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  1. I did a long time ago...but I forget what happens. EDIT: OK, I just played on Skill 1...when you release the dog, he comes out and eats a couple of strings of the "forest" (I never knew what those things were...I thought they were seaweed, but that's what the manual says). When he eats them you get bonus points. Then he goes back up in his area and you try to release him again.
  2. Flipper Slipper (Skill 2) - 6,320 Dang!!! Skill 2 is hard!!! I don't think I've ever played anything but Skill 1 on this game. Skill 2 makes me think too much!!!
  3. I'm not a real fan of Slot 2 unless this has a parallel port...because Slot 2 is where ADAM's parallel printer cards plug in.
  4. Managed to get a couple of games in tonight... Batman - 32,900
  5. Yikes, I almost forgot about this...will try to play tomorrow.
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