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  1. I'm typing this right now on my 1200xl using a programmable keyboard encoder. Not the easiest or cleanest solution, but it does work. Here's my uneducated stab at what it would take from a software approach- program on the Atari that would convert ATASCII codes to ps/2 codes (ASCII and the make and break codes), send these to a pc via joystick port or sio. The PC would then just assume it's getting signals from a standard ps/2 keyboard so no additional drivers would be needed on the pc side. I'm not sure the Atari program would do the conversion fast enough so performance might be an issue. With the hardware approach, the Atari keyboard actually becomes a ps/2 compatible keyboard so speed isn't an issue. Here's a link to the thread on my project. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...board+potential
  2. As I recall, I screwed up part of the blue maze so that when you leave the black castle, you jump down a screen or two. Not sure if anyone has fixed that yet. The "unstable" links in the forests were intentional-- to simulate getting lost in the woods. There is actually a way to get into the number room, but once you are in it, you can't escape. That was an intentional trap. As for the data tables crossing page boundaries, that too was something I just never got around to fixing. Seems some of these glitches were carried foreward in later versions. The Chalice is just a decoration (made from Warren Robinett's name sprite). If the Atari had just a wee more RAM, I could have done something with it. Glad folks are enjoying this.
  3. Glad folks are enjoying this. I called earlier versions of my hack "MissAdventure" because I made it for my daughters who loved Mr. Robinett's game as much as I did as a kid. Their only complaint, however, was that it didn't have a princess in it. I figured, hey I can fix that. In the process (thanks to Nukey Shay and others here at AtariAge), I learned something about assembly programming, the difference between an EPROM and a chunk of rock, and how much work actually goes into creating even a relatively straightforward game like Adventure. BTW, I am planning a sequel called Rhindle's Revenge.
  4. I can't get Original Adventure to load using sio2pc on my 1200xl. Is there something special I need to know in order to load? Never mind, I tried it with BASIC cart and it works now.
  5. I run that setup with my 600xl and it has a better picture than my 1200xl with the clearpic mods.
  6. Just opened up my latest 1200xl acquisition (to add +5v to the SIO port) and found this: The date on the paper slip (in dot matrix) reads 03/23/83 which corresponds with the date code on the serial tag on the bottom of the machine. The RF modulator is not soldered to the PCB and looks like it never was. It's just loose. No other wierdness inside. Just thought I'd post my find here for posterity. If it was a repair job, it was almost immediately after the machine was built. So much for Atari quality control.
  7. Just picked up my 6th 1200xl: 83 DA 51620 Made in USA. Need's the usual keyboard cleaning but otherwise in great shape.
  8. "1 of 64126458" Let's see, assuming those are 120 minute tapes (60 per side), that's only about 128 million hours to load. Plenty of time to go get a cup of joe inbetween switching tapes.
  9. I've read some of the old posts here regarding use of the joystick ports as an rs232 type i/o port. What's the latest development of that concept? Has anyone written a handler for such an application?
  10. I've got one of those complete in box. I guess the idea was that you would immediately print out whatever you typed up instead of saving it for later. Of course, you'd have to sit by and feed paper one sheet at a time to the 1027 while it chugged away.
  11. Nope!! 7 here!! hehehehehe Not trying to take the corner market, but they are my favorite. Intend to install the XL/XE OS and BASIC in most all of them so they will run as 600/800XL's Just got one in killer condition off ebay a couple of weeks ago for $35.00 I just need to get you the other SN's. One of mine just died so I'm down to 4 working 1200xls. I tip my hat to you, sir.
  12. I get blotches of color behind some of the characters. It does this on both my tv and on my lcd monitor. Anyone else have this problem. Is there a cure for it?
  13. My 10 year-old daughter just killed the pterodactyl last night. I never knew it could be killed either.
  14. I'm afraid the ACE-80 files are not executable - ACE-80 was written to run out of cartridge ROM. However, the E-80 file posted above does run from disk and it provides the basic functions of ACE-80. Well, Steve Tucker should thank you. I just ordered a 1mb flashcart just so I could try this out. I also got E80 up and running and it's great, but really takes some playing with colors to get clear characters on my TV.
  15. Forgive my noobie question, but is it possible to run ACE80 from the .atr files you posted above using APE and an sio2pc? I tried loading the ACE80XL.EPR and ACE80XL.ROM files but get nothing with the former, and just some garbled graphics at the top of the screen from the latter.
