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  1. This is getting stranger. The problem only occurs when using Atari XL/XE OS and system configured with 128K of RAM. Happens in both atari800 and Altirra Emulators. Commands BXE CAR DOS BXL CAR <tones happen here> p.s. I'm using Atirra-3.90-test27. I don't have any other versions installed t present.
  2. This is a little different. In Altirra I get the same behavior in Action! as I did before. If I try to type a program the emulation crashes. However, in atari800 emulator I can type a program and compile the same. More detail to an earlier problem. - BXE, CAR, DOS followed by selectign any cartridge triggers the cassette tone issue. Tones play after CAR is typed. This is the same issue I mentioned in my earlier post but I now know that BXE triggers it. The following I've only tried in atari800 emulator (4.1) Each of the below after clean boot: - Action! seems to work - MAC/65 seems to work. Just a one line program and compilation test. - Synassembler the same - BXL works - ATB works - Pilot starts but I don't know this language/environment so I can't create a program. Typing DOS returns to the SDX command line but the cursor is not visible. Running BXL first and then Action! causes Action! program to misbehave. Sample program below generates no output and doesn't return control back to the Action! monitor. Emulation is not frozen however. Program compiled without errors PROC MAIN() BYTE VALUE=[0] PRINTBE(VALUE) The program works fine if BXL is not used before Action!. -SteveS
  3. I only have ebiguy's composed build. I have no hardware to test true external carts. I had wondered if SDX 4.49 final's handling of cartridge initialization might affect the composition's behavior.
  4. When using the default image with the Romdisk I have the following issues If I type INT CAR DOS ACT CAR then Altirra crashes if I try to type in an Action! program If I type BXE CAR DOS BXL CAR here I get the the cassette PRESS RETURN tone. The first tone lasts for about 3 seconds. After this it repeats constantly at about twice per second. -SteveS
  5. a couple of game play requests - display the notation for the computer's last move. - a mistake typing is easy to do. it's not too diffiucult to restore a piece to its original position by entering another move but only if the piece is still on the board. please make it possible to restore removed pieces back to the board. an un-do option would be even better.
  6. Kjmann released this fix along with others (see here) I believe when he was winding down Atlantis Game Group.
  7. Hi BigBen. The v1.2 ILI9341 driver works with my ILI9338 panel. I no longer need a patch like the one I used for v1.1 Thanks!
  8. Were there any changes beyond beta 4.49c? Thanks (to all involved) for SDX development!
  9. I have been trying to convert this picture since I first discovered Rastaconverter. All I can say is it came out better with a PAL palette than it ever did with an NTSC one. I hope it looks reasonable on real hardware. I don't have any PAL gear, myself. It's time to move on to another. [PAL palette with saturation 40] a8isa1_birches_PAL.xex
  10. It might just need recalibrating. Power it on while pressing the touch screen. If the calibration screen appears then you should be back in business.
  11. Had about 4 plays (not counting experimenting *left-handed*). Not going to give the thumb a chance to COMPLAIN. Perhaps some more Tomorrow. 57670 -SteveS
  12. I tried to compile multilator2modem (for ESP8266). TimeLib.h is unresolved. I didn't find anything relevant under Manage Libraries. Would someone please point me in the right direction? -SteveS
  13. I just used the following example for building a DIY wifi modem as a guide and built my own. https://1200baud.wordpress.com/2017/03/04/build-your-own-9600-baud-c64-wifi-modem-for-20/ No need for RS232 conversion as I connected it directly to SIO and used an R-Verter driver. However, add the RS232 converter and the wifi modem can easily be connected to an 850. Later I switched to Bo Zimmerman's Zimodem firmware. Just personal preference. Paul Rickards' Strikelink firmware (from above) worked perfectly well. And now I'm anxiously waiting for the ##Fujinet project to be completed I'm using older ESP8266 based Nodemcu v0.9 development boards for *play testing* all 3 projects above but at least the latter two can be ESP32 based. -SteveS
  14. I briefly tried the "LEFT handed" mode of Mr. Do!. A lifetime holding the base in my left hand and joystick in the right is too difficult a habit to break! Perhaps I'll tune up the Competition Pro (leaf switch version) and give that a try left-handed before the HSC round is over Never noticed that option in Mr. Do! until I had need.
