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  1. xxl


  2. I draw using the OS_PLOT function in any graphics mode (OS_GRAPHICS; x40, x80, x160, x320). the scene is drawn with vertical stripes in three steps (sky, walls, floor). The worst are the walls lying close (blocky) but it is the fault of a simpled distance calculation. 280 (x80/x48)
  3. no, there is no correction and that is why there is a fish eye effect. it's not the only simplifications ... and there will be more ...
  4. no. compressed data: 15kb decompresed: 35147 bytes so: 35147 / 55 = 639 bytes
  5. LZ4 is very fast gpl3.txt - 35147 bytes exomizer - 12382 bytes + depacker 1 page =~ 12.3 KB, decompress 128 frames (2.6 sec) deflate - 11559 bytes + depacker 2 pages =~ 11.8 KB, decompress 179 frames (3.6 sec) LZ4 - 15622 bytes + depacker <150 bytes =~ 15.3 KB, decompress 55 frames (1,1 sec) there is also a bootloader with lz4 streaming decompression test-lz4.atr test-normal.atr
  6. after loading xB, the code is relocated and modified to the appropriate disk format (sector size, which filesystem). After this step, you can change everything with files and directories - size of files, write / delete, sort, create catalogs, etc. you can even add directories that store more than 64 files - (catalog entry longer than 8 sectors)
  7. I don't think you even tried :-) I succeeded brethe.atr
  8. rename game to AUTORUN and: http://xxl.atari.pl/download/xboot.obx https://www.horus.com/~hias/atari/atarisio/tools-win32-190220.zip dir2atr -md -B xboot.obx bootablegame.atr sourcedirectory done
  9. does not change perocesor flags nor registers delay6 .byte $80 delay5 .byte $80 delay4 .byte $80 delay3 .byte $04 delay2 .byte $1a
  10. you hold the OPTION key for a long time - as you hear that the FDD reads do not hold OPTION - OPTION in xBOOT is used to bypass the the AUTORUN file ...
  11. 6502c is the official processor in 8bit atari... 65816 is an unofficial modification so if you have problems with atari software on your moded hardware, run them on the atari emulator.
  12. "one button" game. currently such a popular type for mobile :-)
  13. "Aztec challenge" was one of my favorite games. What's more ... I like today no less :-)
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