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  1. Don't mean to beat a dead horse but would an ESP8285 work with the old ESP8266 test sketches? The ESP8285 seems to have ultra lower power demands (120 mA in 802.11n mode) compared to the ESP8266. Also, has 1 MByte of SPI flash internally. -SteveS
  2. I've never encountered a push/push style microSD socket but I've had 2 full fized SD sockets of this type fail. I greatly prefer push/pull style, having no mechanism to fail.
  3. Keller2 is correct. Card edge Pin 2 is unconnected. I took out my ATR8000's PCB and confirmed it. I looked at floppy drive pinout, saw that density select line, and just assumed that it might be the issue.
  4. There's not a jumper but there is a density select pin (pin #2) on floppy disk interfaces. Do you have a second cable you can use for testing? You can also check the continuity of pin 2 through the cable I'm not a hardware guy (nor a software guy) but I guess the next thing that would need testing is the circuit behind pin 2 of the card edge connector of the ATR8000. -SteveS
  5. This 3rd mode worked great. well, maybe not quite "great". The Chinon FZ-357 drive (as D2:) did not register when I attempted 77 track config. However, if I covered the HD hole and formatted the diskette as an 80 track disk and then went back and changed the config to 77 track (using MyDOS, btw) it finally allowed me to format it and write the disk. SDX chkdsk confirmed that it indeed formatted as a 1.0 MB disk. I filled much of the space to convince myself. Jeff, thanks for this tip! -SteveS
  6. I get the following dialog when I try to pack segment(s) of a binary file. I'm using wine/Sparky Linux. I'm not a programmer beyond dabbling with A8 Action!, BASICs, and ASM/ED from time to time, so I don't know where to begin resolving the issue. The "seg" number that it reports is not always the same. When I examine folder /home/<user>/.wine/drive_c/users/live/Application Data/SuperPacker/ file "#@seg4.obx" is indeed missing. This type of file seems to be generated for each invocation of Super Packer. Is this correct? Below are all the error messages that apear in the linux terminal. They seem to be wine related. When I restored Super Packer 5.7 all was well. Hopefully, I've just overlooked something simple and someone can point me to the solution. Regards, SteveS
  7. recognizers are the machines flying above your Tron Cycles
  8. in audacity try compression followed by amplify. Audacity often (but not always) tries to pick the optimal value for the latter. Under View click on "show clipping" I still cannot remember how to get audacity to export to unsigned 8-bit raw format with the correct sample rate. When I try this playback is much too slow. For the time being I'm just exporting it back to a WAV file which I then feed back to sox. good luck with your blade runner conversion. I think my first feature video was Heavy Metal, animation
  9. I don't have an automated shell script but I use the following as my guideline: #NTSC video mencoder -nosound -of rawvideo -ovc raw -vf hue=0:1.5,scale=157:190,expand=160:192,format=yv12,harddup,swapuv -sws 6 -ofps 59.9227 'robot_spy.mp4' -o robot_spy.raw ffmpeg -i robot_spy.mp4 robot_spy.wav sox robot_spy.wav -C 0.5 -c 1 -b 8 -r 15700 robot_spy.u8 gain -l 10 ./encvideo60n <robot_spy.raw robot_spy.mov ./encaudio60n <robot_spy.u8 robot_spy.aud ./mux60n robot_spy.mov robot_spy.aud robot_spy.dd # PAL video #mencoder -nosound -of rawvideo -ovc raw -vf hue=0:1,scale=169:192,expand=160:192,format=yv12,harddup,swapuv -sws 6 -ofps 49.86 robot_spy.mp4 -o robot_spy-pal.raw #### ffmpeg -i robot_spy.mp4 robot_spy.wav ; not need if NTSC video is already processed #sox robot_spy.wav -C 0.5 -c 1 -b 8 -r 15558 robot_spy-pal.u8 gain -l 10 #./encvideo50n <robot_spy-pal.raw robot_spy-pal.mov #./encaudio60n <robot_spy-pal.u8 robot_spy-pal.aud #./mux50n robot_spy-pal.mov robot_spy-pal.aud robot_spy-pal.dd I only have NTSC hardware so with the exception of doing some conversions for ndary years ago I only work with the NTSC standard. Unfortunately I can't recall how I arrived at some of the parameters that I used in my script. I'm terrible about taking notes. Below is what I do remember. frame rates (-ofps switch of mencoder) and sample rates (-r switch of sox) are required by Phaeron's movie format based on video standard. Mencoder switches -vf hue=0:1.5 increases NTSC saturation. IIRC every 2nd scanline hasn't color information so this is how I correct the washed out appearence. TVs might not display all 128 colors. My scan converter does. -sws 6 (sofware scaler type). 