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  1. Gah! I just discovered I never uploaded my last score played on Sept. 5...it was 90,760...too late now?
  2. Actually, the improved quality only extends to the preview picture. The actual quality of the finished PP picture isn't that much better and is probably due to the BMP2PP Dithering settings which are set slightly different in v1.1 than I have them set in v1.0.
  3. OK, this is kind of discouraging after all the work I've been doing on these. I've been using v1.0 of BMP2PP. I just discovered there is a v1.1 and there is a distinct difference in the quality it produces.
  4. But will BMP2PP , make sure to select the ADAM Palette (not the colecovision one, not the msx one and not the Black&White one) My BMP2PP doesn't have those palette options...it has: * Original * V9938 * Original/black and white *V9938/black and white
  5. Thanks for that info...I will have to experiment more...
  6. BMP2PP has dithering settings, but I'm not 100% sure exactly what "dithering" does. I have lowered the default settings to get rid of garbage in color pictures, but I'm not sure what this would do for black and white pictures. And yes, I has hoping for different shapes of gray, not just black, white and one shade of gray. But I gather from other responses on Facebook that this just isn't possible.
  7. Q*Bert - 31,800 Off to a slow start - out of practice!!!
  8. OK, so I am starting with a b/w .BMP picture and use the program BMP2PP to convert it to ADAM's PowerPaint format. When I load it into PowerPaint, however, it becomes colorized. Does anyone know why it's doing this? I want it to stay b/w.
  9. I tried using a mouse running it on ADAMem (Virtual ADAM), but the movement was kind of jerky.
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