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  1. you can use pin 11 in the SIO slot to mix with Atari audio, you won't need a separate Audio connection
  2. no, there are such differences within NMOS
  3. 0xxxxxx1 - SELF TEST 1xxxxxx0 - ROM OFF 0x11xxx0 - MapRAM
  4. what happens when you write the value: 0x11xxx0 to PORTB?
  5. test if CPU in addition to unpublished stable commands performs unstable also?
  6. changes: 1. objects can be any size 2. objects can be built of different tiles 3. worms have tails 🙂 4. worms bend the body boldly when changing direction gravitysnake.obx
  7. maybe the solution would be to compile the Basic program and link to the runtime library? you'll get a regular binary file.
  8. choose file - and - drag and drop the same result. it's probably about the allocated space. it is a pity that I will have to delete previous versions - there will be no development history. but... how delete it?
  9. spoiler alert. instant replay added (start game and do not move a while) http://atarionline.pl/forum/?PostBackAction=Download&AttachmentID=11486 (I canot attach files - 6 Please contact us for assistance. )
  10. new puzzle, new music, new collision systemgravitysnake.obx
  11. demo? here: https://xxl.atari.pl/beepem-all/ --- download: http://a8.fandal.cz/search.php?search=beep&butt_details_x=
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