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  1. If you haven't tried any of the GTA's yet, the ps2 era trilogy ports are very well done. The on screen controls are quite usable, but also work well with a wired xbox 360 controller. You can also play the early Megatouch and Touchmaster touchscreen arcade games via MAME.
  2. Blasphemy! You're just a (insert console name) fanboy!
  3. The blog post is a part of it in that it raised awareness about how these people operate. Honestly though, it's really just TMZ level gossip that would have run it's course in a week or two. What really kicked it off was the high level of coordinated censorship of discussion instantly thereafter not only on dedicated gaming forums, but also on general duscussion sites like reddit and 4-chan. Once people began questioning how a relatively unknown gaming personality was able to achieve such large scale censorship, gaming and social justice blogs like kotaku, rock paper shotgun, polygon, vice, the verge, and the huffington post decided to go into damage control by declairing gamers to be mysogonysts, sexists, pissbabies, shitlords, rapists, homophobes, and neckbeard nerds. Thus, gamergate was born. Once all of the blogs and articles were published, links were traced between game journalists, feminist, and social justice groups showing that they were using their combined clout to push games with a social justice agenda or promote games made by members of their clique, and bury those which don't fit the mold. Tumblr has the largest group of social justice warriors of any social media site, so by observing their group, you can get an accurate picture of who these people are and what they want gaming to turn into.
  4. That's nice. I'm pretty certian that your removing of Atariage from your bookmarks was motivated by Nintendo's decline in popularity on these forums, which is ironic considering Nintendo's problematic mysogonystic culture that perpetuates the toxicly masculine tropes of a defenseless woman needing to be constantly rescued by the patriarchy.
  5. Yes, but most regular people can't tell the difference between social justice and real justice, so they don't understand how anyone could possibly dissagree with it. While real activism involves selflessly lending a helping had to those in need, The SJW brand of diet activism is purely selfish. The SJW only marketable skill is "speaking out" about their "lack of privelage". The "speaking out" later causes "harassment" to materialize. The "lack of privelage" and "harassment" are exchanged for credibillity. The credibillity is then exchanged for favors, likes, retweets, reblogs, followers, and patreon donations.
  6. Unfortunately, there are a new generation of liberal-arts college graduates entering the fields of journalism and entertainment, whos sense of self worth is measured by how oppressed they are because victimhood is now a social currency.
  7. First realize that "harassment" and "threats" are extreme exaggerations used to motivate the beta orbiters to "save the damsels" from internet "mysogonysts". Then, go to tumblr. Look up these terms: cis problematic ableism fat shaming otherkin head mates privilege You will see what has infected gaming culture and journalism.
  8. The "wow factor" you're looking for is nothing more than the delusional ravings of markerters hoping to sell the "hot new thing", but delivering the "same old crap". This is a nearly $100 billion industry with multi billion dollar corporations constantly fighting for dominance. By the time you get to see this "wow factor" it will be nothing more than dried up carcass once the corporations find a way of shaking their profit from it.
  9. Either the effects of this magical "cloud" processing are going to be minimal to negligible, or there are going to be severe negative side effects at the slightest hiccup of the internet connection. Almost sounds like microsoft is trying to shoehorn that "always online" scheme that everyone loved so much back in.
  10. Trust, Apple, and icloud in the same sentence. Can I get some of what you're smoking? I'm sure there are plenty of celebrities that would disagree with you right about now.
  11. The fanboi's will defend nintendo to the grave. Everything nintendo does is absolutely perfect. Even in the face of glaringly obvious design and engineering flaws, "it must be user error".
  12. Hotline Miami. If you don't like it, you must hate fun.
  13. as awesome, innovative, and revolutionary as the tablet controller was supposed to be, Nintendo sure are keen on helping people avoid having to use it.
  14. This is just the beginning. In a generation or two, the fanboi's will use this as evidence that nintendo created pac-man.
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