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  1. Love the flipping dragons. Looks great guys. And please, if anyone wants to use the Missadventure kingdom in a cart or future hack, go right ahead.
  2. Number 8 for me arrived today (yes, I know I have a problem...) Made in USA 83S 037913 183
  3. Resetivism: The gradual wearing of the Reset switch due to repetitious, often angry resetting during gameplay. Accumulitis: Grunginess caused by accumulation of dust, food particles, soda, beer, and other substances in the speaker grill and cartridge slot. Fry's Syndrome: Power switch failure.
  4. Here's one I use. atari_icon.ico
  5. Greetings all. I haven't checked in for a good long while and I can see that I've missed quite a bit. Great to see Adventure hacking is alive and well. I only wish I had the time to play with some of these new ideas.
  6. Congrats! I just picked up my 9th 1200xl to hack into a pc. IMO, the 1200xl is the best looking piece piece of hardware ever created, hands down. About half of my 1200s have pretty decent video and the other half needed the clearpic mod. Since this one is brand new, I'd leave it alone unless you really can't stand the fuzziness. One thing you probably should do, however, is add the +5v to the sio connector. It's an easy one-wire operation.
  7. I currently use my 1200xl (well, just it's keyboard) for my office pc. I had toyed with the idea of running a database of client files on it, but since everyone in my office has to have access to the database, it just wouldn't be practical.
  8. You sound like me!! And me. I'm a sucker for Atari add-ons, especially simple ones that enhance the practicality of my 1200xl like sio2pc. I dream of the day I can simply plug a cart into my 1200XL and instantly start 80 column, notepad-like wordprocessing. I'd be willing to pay up-front for even a one-off prototype of this concept.
  9. Hey, that's pretty good. I tried it on my 1200xl and had to boot with a basic cart in just to be sure it was your's vs the original. The only difference I can see is yours has the ATARI sitting slightly higher on the screen. Can you post the source code for that?
  10. I can just hear all the mothers out there: "Put that hydrogen peroxide away! You'll burn your eyes out!"
  11. That sucks. I know that feeling quite well, having burned out more than my share of devices. You should smoke a C=64 in spite just to maintain equalibrium.
  12. Forgive my ignorance on this stuff, folks, but would this increased processor speed lend anything to the idea of a practical 80 column display? I seem to recall talk about screen updating speed as an 80 column issue in other posts.
  13. Ditto. What could it do for my RAMBO 256K 1200xl? I suspect that if I have to ask this question, I probably don't need it, but it sounds cool anyway. Edit: ignore the above, Bob1200xl posted before I finished typing.
  14. Did it again. 72R DA 20571 233 A nice clean one complete with box and packaging. That makes 7 for me (well actually, guitarman has one of mine he's trying to fix for me so for the time being, I'm still at 6).
  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'd buy this item if all it did was give an 80 column display.
  16. In the living room, connected to the TV-- right where Atari intended it to be.
  17. I have a 1200xl at home with a 1050, sio2pc and sio2sd (yes, I know that's redundant) that is used for games (primarily Zork and Joust) and for teaching typing to my kids. At my office, I use a modded 1200xl primarily as a cool-looking keyboard for my pc and an occasional game. I've tried using the Atari to manage a simple database of non-essential client information, but it's just not practical. I also tried word processing on the Atari for some of my letters and documents, but quickly gave that up as well. If ClausB's video cartridge is ever available and would give me 80 columns for wordprocessing, I might give that another go.
  18. I would. 80 column text from a cartridge would be great.
  19. That's exactly what I did, so it can be count as a mod! @yorgle: Do you have some pictures of it? Did the DVD unit match exactly inside the 1050 enclosure, or the front panel pops out a bit (about 6 mm or 1/4 in) like mine?. Did you do something to fix it? I took some pictures at some steps of my mod to blog it, but didn't published yet because it's a (long) running project. I need some pieces to finish it (one type A and 2 type B female USB connectors to fix on one I/O and power rear connectors for the internal HUB) and want to make the drive's panel look like the original 5.25" disk drive, but have no time... Well, at least I can use it as a DVD burner/player, and I like it... and it feels good when someone asks for that "things" over my desk ++V I guess I got lucky. I used a cheap DVD unit and it fit perfectly. The only thing I had to do with the 1050 case was cut down one of the posts inside the case. I'll try to get some pics posted later today. For the USB port, again, I was lucky and the female end of an extra USB extension cord I had in a drawer fit the on/off switch openning perfectly. All I did was glue it in place. I'd like to add an LED at some point. Ok, here are some pics:
  20. What kind of job do you have, where you get to use a 1200XL and 1050 at work? (And are they hiring?) Seriously though... do you use the Atari stuff to do actual work, or are they there for goofing off on your lunch break and/or showing off to visitors? The 1200xl is used primarily as a keyboard for my pc, but also to play Joust, Zork, etc., when I need a stress reliever. The 1050 is no longer a 1050, it's a DVD drive for my PC.
  21. 1200xl with RAMBO 256k, video upgrade, internal ps/2 keyboard encoder (used for videogames and in conjunction with my office Dell) 1050 converted to DVD/CDRW and USB hub (used in conjunction with my office Dell) 1050 with internal SIO2PC (used with home 1200xl) 1064 gutted and converted to SIO2SD (home)
  22. Are you sure you didn't mean overrated? I used the same randomizing routine in Adventure Country as I did in Missadventure Revised. I actually borrowed it from another game. I just stuck it in there and it seemed to work better than the original one did so I used it. Adventure Country? Have I missed something? Is this a new hack?
  23. And here's a successor to the 600xl http://www.cybernetman.com/Default.cfm?DocId=602
  24. I can easily see the resemblance. Even the rightmost keys line up vertically like the function keys on a 600/800xl. Nice looking device.
  25. I've got an old parts keyboard here that I could pull an "8" key off. PM me your address and I'll send it to you.
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