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  1. I just heard about this, but... his Facebook account still seems to be active. Did someone take over (or steal?) his account? Definitely sad news if true... He was a common voice on Stellalist back in some early days of homebrewing games.
  2. REALLY late to the thread, but I'd love a multi-cart too, if it's still in the works.
  3. PS: Did the A#3 FL(s)C ever happen?
  4. I'm still waiting for my label(s), Marty! Sorry to necrobump, but I thought I'd add what little I know -- sadly, I didn't list my A#2 carts in my collection list, and I also don't have a list of who did what game in any nice format, but at least I have some images sitting on my hard drive. First up, Atlantis was evidently also by Myke Moody... Also, someone mentioned getting two labels from me... I can't recall if I sent out both variations, but I did an Atari-shaped one for Q*Bert just in cast.
  5. I sent an email, but just in case, sign me up for a copy.
  6. Wow, browser fail... I literally did a SEARCH just so I wouldn't miss it scanning the list with my aging eyes. Betrayed I tells ya! Thanks for confirming though!
  7. I sent payment later that day, but I don't see my name on the list. I think I forgot to give my forum nickname on the payment email, so I forwarded the PayPal email with that info. Please let me know if you have all the info you need now.
  8. I'm late to the party, but I'd be up for a cart!
  9. slapdash

    The Stacks

    The article claims a cart is in the works, with Atari Age's help. Um, is there a signup list yet? :-)
  10. The Light Pen sets are educational software, as they are designed for drawing, animation, and music creation. [...] Oh... Obviously I don't think of them that way... I thought some odd math game or something had come out of nowhere when I wasn't looking. :-)
  11. Can I keep my #52 slot from the old list?
  12. Fake yes, but TOTALLY fake, or is there a ROM out there?
  13. Argh... I'm too late too... But please put me on the list.
  14. Missing instructions? Pft, $10, tops.
  15. Thanks for supporting the project! Funny how that sort of thing had never occurred to me, but then when I was editor of the 2600 Connection, someone wrote an article about doing just that. I thought it was an interesting mix of old & new technology. Quite possibly, but our biggest problem was scope... Most companies are HAPPY to license their stuff if it'll make them money, but for SGaNB, they obviously weren't going to make a lot, so much appreciation to Bridgestone Multimedia (who owned the Epyx/Starpath copyrights at the time) and Atari (the JTS-era Atari I believe) for allowing the project to continue. However, even then, there were certain things that they wouldn't allow. Like, we were trying to get permission to put Tempest on the disc too, and the Epyx "Games" releases, but couldn't get them to go that far. Still, it was great getting what we were able to get on there. Thanks Dan for clarifying the quote on the first release, and for reminding me of the Vectrex goodies we put on there. And I guess I have to agree; Sweat is now officially released, even if in low quantities.
  16. I (Russ Perry Jr, the "P" in CyberPuNKS) have never thought about it in that sense, but I would say that yes, Polo is still a prototype. I don't believe any copy of it has shown up yet, other than Carol Shaw's copy which we were allowed to dump for the CD. She has the only known prototype, so far as I know. The CD, despite the fact we got permission to release it, and any carts made up since, are simply reproductions. Now, the rumor was, the game was being made so cartridges could be sent to stores to be on display to advertise Ralph Lauren's "Polo" cologne; I don't think anyone has found any proof of this however -- i.e. it's unclear whether this actually happened. So there's still a small chance that the game WAS released, in the same sense that Coke Wins/Pepsi Invaders was released, but to this day there is no proof that I have seen, so I kind of doubt it got that far. There were a few eBay auctions that saw SGaNB hit prices as high as $350 (!?!), but with the second release, prices settled down. I don't know if the first release still has any particular value or not. But they were numbered, randomly (i.e. #10 wasn't necessarily the tenth one of the CD stamper, but just the tenth one that Glenn picked up and numbered), and some bore that quote (possibly another quote too, can't recall), again essentially at random if I remember correctly. I have no idea whatsoever if ones with the quotes are worth more; they simply aren't sold often enough, or their particular number/quote/whatever noted when they ARE sold. I kept track of some auctions, for a while, but it wasn't automated at all, so I'm sure I missed a few along the way, and I imagine there were other sales that have taken place outside of eBay of which I have no idea about. But as part of the release team, I sure hope you've enjoyed the disc. I'm sure proud to have been a part of the project, and still get a thrill to see my name on the booklet. It's something I'd wanted to do a couple years before the team actually came together, but it probably would never have happened if it was just up to me, as I didn't have the technology and/or cash to put it together, and luckily other team members were able to do a lot of things I couldn't to get it done (most notable is the late Jim Nitchals). Long live Stella! :-)
  17. slapdash

    Gamma Attack

    Hey, that's me! The ad someone posted (thank you!) is the one I remember; I believe the next month they ran the same ad, only a line of fine print was added about the game. Like $14.99 for just the game, or $24.99 for both, something like that. Anyone have the next issue handy?
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