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  2. PAL, 47 colors a8isa1_mountain_view1_PAL.xex
  3. NTSC, 49 colors, use saturation 30 a8isa1_mountain_view1.xex
  4. yep. works. Thanks! [EDIT] I mean on my Rambo XL equipped 800XL as well.
  5. hmm, the beach pic looks a bit ugly on my phone. Looks great on my laptop. *shrug*
  6. [NTSC] 31 colors, saturation=30 a8isa1_stream_in_woods.xex [NTSC] 36 colors, saturation=40 a8isa1_beach4.xex
  7. You didn't know anyone in 1982 who could pony up at least $3195 USD for one of the Corvus Drives? Shocking!
  8. Oh that reminds me. I need to add the fixed Wavy Navy XEX to my disk set, (Kheffington's set with some but not nearly enough updates)
  9. This one is still running but I caught it in good spot. [NTSC] a8isa1_charlize_aeon_flux.xex
  10. It's hard to believe this image has only 160x239 pixels. Amazing!
  11. you have copower-88! I'm jealous My ATR8000 still works but the only upgrade it's ever seen is a move from 180K drives to 360K drives (about 7 years ago)
  12. [NTSC] a8isa1_winter_landscape_NTSC.xex
  13. I love this conversion, Gunstar. I consider probably one of your top 3, excluding your car pics and automotive art conversions. They have a different criteria with me.
  14. I used saturated palettes while running rastaconverter. This does not directly affect the maximum color saturation as seen on the screen. It subtly changes which hue/luminance combos that are chosen by the program. The level of saturation you actually see depends on how high it is set in an emulator or how high your have your monitor. I tend to have saturation very high on my TV so I have it high in emulators as well. In Altirra the saturation level I prefer is 40 (available under View>Adjust colors). Saturation=50 in that emulator produces just about the equivalent to maximum I can achieve on the my TV. I don't often view anything with saturation that high. I won't post any picture conversion that has more saturation than I can get on the real hardware. You might have to turn it up on your TV/monitor to see it though. I don't have an PAL hardware. I just try to keep such conversions looking close to my NTSC ones.
  15. [PAL] [NTSC] a8isa1_sunset_sea_PAL.xex a8isa1_sunset_sea_NTSC.xex
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