  15. I've been sick for 2-3 weeks and I've lost track of the progress and changes. What do I need to be current and play around with tools for SDX? mutilator2modem.ino? which fnc.atr or fnc-tools.atr? do I still need an autorun.atr on SPIFFs I think I need the equivalent of an airport "approach card" to get me down each time too much changes. (No I am not a pilot. I watch a lot of Mayday/Air Crash Investigations/Air disasters type programs). -SteveS
  16. I first played this game in an early season of HSC so I gave it a few new goes before arthritis reminded me to stop. In any case, my first go was my best.
  17. Heh. Sitting on Holmes 3 CD all this time. Not that I was even aware of this (or many other) menu loaders. -SteveS UTIL01_B.ZIP
  18. Nice job! This is another conversion that looks like pixel art. Got the lead bat's eyes too. -SteveS
  19. I recently backed up a DVD that had been sitting on my shelf since probably 2006. (I cannot with certainty recall from whom I got the DVD). I posted in another thread DOMMenu builder which I had found in a folder labeled "Holmes Utilities". When last I used the DVD I probably assumed the files in this folder were just a reorganization of those on the Holmes CD set. However, DOMMenu isn't in the CD set. This made me wonder about this thread and the rest of the files in that folder. There are more than just menu/loader builders in that folder. Of those files that are builders there are many that I don't see listed above and multiple versions of some that are. I'm posting the files that seem as though they might fit this topic. I've only looked at a couple both of which I don't know how to use. -SteveS new_menu_makers.zip
  20. the turbo basic XL compiler has taken every Atari basic program I've thrown at it. -SteveS
  21. This declares itself as a Freeware version. If a non-free version exists I don't have it. I had no idea I even had the program but I hope it's what you are seeking. [EDIT] Screenshot -SteveS [EDIT] p.s. The sig in the *about* file is E.Halliwell DOM Menu -basic -freeware.zip
  22. oh book! Can't remember any of the titles of the books I missed out on. If there's a Byte Magazine Compendium I want it. (However, I really want to read every issue of Byte). -SteveS
  23. I'm too spoiled! I need ebiguy's MyFlashcart with SDX and Action! and my internal MyIDE. To sort of comply with 8 program limit I guess I'd have to have all the other language images stripped from my cartridge. I contend that SDX is needed and APT driver is already on my cart . If this DOS counts toward my 8 program limit then so be it. I say a disk drive needs a DOS and SDX is my choice. Game choices are even more difficult than with a top 10 list. These are the only games I'll have from now on. The list probably would take several drafts. - Star Raiders - Monex - Asteroids-Emulator - I never got very far in any Infocom adventures but I have plenty of time. I choose Planetfall. - Arkanoid or PAD. I'm torn. Arkanoid is too easy. PAD has those indestructible tiles that drive me mad. ... Arkanoid. If I'm going to be alone on an island I don't need stress. - Usually I choose Tapper for mindless (and easy) fun but I've already included Arkanoid. I'll substitute one of the modern games here. RGB, Marbled, Yoomp!, Blowsub? Wasteland is looking really fun. Wasteland! That makes 7 programs plus SDX. If I'm allowed another then... - I have fond memories of arcades so Misslie Command+. Paul Lee (IIRC) added 3 bases and independent fire buttons (J-K-L) and made it as enjoyable as the original. -SteveS [EDIT] A wooden chest has floated by my game chair. The tide brought it in. In the chest was a Missile Command+ cartridge and converted PC bus mouse (mine), and also assorted arcade controllers converted for A8 use. How did they get here? This must be fantasy Island! And a Planetfall cheat sheet! -
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