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  1. Gouldian Finch [NTSC - 78 colors] -SteveS a8isa1_gouldian_finch.xex
  2. You hear the drive home and then advance one track. Drive select light won't go out. -SteveS
  3. My first attempt at making a bootable double sided disk went well. I just sector copied my image to a formatted floppy, ran CPMBOOT. Disk worked great. All the files were acessible. I didn't need to start with a bulk erased disk or a flippy disk. The ATR8000 always wants to see a valid disk when first powered but other than that no tricks or hoops to jump through. The next attempts did not go well. For the next two I get only as far as the "C" being echoed in Atrmon. On the third attempt I got to the CP/M splash but then greeted with sector errors. I cannot proceed past that point. I decided to redo CPMBOOT on the very same disk just above. I got a different result. At first It looked the same but this time after responding ENTER to the sector errors the directory listing appeared and the A> prompt came up. Further, I could access every program on the disk. Some worked without any problems. Some worked but I would get 2 sector errors again before return to the A> prompt. XSUB didn't work at all. Sector errors and it kicked me to the A> prompt. I should mention that all the above attempts were done after error free formatting and sector copying. The difficulties occur only when I try to start CP/M. Anyway, I'll leave the ATR. Perhaps someone else would like to try to generate a working double sided disk. I'm also enclosing an image of what I saw in my last go. (Sorry about the image quality. LCD doesn't work well at all with my scan converter and I still haven't repaired/replaced my svideo cable. Software 80 columns, 'nuff said). -SteveS a8isa1_cpm_files_raw.atr
  4. Necessity had me make a few back in the day. It was convienient to have ATRMON on one side of a disk and CP/M on the other side, because I could not seem to keep both disks together! My problem is nearly all of my disks have been reused time and time again. Had a box (of 5) new old stock manufactured *flippy disks* but the one I used Yesterday is the only one I could find. -SteveS
  5. I wasn't asking if I could copy a system disk to an image. I was asking if [EDIT] an image of the newly created double-sided disk of files can be used along with CPMBOOT to make a new bootable disk. There is no need to answer my earlier question. It worked! -SteveS
  6. Question: Will your CPMBOOT then work on a new disk created from my new ATR? ATR could be a while in coming. First attempt generated sector error(s) on the copy. CP/M DDINIT formatted without bad sectors being detected. -SteveS
  7. Jeff, not since I acquired the ATR8000 in 1983 do I recall trashing a disk by cycling the power of the ATR8000. I often cycle the power to register a disk. Oddly RESET on the ATR8000 [edit] doesn't always do it.. I have occassionally trashed a disk by cycling the power on the disk enclosure with a disk still in the drive. Even that is a rare happening. But ATR8000s are tempermental. Sometimes they just don't want to format in the density I want. This is especially true if using the ATR8000 as the boot drive. Things go smoother if something else is D1 with the ATR8000 acting as D2: through D4: [EDIT] But yeah. Formatting from SDX doesn't ever seem to work unless the ATR has D1: defined and there was already a formatted disk in it at the start.
  8. sorry, I only have the ATR8000. I've never had any other disk drives for my A8s. -SteveS
  9. @Jeffrey Worley I finally got this process to work! It *did* require formatting both sides of a *flippy* (I have some disks with 2 notches and 2 index holes which work on the ATR). Trying the same method with a bulk erased disk was not successful. I got the same "C" response that moonlight_mile got. I now have the 27-Apr-84 release of CP/M 2.2. I don't know if it's an different than the Mar-82 version that came with my ATR8000. Thanks for this!
  10. Don't mean to beat a dead horse but would an ESP8285 work with the old ESP8266 test sketches? The ESP8285 seems to have ultra lower power demands (120 mA in 802.11n mode) compared to the ESP8266. Also, has 1 MByte of SPI flash internally. -SteveS
  11. I've never encountered a push/push style microSD socket but I've had 2 full fized SD sockets of this type fail. I greatly prefer push/pull style, having no mechanism to fail.
  12. Keller2 is correct. Card edge Pin 2 is unconnected. I took out my ATR8000's PCB and confirmed it. I looked at floppy drive pinout, saw that density select line, and just assumed that it might be the issue.
  13. There's not a jumper but there is a density select pin (pin #2) on floppy disk interfaces. Do you have a second cable you can use for testing? You can also check the continuity of pin 2 through the cable I'm not a hardware guy (nor a software guy) but I guess the next thing that would need testing is the circuit behind pin 2 of the card edge connector of the ATR8000. -SteveS
  14. This 3rd mode worked great. well, maybe not quite "great". The Chinon FZ-357 drive (as D2:) did not register when I attempted 77 track config. However, if I covered the HD hole and formatted the diskette as an 80 track disk and then went back and changed the config to 77 track (using MyDOS, btw) it finally allowed me to format it and write the disk. SDX chkdsk confirmed that it indeed formatted as a 1.0 MB disk. I filled much of the space to convince myself. Jeff, thanks for this tip! -SteveS
  15. I get the following dialog when I try to pack segment(s) of a binary file. I'm using wine/Sparky Linux. I'm not a programmer beyond dabbling with A8 Action!, BASICs, and ASM/ED from time to time, so I don't know where to begin resolving the issue. The "seg" number that it reports is not always the same. When I examine folder /home/<user>/.wine/drive_c/users/live/Application Data/SuperPacker/ file "#@seg4.obx" is indeed missing. This type of file seems to be generated for each invocation of Super Packer. Is this correct? Below are all the error messages that apear in the linux terminal. They seem to be wine related. When I restored Super Packer 5.7 all was well. Hopefully, I've just overlooked something simple and someone can point me to the solution. Regards, SteveS
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