  16. Hmm. With software, you can map the keys how you want... so what'd be the ideal key layout for using an Atari as a PC keyboard? You'd want to be able to send every keystroke the PC keyboard can... I suppose you'd use the console keys, one for Alt, and one for a modifier (e.g. pressing Select + numbers sends F-keys, Select + brackets sends curly braces). The 1200XL's F-keys should map to the PC's F1 through F4... the Atari Break key should map to the PC Pause/Break... if running on a 1200XL, the LEDs could be indicators for caps/scroll lock... Something like Select + left/right/up/down (aka + * - =) could be Home/End/PageUp/PageDown. The CX-85 keys could be either arrows or numbers, with some key mapped as Numlock. The joystick could be used as a simulated PC mouse, or send arrow keys + return. The coolest way to interface it would be to use an SIO2PC-like device that connects to the PC's PS/2 keyboard port (or to a PS/2 => USB adaptor), and just have the Atari speak PC keyboard protocol (which is serial, similar to RS232, but using 0 and +5V). You wouldn't even need a driver on the PC side, and it'd work with any OS (even in the BIOS menu). I'm not a hardware designer really, not entirely sure what'd be necessary... AFAIK the only reason an SIO2PC needs a max232 or 1489 chip is to convert from the Atari's 0/5V logic levels to the RS232 positive & negative voltages... does this mean you just need a cable with an SIO plug on one end and a PS/2 mini-DIN on the other end? I'd say the Atari key layout should be kept (e.g. shift-2 for double-quote)... Hm, it wouldn't be hard to write the Atari code for this, if I knew what'd be needed for the hardware interface. Anyone know? This is great. Keep the ideas coming folks. Though it will suck to have all my work obsoleted by something as simple as a sio2ps/2 cable and some code, I would love to see it happen, nevertheless. It's been a learning exercise whatever the result. As for functionality, I've been using my 1200xl keyboard at work on my pc for several weeks now and the only time I had to resort to the wireless ps2 backup keyboard was one occasion when I needed the \ slash mark. Of course, the bulk of my computing is word processing so the lack of a numeric keypad hasn't been an issue. Currently, I have mapped the function keys as follows: START=alt, SELECT=pageup, OPTION=pagedwn, F1-F4=cursor up,dwn,lft,rt, HELP=end, INVS=numberlock, and BREAK=ctl-alt-del.
  17. I'm sure there are many easier and even better solutions than mine. I have an unfortunate propensity to finding the most difficult ways of doing things. I'd be really impressed with your hardware solution if you were able to also interface the Cx85 keypad. Rest assured, if I had one, it would be connected. I'm not sure if each of the keypad's matrix points can be tapped at the joystick port connector, so if not, it would require an extra cable from the keypad to the encoder. Or there may be enough unused pins on the connector so they could be used instead. I'd really be impressed by a software solution. I agree that would be an ideal approach except for maybe the hastle of having to load a program everytime you switch back and forth. Once I isolate the interference problem I hope to eliminate the need for a switch altogether.
  18. I'm sure there are many easier and even better solutions than mine. I have an unfortunate propensity to finding the most difficult ways of doing things.
  19. Ok, here's my write-up so far sans graphics and pictures. Atari_1200XL_Keyboard2ps.pdf
  20. It's on my to do list- I'll try to get to it tomorrow morning.
  21. I think most Atari fans at this point simply don't have the time for a traditional BBS forum like they did when they were kids back in the day. An internet forum like this can generate traffic because folks like me (ok, I admit it) can pop in and out from work.
  22. ac.tomo: I managed to get a .pdf image of the card downloaded, but I can't get it to .zip so I can post it here for you. If you give me an email address, I can email the .pdf to you.
  23. Unless you count the Atari VCS as a computer, mine would be Commodore PET. My older brother had built some project computers prior to that but I never really messed around with them that much. Eventually, he got a VIC-20 and then a C-64.
  24. Yeah. I find it amazing that Atari would pack such cheesy and utterly useless material along with their computers. No memory map, technical specs, nothing. Just a few pages of spiffy photos of the computer you had laying right in front of you with a diagram to show you what the power on light meant. You got better documentation with a coffeemaker.
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