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  1. I was thinking of doing a similar thing with a small lcd screen mounted inside a Touch Tablet case, with a stand that you could set on top of the 1200xl.
  2. I was bidding on that one, too. I figured with an ICD box, whatever it was would likely be interesting. One trick I've figured out with the keyboards is to fold a piece of cardboard over the connector part of the board and clamp it in place with one of those large black metal paper clamps while you are cleaning the keypads. This stops you from pulling the mylar away from the connector contacts.
  3. Now that I think about it, I am too. Is this some embryonic version of the 1200 OS? Here are the screen shots, normal 1200XL and the 'R5' 1200XL rom. Not sure what other differences there might be. Steve Yeah, that's weird. I've got seven 1200xls and none of them show the ® symbol. Do you still have the 1200xl you pulled the ROM from?
  4. I'm curious about the logo screen. Could you describe it please. Thanks.
  5. In Compute's Third Book of Atari, the author of the 1200xl memory map repeatedly references a document called the 1200xl Operating System Manual or something to that effect. Does anyone know of a scan of that document?
  6. Hey, you've already acknowledged ignorance about this stuff so that rules you out as an idiot. Noob, maybe, but not an idiot. Just look how much brainstorming your initial post provoked. There are plenty of very smart folks here, but none of them(AFAIK) are writing books about what they know. If noobs (myself included) don't ask questions, their knowledge and ideas stay in their heads. I learned stuff just reading this thread -- useless and/or impractical stuff, maybe, maybe not. But still, I know more than I did before I read the thread. So, in the end, you've done me a favour and for that, I thank you. ... and if everything you've said is total BS, well, I've still learned something.
  7. Looking at the code briefly, I think the only outside rooms that are adjacent to inside castle rooms are those in the white castle that are right below the corridor below the blue maze. Dragons could, then go from the corridor into the white castle.
  8. This is in fact the best looking SIO2SD implementation i have seen so far. My hat off to you, sir! Thanks. Coming from you, that is high praise, indeed! But if fear that if you saw the inside of it, you wouldn't be very impressed. It's a real rats nest. My skills are more toward the aesthetic than the practical. The silver keys are from an old 600xl keyboard and are simply hard-wired in parallel with the switches on the sio2sd. The sd card socket was harvested from a cheap card reader and that, too, is simply hard-wired in parallel with the socket on pigula's PCB using a small length of ribbon cable. I superglued legos to the inside of the case to make mounting posts for everything. Still, it does work and looks better than a naked PCB. I still want to add the LEDs somewhere. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I had to also remotely mount the display to make everything fit. I was too cheap to buy a socket and cable for it so that, too, is hard-wired with a bit of ribbon cable.
  9. Nothing recently. To date, my mods are: 1064sd, a dvd inside a 1050 case (extremely easy and clean mod-- even fit an extra USB port in place of the power switch). Here's the 1064sd:
  10. It's been a while since I last looked at the code but I don't recall there being any special limitations to either dragons or bat with respect to entering the castles except that they must do it the same way you do, through the gate if they are entering from the castle screen. I don't recall if the original room matrix connected any inner-castle rooms with other outside rooms ( I know the Yellow Castle room didn't--it just connected to itself (except for down), which is why you could trap the bat inside). If there are such connections in the matrix, the dragons and bat could get inside a castle that way since walls are meaningless to them.
  11. IMO, it's hard to beat the XL style and color scheme. Nearly everyone who comes into my office comments on how great my 1200xl looks even though most have no idea that it's a 25 year old computer.
  12. He he he... as someone said earlier, this is going in all sorts of different directions. I think the original question was simply finding a way to use an A8 keyboard on a PC, specifically for use with A8 emulators. It was proposed that the idea was a bit silly. Somewhere along the way, someone (perhaps even myself) shifted things to various options for using an A8 keyboard with a PC in general. There's been discussion of how to physically combine an A8 keyboard and CX85 together into an entirely new keyboard for use with a PC and what the best layout for such a keyboard would be. Finally, there's been some interesting talk of controlling a pc's keyboard port via an A8's joystick port. I propose future posts be prefaced with one of the following labels: A8KB2PC = concepts for use of the A8 keyboard (or parts thereof) with a PC (A8 keyboard no longer functions with an A8) A8KB2PCPlus = concepts allowing use of the A8 keyboard (or parts thereof) with a PC but retains ability to function with the A8 My interest and posts have been directed toward the latter classification. I think the custom keyboard idea falls into the former. In any event, lots of good info an ideas flowing here.
  13. I'm using two keyboards with my pc without any problem- my primary keyboard is my 1200xl on my desk which connects to the pc's ps2 port and another wireless usb keyboard is hidden in my deskdrawer for the rare occasion when I need a key not programmed into my 1200xl setup. Regarding the idea of controlling the pc ps2 port from the Atari joystick port with no drivers on the pc side- that's the best idea I've heard so far. I would love to try this. I'm sure I could manage to make the appropriate cable, but there's little chance of me figuring out the programming needed to take the Atari keyboard codes, convert them to ps2 codes and send them to the proper pin(s) on the joystick port.
