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  1. I just heard about this, but... his Facebook account still seems to be active. Did someone take over (or steal?) his account? Definitely sad news if true... He was a common voice on Stellalist back in some early days of homebrewing games.
  2. REALLY late to the thread, but I'd love a multi-cart too, if it's still in the works.
  3. PS: Did the A#3 FL(s)C ever happen?
  4. I'm still waiting for my label(s), Marty! Sorry to necrobump, but I thought I'd add what little I know -- sadly, I didn't list my A#2 carts in my collection list, and I also don't have a list of who did what game in any nice format, but at least I have some images sitting on my hard drive. First up, Atlantis was evidently also by Myke Moody... Also, someone mentioned getting two labels from me... I can't recall if I sent out both variations, but I did an Atari-shaped one for Q*Bert just in cast.
  5. I sent an email, but just in case, sign me up for a copy.
  6. Wow, browser fail... I literally did a SEARCH just so I wouldn't miss it scanning the list with my aging eyes. Betrayed I tells ya! Thanks for confirming though!
  7. I sent payment later that day, but I don't see my name on the list. I think I forgot to give my forum nickname on the payment email, so I forwarded the PayPal email with that info. Please let me know if you have all the info you need now.
  8. I'm late to the party, but I'd be up for a cart!
  9. slapdash

    The Stacks

    The article claims a cart is in the works, with Atari Age's help. Um, is there a signup list yet? :-)
  10. The Light Pen sets are educational software, as they are designed for drawing, animation, and music creation. [...] Oh... Obviously I don't think of them that way... I thought some odd math game or something had come out of nowhere when I wasn't looking. :-)
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