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  1. THIS. I cant tell you how many podcasts and Youtube channels I've unsubscribed from the last few months. Criticism is one thing....downright hate episode after episode is another thing. Gets too exhausting. At least now I have a more manageable rotation of things to watch and listen too
  2. Hate to see this....and sad for the .families left to pick up the pieces
  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
  4. Late to the game on this podcast but downloading episodes!
  5. Hello, Feels like I am out of the loop, but are there any weekly or even monthly livestreams on Youtube or Twitch that is Atari related? If so, would love to check them out if you can let me know when and where Thanks!
  6. I've always been of the mindset let people make what they want to make, and let people buy what they want to buy. Anything beyond that is just noise
  7. Honestly, I haven't seen much change in the last 20 years or so I been serious about collecting CIB. The Rare ones are still stupid expensive as they have been, and commons can be found pretty cheap if your patient (if using eBay). Flea markets used to be a great source for me, but nowadays at least where I am, its rare to run across Atari stuff anymore.
  8. I too was surprised how long they waited until rescheduling......we will see how things are in October, but I'm even worried PAX South in January may not be happening
  9. I'm just hijacking this thread to state that Tommy Tallarico is a kick ass name Just rolls off the tongue
  10. Just spent the morning polishing the shelf on my entertainment center for the VCS The shelf is so shiny!
  11. Sadly, this event has been going downhill with its inability to attract speakers, and vendors selling video games is probably half of what it was a few years ago. Might have been my last year unless they do something drastic for next year
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