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  1. Normally we go to the Ann Arbor Pete's when we get together.
  2. The Fall is a good time to gather. : )
  3. Been busy my friend and to be honest playing games less and collecting toys lol.

  4. Yeah the Macho Man will be missed my friend.

  5. I just read that "Macho Man" Randy Savage was killed in a car crash.

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    2. Fixitguy74


      R.I.P. Macho Man. Lets all "Snap into a Slim Jim" in his honor.

    3. Emehr


      Just read that, too. Very sad.

    4. purduecrum


      Leaping Lanny mourns.

  6. Enjoying my bonus day off by doing nothing. : )

    1. keilbaca


      I really could have used today off... 2 new shoot em ups I got yesterday. :) Enjoy it!

    2. jboypacman
  7. Doh! lol no problem Matt still don't think i can make it sorry to say.
  8. I really need to get back on Atariage more just so busy with things.

  9. Good ideal about the Keg Chris i don't want to tell the story of what happen at your birthday party this year lol.
  10. It would be fun Matt but i think i have plans already that weekend but thanks for the heads up on it.
  11. Can't get everyone together yet on a meeting date at the moment guys sorry. Dalum was thinking getting everyone to come our way this time out but we are having problems with hosting. My place is way too small with dogs and Chris said he would not mind hosting at a later date because of how much clutter he has going on at his house. Am going to talk to Dalum or our friend Marc about there places as a place to go.
  12. Thanks Matt love going to your place buddy. : ) Lets see what the gang says this weekend when i see them and we can go from there.
  13. I have not really done alot on Atariage in a good while just been so busy with other things.

    1. wccw mark

      wccw mark

      you gotta get on AA a little more bro.hows the youtube channel going?

  14. Talk to Dalum a little about this and his thoughts were having folks come our way this time but the problem is having a place for everyone one to gather. I was thinking at Chris Leach's place but i have not talk to him about it yet as my place is just too small for a gathering. Dalum's could be a good spot too if his wife is ok with it or even our friend Marc who has been to meetings in the past but again its a matter of would he be willing to host. I will be seeing everyone this weekend so i hope to speak to everyone about it but what is everyone's thoughts on this?
  15. Let me get a hold of Dalum and Chris Leach and see if we can all get on the same page. : )
  16. Great to hear you guys worked a trade bro. : )

  17. Oh and Chris Leach just got a PC Engine and if you are still getting rid of yours maybe you guys could work a deal. : )

  18. Going good slowly trying to get bills sorted and paid as we can and been buying a few toys and got a couple of new plug n plays on trade and as a gift. : )

  19. Not for sure when and if i can make the next event just yet i guess it just depends on the time and place.
  20. I watch Pawn Stars too along with American Picks and Storage Wars.

  21. Hey Ant all is well been busy with work and collecting action figures as of late. How have you been feeling/doing?

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