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  1. I say go for it! I definitely would listen in!
  2. Incredibly sad! He was such a pillar to the Atari community. Prayers to his family
  3. There are plenty of Dreamcast homebrews out there. I listen to the Dreamcast Junkyard podcast....they always tell news of new and in development homebrews for that system. Videogames New York carries many of the homebrew titles
  4. Amazing game! Would be honored to buy a boxed copy!
  5. Game is absolutely amazing!
  6. Bugs or no bugs, I am in love with this game!
  7. Love all the pics of the promotional items! Great thread!
  8. I guess we will find out in a few weeks if the October date is still on
  9. THIS. I cant tell you how many podcasts and Youtube channels I've unsubscribed from the last few months. Criticism is one thing....downright hate episode after episode is another thing. Gets too exhausting. At least now I have a more manageable rotation of things to watch and listen too
  10. Hate to see this....and sad for the .families left to pick up the pieces
  11. Late to the game on this podcast but downloading episodes!
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