suggestion: treat commas (and perhaps periods) like whitespace. - failing to type the article "the" in a title resulted in an incorrect answer. I don't recall if exact titles were required in the TV game Jeopardy or not. Perhaps the host would prompt, "I need more". I see a way to do this in Jatari. These issues are probably difficult to remedy via programming. Perhaps an option to manually override and flag the answer as CORRECT. Regards, -SteveS
  5. This may seem trivial but I was stumped as to how to advance after completing the first level. Despite the title of the screen being "Select World:" I saw only "Escape from the Lab" as the only choice. I reached for OPTION, SELECT, and START but those aren't helpful at this point. I actually needed the suggestion (from mazzspeed [EDIT] actually, it was SadMan) to move RIGHT. Perhaps something like --> to point to the next choice. I've been playing by keyboard. Perhaps it would have been obvious had I been using a joystick. FloB is great fun and I can play it without a joystick! (I have arthritis in my thumbs and I'm still looking for an alternative to an Atari style joystick). -SteveS [EDIT] LOL Oh! The arrow could not have been any bigger. I must have thought it was part of the artwork. Just ignore me!
  6. NTSC 800XL with Rambo XL 256 Mouse Copyright Notice Demo Fujinet 1.0 0:36 0:56 1:59 SWP ATR8000 0:52 1:36 2:47
  7. Flob 1.0.1 works here. NTSC 800XL with AVGCart.
  8. Sorry, as typical for me, it was a user error. I extracted newer fujinet-pc not realizing the files were extracting into folder ../fujinet-pc-fujinet-pc. I had moved the prior version into ../fujinet-pc. This folder name was easier for me to remember. The newer version never got compiled. It's working now.
  9. Is fujinet-pc at the point of development where it can support Bill Kendrick's ISS.XEX? I ask because I'm not sure about the cable I cobbled together. I think I have PROCEED connected to RTS but ISS.XEX is not retrieving data. -SteveS
  10. For what it's worth I ran the pop_DDfastestmouse_notplayable2 test for better than 4.5 hours without issues. Hardware is an NTSC 800XL with Rambo XL 256 an FTDI based SIO2PC-USB cable with Hias' Reichl's atariserver disk emulator.
  11. I'm revisiting your six-pack. I'm using AVGCart to load the each ATR (in non-SIO mode, for speed). The cart has the ability to mount multiple ATRs. I noticed it's possible to save to the program disk instead of the save game disk. I don't plan to do this but it's easy for me to make a mistake. Would accidentally saving to the program disk corrupt said disk? Regards, SteveS p.s. Still loving these Quads! Thanks! p.p.s. I can't believe 8 years have passed!
  12. I don't recall if I ever tried to use the serial port of the ATR8000 with DOS 2.5 so I wanted to test. Unfortunately I no longer have a null modem or a PC with a real serial port with which connect. I decided to cobble together a NodeMCU dev board into a wifi modem for the ATR8000 for testing. It took me quite a bit of time because I am still bad at soldering and made many mistakes. Not even sure how it started working. The build would have been simple for anyone else. Only a small piece of prototype board, a MAX233 IC, and a card edge connector is all I used. And, a last minute decoupling capacitor. Too late to make a long story short. The driver I had on my work disk (ATR) for a couple decades or more does not work under Does 2.5 or 2.0 (S?). It does work with MyDOS 4.53/4. The driver seems limited to 4800 bps. I thought (but am not certain) at some point I had found a driver that worked with the ATR8000 at 9600 bps. Hopefully one day that driver will resurface. Sorry, none of this fills erichenneke's request but perhaps the driver is one that hasn't been archived. I'm posting a ZIP with ATR8000.SER and some other drivers. -SteveS A8SerialDrivers.zip
  13. Sorry, I didn't say that very well. when I said "derailed" I meant by *me* making my request of you.
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