6 represents luma bicubic / chroma bilinear. Subjective but I thought this looked the best. Feel free to experiment. swapuv. Phaeron found this for me. U and V planes were generated in the wrong order by default. -vf scale=157:190,expand=160,192: This is a workaround. 160x192 is the rendered canvas size however when I scaled directly to this size I get a terrible high pitched whistle throughout the audio. Using these parameters leaves a blank line at both the top and the bottom. Somehow this eliminates the whistle. I don't understand why. The 157x190 size makes Atari reproduce an original 4:3 aspect (on the 160x192 canvas). I usually run the script, editing the file name the go back and play with the gain (-l switch of sox). Sox will report how much clipping you get. Depending the the video you might leave a some clipping and keep a higher average volume. Clipping is more objectionable if it happens during music. If the audio is too dynamic I usually use Audacity to either do compression or adjust amplitude. There's a way to test the amount of clipping in Audacity but I've forgotten. I can't remember if generate the .U8 file straight from Audacity or not. Sorry I wish I remembered more of the process. -SteveS [EDIT] p.s. I found the following notes to myself NTSC > 160/190 = 0.8421 ; 190 instead of 192 because of "green line" <-- This is the real reason why I changed the scaled size. Did I accidently solve the *whistle* problem? I don't remember. PAL > 160/240 = 0.6667 above ratio * video aspect ratio will yield the horizontal number for mencoder "-vf scale" (e.g "158:190") filter use mplayer -vo null -ao null -identify -frames 0 foo.avi to obtain video's width and height calculate original aspect ratio from those when writing the CF card use dd's conv=direct,notrunc parameters
  10. I just noticed something new regarding my 800's door. When I open the latch with both hands, well one finger of each hand, the door lifts every time. When I use only one hand it never lifts on it's own. Could there be something about the latch rather than the door itself that causes the most problem? The reason I used both hands just now is I have osteo arhritis in each thumb. The are both aching a bit Today so I didn't want to use extra pressure squeezing something (the latch). -SteveS
  11. 2 Chinon FZ-502 mechs from a 1989 PC clone (DAK Headstart PC). Before that Teac FD-50A mechs from a DEC Robin drive enclosure. Actually they are still in the enclosure. The Chinons sit on top since the enclosure hasn't any provision for mounting the half-height mechs. I run a single 1.2 MB drive once in while but I I think it's alignment must be out. can't format any disks without a few bad sectors. Drive is a Mitsubishi MF504C-312U mech from a 1987 PC-AT clone. My media is all 1980s vintage. I have enough brands that some should still be OK you'd think. Maybe not. No new old stock though. All disks are reused. -SteveS
  12. Don't know how relevant this might be. The Goonies (from DJayBee's ATXCracks03) works with the multilator_rev2_no32.ino using SPIFFS data from multilator_rev2 on old ESP8266 test bed. Something must have changed since that time if it doesn't work now. I'm using an 800XL with Rambo 256 XL. Rescue on Fractalus images don't work. I hope to build an ESP32 based FujiNet soon but probably not before my surgery in August/September. -SteveS
  13. hmm. Thought I had tried this but I don't clearly remember. I might have tried harder if I hadn't had the single side drives to fall back on. I always use a magnet to wipe disks that will be used on the ATR8000. Avoids odd occurences. I'll try this again soon. -SteveS
  14. I don't think I've seen the SWP BIOS Source disk.
  15. @zbyti Would you please explain what the asterisk (*) does in this line of Action! code. I recognize the format of the instruction as similar instructions appear in the runtime library but I never understood what the asterisk does. Regards, -SteveS
  16. Would the NTSC version of the game be called, "Cookies in Hell"? Biscuits here are a hard treat for the dog or a light, fluffy pastry for humans, often used to convey large portions of butter to their mouths.
