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  1. There was a definite improvement to two machines that had a bad "ghosting" effect. I wasn't using a monitor, but rather a small color tv (using a monitor cable, not the RF modulator). The Clearpic2 mod completely eliminated the ghosting and the letters are now crisp and sharp, but colors, especially reds seem a bit muted. It also cleared up the waviness of the image on the tv. Overall, it's definitely better than stock. I have left alone because for some reason it has extremely good video as it is.
  2. I've done the clearpic2 mod to some of my 1200xls and have noticed that it affected some more than others. Some of the components did not even make a noticeable difference
  3. That's great. I'd love to have a cartridge based 80 column display editor for my 1200xl. Could the code for ACE80 be transferred to a multicart? BTW, does anyone have a working .atr of Easy80. The version I have gives me a BOOT ERROR every time I try to load it. Is there a trick to loading it?
  4. I don't think one exists. My programming skills don't go much beyond BASIC and some crude 6502 assembly. I see that there are screensaver creator programs you can buy that can make screensavers from an animation. I suppose you could feed the ATARI screen into a pc using a video capture card, save it as a jpeg or something and then use one of these programs to convert it to a screensaver. Anyone here have that capability?
  5. Don't tell my wife. Four of them are hidden at my office.
  6. Here's the self test one I found. STSS.zip
  7. I found a neat screensaver that simulates the test sequence of an xl, but what would be really cool would be a simulation of the color waterfall ATARI logo with black background from a 1200xl. Anyone know of one?
  8. It appears to me that the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" labels are handprinted, perhaps with a paintmarker, suggesting that this may be homemade.
  9. yorgle


    True, Adventure can be made to flicker, but most of the time you don't have that many objects piled up on one screen. Plus, the flicker is actually part of the game play, e.g., allowing you to get past dead dragons blocking pathways in the mazes.
  10. AFAIK the ACE80 only emulates 80 columns. Meaning you get smaller characters using less pixels, instead of smaller characters with the same amount of pixels. Greetings Mathy There was a reference in that thread to Computer Eyes which apparently used the joystick ports. I guess I could have been more specific in my response.
  11. 80 column board? http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...p;#entry1484834
  12. Not sure what you mean by "expanded memory" but they do have 64k ram same as the 800xl.
  13. Pull the unit apart and try re-melting the solder points on the reset switch. The reset switch takes lots of abuse and over time the solder connectios can crack. Simply re-melting them often solves the problem.
  14. The Hagstrom programming tool is great. I love being able to save variations of keyboard layout and simply pull them up whenever I want. The one limitation I have found is that you cannot reprogram shift functions separately from regular key functions, for example, you can't program shift8 to give you an ampersand instead of an asterisk. You're stuck (at least it appears so to me so far) that you're stuck with standard pc keyboard key combinations. Noelio: I doubt I'd ever sell a kit, but I'm in the process of doing a how-to write up that I'll post here for all who might be interested. There are still some minor issues to iron out (e.g., not sure why the Atari has to be powered on for the Hagstrom to work) but someone here might even figure such bugs out. I agree that a 600xl would be a good candidate for this project because of its small size, but the advantage of using a 1200xl is that you have the 11 silver keys that you can program with pc specific stuff. Since I want to use mine for everyday wordprocessing, I really wanted as much of the pc keyboard accessible as possible.
  15. Testing... testing... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. Hey folks, this message is being typed on a genuine 1200xl keyboard. So far, so good. Still need to figure out a way of disconnecting the Atari from the keyboard when using the PC (without having to pull apart the case). The two don't seem willing to share a keyboard. All major pc function keys are present, e.g. alt end pageup page down etc. F1 thru f4 still contol cursor functions just like original (although I may change that). A few keys are different, for example, the @ is above the 2 instead of the 8. There are a few ghosts present, so far only two that I've found: o followed too quickly by a u or f will give some ghost characters. At my typing speed, it's not much of a problem. Will post pics after I figure out the switch issue. EDT: I figured it out. All that needs to be done is run a spst switch (I'm going to try to use the channel select switch) inline on at pin 14 of the keyboard connector to break the ground when using the pc.
  16. Progress report: The programmable endoder arrived today. Hooked everything up and programmed the Atari matrix. IT WORKS! The programming software that came with the encoder makes it fast and easy to alter the keyboard layout. The only glitch so far is that the keyboard won't work with my PC when connected to the 1200xl, even with the xl's power off. Time to pull out the schematics and see what's happening with the connector in place. I may have to put a small switch somewhere to flip between Atari and PC.
  17. er...cake, I suppose...
  18. Progress Report: Connected ribbon cable to the Atari keyboard pcb in preparation for the arrival of the programmable encoder which should be here tomorrow. For posterity, I took pictures as I went along. Reconnected keyboard to 1200xl and tested. Works fine. I then went through the keyboard test checking each key by connecting the corresponding ribbon cable wires according to my matrix to be sure I got all connections correct. Amazingly, I got everything right. Tomorrow I'll have to locate a suitable place inside the 1200xl case for the encoder to live and find a place to mount a ps/2 connector that won't require cutting up the case.
  19. That's a bit beyond my abilities, but if someone gets it to work, please do post the results. Here's the programmable encoder I settled upon for my project: http://www.hagstromelectronics.com/products/lp24.html
  20. Progress Report: After spending a while mapping out the matrix of the pc keyboard I murdered for its encoder circuit, I decided to abandon the "cheap" approach and order a programmable encoder. The pc matrix stored in the pc encoder differs from the 1200xl matrix enough as would require an incredible amount of wiring to match the two matrices. I briefly thought about designing some sort of translator circuit that would go between the Atari keyboard and the pc encoder, but then thought, why add another step. The other advantages of the programmable encoder would be that everything would be on one pcb and also that it would allow changing the pc layout of the keys to come up with the most efficient arrangement.
  21. Not yet. I pulled apart an old pc keyboard thinking I could maybe match up the matrices but I don't think it will work. Always rule out the free options first, I say.
  22. That sounds very cool, please keep me up to date of progress, I may be interested in one for myself if it is fairly plug and play. The mod does involve soldering ribbon cable to 22 points on the 1200xl keyboard pcb, but all points are accessible without disassembling the keyboard. I'll keep posting here as I go forward.
  23. Progress Report. Phase 1 complete. Spent past three hours carefully tracing the mylar and pcb board circuits on a 1200xl keyboard. Created a matrix from 22 points on the pcb where connections can be made which will bypass the stock encoder chips for connection to the new encoder board while leaving the stock encoder circuit intact. (allowing use as either 1200xl or pc). The cool thing is that I will be able to use all of the silver keys for PC specific keys.
  24. Why, you ask? Just for the sake of doing it, I guess. I currently have my office pc hidden in a drawer and a 1200xl on my desk hooked to a LCD monitor. I use a wireless keyboard (also kept in a drawer out of site when not in use) and a wireless mouse for pc stuff. I can instantly flip the monitor input to Atari to work with my 1200xl. It would be great to be able to use the 1200xl keyboard for both. Special key functions that can't be accessed by mouse could be handled with the 1200xl's START, SELECT, OPTION F1-F4 and help keys.
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