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  1. constructor screw U1MB users cutting off your savoring half of the D3 page I didn't think about them for a second - why should I do this, they are nothing special to me.
  2. it would take 4x as long to do it in a similar way to the ZX. writing 256 bytes on the ZX and on the Atari 960 - such a simplification. The PMG masking will take 240 bytes but much more time because eorfill has to be performed - at the moment of filling there is no Z-buffer ready. the best effect is to reduce the window and write to the screen in the classic way. A very similar fill effect is used in DeathChaseXE but here its less writes on the screen. PMG can be used later, for some background elements for example (z-Buffer will be available)
  3. this could be part of a security feature, it is possible that the game first checks what medium it is booting from, or whether the medium is the original.
  4. the best quality is at 128x96 - GR.6 - 2 colors unfortunately, it is not possible to match the resolution and speed of Critical Error - you can not see it, but the engine was developing, it gained a significant advantage when masking the sky by attributes, not graphics but the strongest advantage is not the speed but the way of controlling the player, although refreshing is weak the player does not feel slowing down
  5. special effects from the editor also plays correctly 🙂 demo6.mp3
  6. a lot has changed since 2012 ... the world has moved on. Almost every Atari is 1MB and the best ZX productions still run at 48K
  7. yes I was one of the coders in Critical Error ... I can boldly say that I was standing next to the best coder on the ZX scene handed them towels
  8. yes, this is the original ZX code ... and code is GOOD lets rock with sprites:
  9. BBC - a great machine, it is a pity that the constructors imposed draconian restrictions on it. Buy thanks to these limitations, today we can easily port games from the BBC to Atari. you can see clearly how programs can speed up if they do not refer to OS BBC 🙂
  10. thanks. I will try but maybe my problem was actually resetting the R13 registry.
  11. and upgrades to Atari are like other people's wives - it's fun to play for a while... but you always come back to standard, because the standard is timeless.
  12. Atari XL vs ZX Spectrum? which is better? better to have both. I wonder if the Atari 48K could make such cool games as on the ZX Spectrum 48k.
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