  14. Forgive my ignorance, but do I understand this idea correctly...? The IO wedge would tell a specific PC application, e.g., an A8 emulator, a wordprocessor, etc., to take it's keyboard inputs from the COM port instead of the pc keyboard? Could the IO wedge be set up so that ALL pc applications would automatically look to the COM port (i.e., the Atari/850) for keyboard input? If so, that sounds exactly like what I was trying to accomplish with my programmable encoder approach. And hey, I just picked up an 850 off ebay for $9.00...
  15. not true. Uh, yeah, of course not. Al sells used EPROM's. "This is a used EPROM that has been cleaned and erased." I'm not saying that ALL used eproms won't work, only that there can be issues with them. I've got a few of 'em here that simply won't erase and program completely no matter how long I leave them in the eraser. The ones I got from Al work erase and program completely every time. Please stop your noob level advice in this thread as I'm having a real hard time not ripping you a new one for being so foolish and misinforming the OP. Thanks. I'll say no more. I was just sharing my experience, limited as it may be. Good day, sir.
  16. not true. Uh, yeah, of course not. Al sells used EPROM's. "This is a used EPROM that has been cleaned and erased." I'm not saying that ALL used eproms won't work, only that there can be issues with them. I've got a few of 'em here that simply won't erase and program completely no matter how long I leave them in the eraser. The ones I got from Al work erase and program completely every time.
  17. If everyone chips in something, perhaps we could simply purchase the landfill and dig them up ourselves. We could then recover our costs by selling the ET cartridges and the remains of the Roswell UFO that were probably buried there as well.
  18. In regards to that ebay item you mentioned, the auction ends today: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=320262511361 It does the 1040ST keyboard using parallel port (no drivers required). It does the PS/2 keyboard using parallel port (no drivers required). It does the Amiga keyboard (no drivers required). It does the Atari 400/800/XL console keys (no driver required), but for the rest of the Atari 400/800/XL analog keyboard, it uses a 256-byte driver that runs during VBI and uses the 764 method as RyBags already hinted at. I'm sure you can drive the PS/2 keyboard connector flawlessly from the Atari joystick port if you built your own custom cable as Yorgle was explaining. I was able to simulate the PS/2 keyboard flawlessly from another PC using DOS version of MPDOS. Windows had some problems as certain keys like CTRL-ALT-DEL require switching to RING 0. Then again, using an Atari keyboard on a PC on an emulator is like playing with fake jewelry-- the reverse is better (as far as Atari low-level programming fans go). I'm confused. Isn't the goal here to use an ATARI keyboard as a primary keyboard for a PC? This device seems to be the other way around, i.e., allowing PC keyboard, mouse, etc. to be used for an ATARI. Did I miss something in the description?
  19. They're junk. A total waste of time and money. Even if you do manage to get it to work (as I did) it still won't consistently burn an eprom. I spent two days burning, erasing, burning, erasing, etc. just to program a single 8K program to eprom.
  20. Buy the best eprom programmer you can afford. I made the mistake of purchasing a Willem off ebay. The price was very reasonable, but I had nothing but misery with it. Very unreliable and inconsistent. Eventually I did manage to get it working well enough to burn some eproms. You will probably also want to get an eprom eraser as well. Finally, buy eproms from AtariAge. Old eproms can have issues with incomplete erasing.
  21. Not to disparage your idea, but why reinvent the wheel. With my programmable keyboard encoder approach, you can leave everything in it's Atari computer case (including the numeric keypad) and have the Atari look as well as feel for your keyboard. The bugs I made reference to with my system exist only because I am using my 1200xl as a remote PC keyboard AND as a fully functioning 1200xl. As simply a remote PC keyboard, it works flawlessly.
  22. You're right, I said POKEY but should have said GTIA. Apparently, when the Hagstrom is without power, some lines become grounded. That may explain why video is affected. Now your comment gives me an idea: maybe my "PC--1200xl" switch is in the wrong place. Instead of isolating the Hagstrom from the PC in ATARI mode, the switch should isolate the Hagstrom from the GTIA. I'll try that tonight.
  23. I haven't taken the time to figure it out 100%. From looking at the 1200xl schematics, I suspect it has something to do with the fact that some of the Atari keys (e.g., START, RESET, etc) are apparnetly hardwired directly to POKEY, so the fact that I have them also connected to the Hagstrom may be confusing POKEY. I need to take some time to physically disconnect those keys from the encoder one at a time to see if that's, in fact, the problem. If it is, then I need to figure out a means of electronically disconnecting those keys from the keyboard connector when using the 1200xl in "PC" mode. Right now, however, my system works, but it requires the PC to be ON before the Atari is switched ON. I recently discovered that this is not the case if I unplug the Atari monitor cable-- with the cable unplugged, the PC will read the Atari keyboard irrespective of whether the Atari is on or off. Not sure what the video circuits would have to do with it the keyboard. Now if someone didn't need the Atari to work at all (i.e., just wanted a 1200xl keyboard for their PC) then none of the above really matters.
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