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  1. I wonder if at least some of the thinking behind the 1200xl design was to make it resemble a typewriter, which most people were familiar with.  I have weird fantasies about a 1200xl with a built-in print mechanism (like the 2027) recessed into the white space on top.  That would have been an awesome combo- type up your homework in atariwriter, slip in a sheet of paper and tuk-a-tuk-a-tuk...!

  2. Candle's solution ultimately defeated me so I gave up on it.  For a while I played around with an arduino-based adapter and that sort of worked (my PC recognized all of the keypresses) but I couldn't figure out an effective de-bounce routine-- typing was either excruciatingly slowly or I got a zillion of each letter at a time.  I'm sure someone with better coding skills could have easily fixed that.  

  3. Juusttt inn casssse annyone iss intterested, I haave givven uppp on my arrduiiinno baaseed Attarrri 2 usbbb pprooojectt. It ssorrt of workks, buttt obbvioussly I ccannott figgurre out a woorrrkabble debouunce rouutine

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  4. I always use a diode and fuse on the that, nothing back feeds the computer and if some pos add on messes up or the wires break and touch like the low quality sio2sd builds that float around the atari is protected..

    That's a good idea. I'm going to go back and change all mine.

  5. I need your help, guys. Is anybody able to ship (I will cover shipping cost) even failed membranes for Atari 800, Atari 400, Atari 1200XL, please? I need them for developing new membranes. Can send them back after that.

    I have a 1200xl membrane, but I'm in the USA. Let me know if you want it- no need to return it.

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  6. Or, if anyone has any other suggestions of what I might be able to try, I'll take any and all help I can get. I do not want to just toss this. :(

    I sent you a pm. If you're interested, I have an extra motherboard you could have for shipping cost. It booted the last time I had it in a 1200xl.

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  7. I ended up with the machine discussed in this thread. Great condition aside from the missing key and plunger. I had exchanged messages with yorgle a couple weeks ago but when I contacted him again a couple days ago to make arrangements to purchase his parts keyboard, he never responded. :(


    Bumping this thread to see if anyone else might have a key and plunger or a spare keyboard; no need for the Mylar - I'll be fixing the existing Mylar on this one with Bob's tried-and-true method that I've used on my other machines.

    I'm still here. Just haven't checked in for a while. :)

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  8. Maybe it's just me.. but most 2600 games are better left in the past. I mean they show off pac-man, which is notably one of the worse conversions for the 2600. My fond memories are Combat, Adventure, Space Invaders, Armor Ambush. I think after not so long, I got into the Atari 8-bits, which to me was far more epic.

    It's not just you. It's also about a zillion potential Atari customers (like my kids) who are too young to be into the retro-gaming scene, but nevertheless recognize and even revere the Atari name and legend because they've heard their dads talk about it so much. In my opinion, that's the stuff Atari needs to tap into.

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  9. Thanks, Michael. I've been reading up on the v-USB firmware and it seems to have a troubled track record. Looking back at Candle's posts, he hinted at some reliability issues. But one thing I just realized tonight (that I hadn't considered at all so far) is that using the external 12Mz crystal probably requires adjusting one or more fuse bits on the atmega8. Otherwise, it's just going to chug along at 1Mz which will never work for USB. Maybe the hex file does that, but then again, maybe not. Ponyprog allows me to set fuses manually, so I will give that a try and see what happens.


    If that doesn't work then I think I may have to admit defeat. I might try Candle's approach (reading the pokey lines) with an atmega that has the USB block built in, such as the atmega32u4.

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