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  1. I agree- the SIO2SD is a great device. The only thing that would make it better is a comprehensive user's manual. The website is of only limited use to noobies like me.
  2. I doubt there's a definite answer to that, but I can tell you that I tried using some old eproms my brother had stored in plastic storage containers for about 20 years and I was unable to burn code to them. As I recall, it was actually that I couldn't get them to erase completely that caused the problem.
  3. I have another question: am I correct that to use the sio2sd with a 1200xl I will have to connect a +5V jumper to the correct pin on the SIO port?
  4. I've had very good results using a product called "Bar Keeper's Friend" sold in the cleaning products section of most grocery stores. While it won't fix yellowed plastic, it takes off all nearly every conceivable kind of mark and stain. Just go easy because it is slightly abrasive and could smooth out the texture of the plastic if you scrub too hard. I just used it on a 1200xl that had a big "W" written on the top (perhaps meaning "works"). It appeared to have been written in blue magic marker. Water alone didn't affect it. The Bar Keeper's Friend made it entirely disappear.
  5. Just received mine in the mail today. Don't have a power supply yet so I can't test it. From the tag on the back: Made in U.S.A. Serial Number: 83S DA 001855. There is a "073" stamped in ink in the lower right corner of the tag. Reading back over the posts in this thread, I interpret the "073" to mean Jan 7th 1983 date of production. This would appear to be the second oldest recorded here thus far.
  6. Beetle, that laptop is, without question, the coolest looking thing in existence. It's amazing how well the XL styling has stood the test of time. You should purchase what's left of the Atari name and IP and go into business producing "real" Atari laptops.
  7. Hey Guitarman, you wouldn't happen to have any 600xl boards in all that stuff would you? I'd love to find an old motherboard from which to harvest chips in an effort to fix my dead 600xl. I know I can buy an entire 600xl for less than $30 from ebay but if I use that for a donor, I'll still have a dead 600xl sitting around to bug me.
  8. 1. Set Disk Drive 1050 as D1 2. Set D1 off in SIO2SD 3. Put disk to drive 1050 with Dos (mydos, dosII+D) 4. Boot Your Atari wihout Basic (OPTION + RESET) Tested with my disk drive Toms 720, SN360, CA2001 Even using the sequence above still doesn't work. If I boot holding the OPTION key it brings up the TEST menu. Booting without holding the OPTION key brings up the READY prompt, but if I then type DOS, I get the TEST menu again. I think I'll try a different diode.
  9. Am I correct that the power supply for a 1200xl is different that for a 600xl or 800xl?
  10. I just picked up a 1200xl off ebay for $51.00- no power supply or anything, just the computer. (Not sure why I bought it, though. Just looked cool, I guess.) What about the 64K version of the 600xl? That must be quite rare.
  11. It does look cool. Does it have any disadvantages as compared to the 800xl?
  12. Being fairly new to the Atari 8 bit scene, I'm wondering why a 1200xl appears to be worth considerably more than an 800xl. Does it have some capability the 800xl lacks or is it simply more collectable due to rarity?
  13. I'm still having trouble figuring out how to use the SIO2SD with my 1050 drive. I have set the 1050 drive to be D1 and have turned OFF the D1 portion of the SIO2SD. When I try to boot to DOS 2.5 from the 1050, it starts loading, but then goes back to the READY prompt. When I type DOS, I get the test menu. Could this be a problem with the diode I installed? What would be the proper sequence to load DOS?
  14. The net is responsible for my A8 endeavors. Started with a 2600 and mushroomed from there. Without the net, there might have been a slight chance I would have dug my brother's old C64 out of the basement.
  15. I'm also using a 1050 drive so do I need to set the switches on the back differently now that I have SIO2SD?
  16. Now that I've got my SIO2SD up and running, it's great. Is it possible to write files from the ATARI to an SD card using the SIO2SD?
  17. I ended up using it by default- it just happened to be the first editor I came across. It's not the easiest program to figure out- especially the object handling portion.
  18. That's the one I'm talking about. Were there others?
  19. My daughter and I have been working on an Atari AdventureWriter game and what we are using to avoid wasting memory on blank spaces is to carefully choose our words so that word breaks naturally occur at the end of the line. (It's kind of an exercise in grammar and vocabulary as well). By doing so, we've ended up with a nearly right-justified text with only occasional spaces at the end of a line. I realize that this approach would be impractical (or impossible) for porting a game- you'd have to go back and edit all of the text, substituting existing words and phrases with ones conveying similar meaning but with different character counts. Someone should disassemble the editor and insert some sort of automatic formatting feature.
  20. yorgle


    I've seen that it was used for a memory upgrade on the 600xl, but what other devices were made?
  21. I agree that Beetle's version makes more sense. If you're going to use modern components for everything else, why limit yourself to a retro system. Most folks would probably prefer a vintage look with modern internals over modern look running antiquated internals. Still, I bow to Ben's ingenuity and skill building it. He definitely deserves praise for that. BTW, I think his variations of 2600 handhelds are fantastic.
  22. yorgle


    Just curious, in all of the Atari literature for my 800xl, there's a lot of hype about the Parallel Bus Interface port. Why aren't there more peripherals (either Atari or aftermaket or homemade) that use this port?
  23. IT WORKS!!! IT FINALLY WORKS! Thanks Pigula, Larry, and everyone else who chimed in.
  24. Thanks Pigula. I transferred your diagram to my photo- is this correct? If so, then I had everything wired backwards.
  25. I purchased my SIO2SD from a person on ebay. After it arrived, I asked him for instructions and he emailed me a link to a webpage that appears to be the exact same as the instructions Larry (see above posts) received with his SIO2SD from Pigula. The guy I purchased from said nothing about having to program the Atmega chip so I assumed this was already done. If I have to buy a programmer now I will not be happy.
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