  17. Dug my drives out last night but forgot to make note of the models. From 1983 until about 2008 I used TEAC FD-50A single sided mechs. Never did feel confident about as to how to change the the pressure pads. Replaced the mechs with double sided Chinon FZ-502 drives (I think that the model) from a 1989 PC-XT clone (yes, 1989!). I occasionally connect one or two 1.2 MB mechs. I can't remember the make or model numbers. Definitely dual speed units retained from my first PC, a PC-AT clone. These days I mostly just run the drives to see if they still work. I try to do something to keep my interest at least for a few hours. This time it was connecting the ATR8000 and using an ESP8266 with one of the older fujinet test firmwares ("multilator-rev2-n32"). There aren't many SIO2whatever type devices that ATR8000 would play well with. I never managed to get the 1.2 MB drives to work in tandem with the 40 track drives. -SteveS
  18. Is there a story behind the solitary sneaker?
  19. I forgot to make that a link. p.s. That's not my site. I played the tactics mentioned.
  20. Space Invaders was my one video game addiction. OK, maybe Donkey Kong as well. However, I was pretty good at Space Invaders but not the latter. I don't know if it had a hacked ROM or there was a feature of the game's settings or if there's a bug in software, but the machine I played would post 99 credits when I rolled the score past 9999. I routinely rolled the score 5 times. Rarely 6 times. There was one player who was better. Together we played all morning before afternoon classes on 50 cents. These tricks and "easter egg" made my score possible. The latter is a cheat but you need to develop a skill in order to make use of it. When an invader one row above the bottom (or just above your gun) you are safe from being shot. You move to the far right then move back to the left shooting every invader along the. You must be 100% every time a row reaches that region. It's possible to recover from a miss but it takes a lot of fast shooting and mostly luck. I hope your port will play on NTSC machines because I truly love this game. Looks great so far! Thanks for revisiting this classic! -SteveS
  21. The reason was an overheating issue. The memory got too warm in the cases. Analog Computing published a blurb about it. I'm glad there was a simple fix. My 800 used to crash in under an hour of use, even just sitting in BASIC. After I took the single 16K board out of the case I never had a problem again. I still have the 800. Eventually I upgraded the 800 to 48K but for a few years it had 24K and for several years it had 32K. p.s. DrVenkman beat me to it! Just by seconds!
  22. Thanks, Ivop! It looks great! I'd love to take a look at it but unfortunately all my SIO devices aren't working. SIO2PC no longer detected by my laptop. RPi won't read any of my SD cards. Barebones SDrive failed due to bad voltage switcher back in 2009 and the workaround (2 signal diodes in series) , which worked for 11 years, failed recently. Can't find my supply of 1n4148s. Cable to my SDrive-MAX snapped off due to not having a for it case and without it not having a convenient means to add strain relief. Also the cable is far too short . And I can't remember which test software for fujinet (esp8266 version) was the one that worked (mostly) for my homebrew.
  23. My signature's link now points to one of my attachments. Any browser tab that has one of my posts in view would need to be refreshed to have the change.
  24. oh wow! Sorry about that. It's Microsoft OneDrive. Didn't know it was running so many scripts. I'll move my signature's link to my Dropbox account for now but I don't know if that's much better. Can someone suggest a clean (and preferably free) host for sharing small files. Here are my palettes: a8isa1_palettes.zip
  25. would anyone like to do an NTSC conversion using the saturation 40 palette (see my sig)?
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