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  1. I'll probably have to sit this one out. The game seems to crash both Virtual Jaguar and Project Tempest. I'll have to fool with the settings in Virtual Jaguar to see if I can get it working.
  2. Tetris - 263 I've never done well at this game!!!
  3. Yeah, as noted in my edit, it apparently doesn't like Virtual ADAM which is the emulator I usually use. It would only fire down pressing either button. I tried it on ColEm though and it works and I tried it on my real ADAM and it works, so it just doesn't like Virtual ADAM and probably ADAMem, as well, since Virtual ADAM is basically just a front end for it.
  4. Is there a trick to playing this? (DanSlither Edition) I can seemingly only fire in a downward direction. EDIT: I have tested this more...unless I'm doing something wrong, the Danslither game will only fire downward pressing either fire button (using Virtual ADAM). I tried the regular Slither game and set my emulator to simulate a Roller Controller and it works fine. I can fire up and down. EDIT 2: -Danslither seems to work OK on real hardware and ColEm...must be something it doesn't like about Virtual ADAM.
  5. Shanghai (Dragon) - 144 / 7:53 This game's really hard on the eyes!!!
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