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  1. I think this is a Newton Design joystick but I'm not sure of that name. I remember it was only available via mail order. I bought it in 1982 (best guess). The stick is arcade quality but with leaf switches. The spring in the button is much to stiff for long session use.
  2. As it turned out Mathy stored the images as DCM files. Here is a newly created ATR of my disk. mydos_builder_3014_319.atr
  3. Back as in flip side? Not possible. The ATR8000 is the only A8 drive system I've ever owned and the disk doesn't have 2 index holes. I doubt it's a "flippy".
  4. Mathy has it and perhaps 4 or so earlier versions on his mydos page. I sent them to him 10+ years ago. Www.mathyvannisselroy.nl
  5. This is the final MyDOS disk I have for my ATR8000. I don't even recall how I obtained the disk seeing I acquired the unit second-hand in 1983/1984 which is earlier than the 1985 date indicated on the disk. I'm curious if there were versions later than the 3.014/3.19 builder disk. I seem to recall before MyDOS began shipping with ATR8000's that OS/A+ was the DOS of choice but I'm not sure. Were there ever other DOSes included with or made available specifically for the ATR8000? If so, what were the final version numbers? Thanks. -SteveS
  6. You could put one of Wrathchild's big Infocom_AtrQuads onto one 8mbit cartridge. More than one won't fit and there are six to choose from 😮 You would need a real disk (or disk emulator) to do game saves. Probably easier to use all the ATRs on a disk emulator but the above is option -SteveS
  7. Stunning! One more reason to wish to have PAL hardware!
  8. I just stumbled upon an old advertisement for these disks. I'm glad someone archived them. Thanks for providing the images!
  9. Branch v13 is what I cloned but the display still indicates v1.2. p.s. Nevermind. The fourth attempt was the charmer. v1.3b now installed.
  10. Lord Thag, Sorry I can't quote you because of the multiple quotes in your reply. In the first line of my reply I indicated that have saved and loaded spreadsheets using SpeedCalc in SpartaDos X. However, you can't use SpartaDos X's drive letter notation. You must use, for example, D1:my_spreadsheet. -SteveS
  11. I compiled this version. I am sure it was successful, both the compilation and the flashing of the arduino. However, my SDrive-MAX still lists "v1.2" on the touch screen. Is there something I overlooked doing? -SteveS
  12. SpeedCalc.xex loads (use "X SPEEDCAL.XEX"). I can store and load files but I need to use the Dn:filename notation (where n is the drive number). This is the SpeedCalc published in Compute! Magazine. Atari version printed in March 1986 issue. I found SpeedCalc at www.atarionline.pl. I found more versions (including an enhanced version) at atariwiki.com. I also found a short article entitled, IF-THEN-ELSE for SpeedCalc at atarimagzines.com I don't know if SpeedCalc would suit anyone's needs but it seems to run. I don't have enough knowledge of SpartaDos X or spreadsheets to give this combination a good shakedown test. -SteveS
  13. This image needed some NTSC love too a8isa1_ferrari27_NTSC.xex
  14. Beat me to it! 8088 goodness sitting under the ATR8000!
  15. You can simplify SCR=DLADDR^ FOR I=1 TO 3840 DO SCR^=135 SCR==+1 OD with FOR SCR=DLADDR^ TO DLADDR^+3839 DO SCR^=135 OD and save 3840 additions and a like number of assignments
  16. Gorgeous! It's nearly impossible to pull off gradients with such low resolution and I think you did. That said, it's the shore line that blows my mind.
  17. Sorry, I don't have an answer for you but you might be interested in watching the Atari fig-FORTH tutorials that Tom Cherryhomes produced on youtube some years ago. I can't recall which FORTH he enhanced or why but I recall he wanted to present FORTH in its purist form. I haven't watched the tutorials since they were published. I remember enjoying them quite a bit.
  18. I did put my updated image on the cartridge. Seems to work fine but I only put in a few minutes of effort. I don't know when I will next have an extended session but I'm sure I will enjoy it when I do. Thanks for this composition, ebiguy!
  19. I believe I found the problem. I composed my own ATR for the Romdisk and concatenated the parts to form my cartridge image. When I do the same with your Romdisk449.atr I get the same behavior trying to use the Action! cartridge. I used this command (using linux) cat first_part449.bin Romdisk449.atr last_part449.bin > test.bin Md5sums don't match 249995ad8ee9c8325e43e777514460a6 My8MbitFlash_SDX449_OSS_romdisk.bin 0c2238780a033e9bbbe6328b788c34cf test.bin
  20. I'm reporting an issue. I'm using real hardware, 800XL with Rambo XL memory upgrade. When I select ACT and type CAR I enter the Action! editor but I cannot type anything. All other cartridges seem to work.
  21. sorry. This thread rose to the top so I answered. I didn't think to read all other SDrive-MAX related threads.
  22. I just tried creating NEW atrs on SDrive-MAX and formatting from SDX and it worked (with some caveats). Single Density, 40 track SS - works. When formatting I was warned that Ultra Speed does not work. I believe skew switched to NORMAL and then formatting worked. Double Density, 40 track DS - works. This time I was warned Ultra Speed skew does not work and warned again and High Speed skew does not work. Normal skew did work. I copied files to one of the ATRs and ran some programs from that ATR. That was the extent of my testing. Notes 1 - After ATRs are formatted the >NEW< on the SDrive-MAX screen changes to the format SDMXnnnn.ATR where nnnn represent a sequentially numbered sequence. These ATRs can be found when navigating the SDrive-MAX menu 2 - My SDrive-MAX now has firmware v1.2. My Atarimax 8mbit cart has ebiguy's compositition of SDX 4.49c beta + OSS carts (and others) + Romdisk.
  23. not that I know. I only used Basic XE, exited to SDX, and then tried to use BASIC XL (or any other cartridge) The problem doesn't occur if I use Altirra Emulator OS. I would not be able to duplicate the problem on my 800XL. I have Rambo XL upgrade permanently installed. -SteveS
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