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  1. E.T. had a very poor reputation for gameplay, it was hailed as the worst game of all time, while GravityWorms was recognized as the best game of 2019 (Best homebrew) as well as won first place in the SV2019 games competition. On the other hand, the reputation of the game is being spoiled by several people for political reasons 🙂
  2. the game is aimed at the collectors' market. there will be only one edition of the box series. copies will be numbered and will be distributed in the order of incoming e-mails. the purchase of a cartridge without a reservation will be possible if someone from the list finally resigns from the purchase. the list of interests will be closed at the end of the month.
  3. Savestate: Escape from the programming underground escapeft.atr
  4. I am sorry that I do not answer emails, I will send confirmation of "interest" in the purchase at the end of the month. Patience. Please do not post twice.
  5. there will be a promo movie as soon as everything is buttoned up
  6. write an e-mail with these comments (cartridge without box). so far I am counting the interest to estimate the cost and quantity of cartridges. 1.a lot of bugs fixed, 2. extended background display system (items may obscure the background) 3. improved graphics 4. each planet has its own musical background 4. a surprise for POKEY MAX users ...
  7. if u1mb will not hang when accessing PIA duplicate registers, the game will run on such modified computers. It has been repeated so many times. come back a few pages earlier and don't litter the thread again. Thank you for the comments of people who are not interested in buying the game, and please do not cover up the post that checks the demand for people who would like to buy the game. Thank you.
  8. I would like to check if there is any interest in purchasing physical copy of extended version of Gravity Worms game, released on cartridge. The game would be releas by Retronics, it works on PAL and NTSC machines (Atari XL/XE), and there will be also a nice suprise for some PokeyMAX owners. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with machines having U1MB installed. See above why. We are not going to release a free version of the game, price will depend on demand and will be calculated later. If anyone is interested in it, please send an e-mail with subject "interested" to [email protected] till the end of the month, information about purchase will be send to interested people in the nearest future. The box is a design only and it can be changed a little.
  9. due to a bug in HV Atari, the IRQ transmission may (and should not) mask the NMI. of course you can modify the operating system to change the order and way of recognizing the IRQ / NMI but this takes memory. I propose to use pooling ... xBios. you're welcome. although ... the procedures for N: on IRQs will work for this application.
  10. in 2011, Szuwarek presented the speech synthesis procedure on the Atari 2600. Here is an example. but the SAM one sounds so much better.
  11. I hear it's too hard ... play like a boss: shift+b --- it won't be in the final version
  12. As for the game engine, H2 is much more advanced than H1. There are no pixel-perfect collisions, collision tolerance is added, collision strength is also configured (some objects with the same distance tolerance will not cause collisions) and temporary immortality after collision, not instant death. Besides, whether the game will be difficult depends on the level-desiner.
  13. character mode but with a fixed screen memory, so you make any changes to the character set. therefore I have no limitations of 128 characters in the set and can still enjoy some of the advantages of text mode and some detailed graphical operations can be done faster.
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