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  1. I was wondering the same thing. So far, my daughter and I have simply been using spaces to align the text but this probably wastes memory.
  2. Well, I already have an sio2pc with the sio connector on it but I can simply desolder that and run jumpers to one of the drive's connectors. When you say "wire the terminals directly to one of the sio connectors in the drive" does the drive's connector remain functional. (My system runs a 1027 off the back of second sio connector on the drive).
  3. I'm thinking I'd like to conceal my sio2pc usb inside my 1050 drive. Has anyone ever tried this? What I'm wondering is how to preserve both sio ports on the back of the drive while providing an sio connection to the sio2pc board. Any ideas from the gurus here?
  4. Select option L BINARY LOAD from the DOS menu to load and run your adventure. However, if you want your adventure to be an autorun disk, follow these steps: Load DOS Select option H. WRITE DOS FILES to make your game disk bootable Select option E. RENAME FILE to change the name of the main program to AUTORUN.SYS For instance change the name of DRAGONS.PRG to AUTORUN.SYS. The PRG files are the programs, whereas the ADV files are the adventure datafiles Thanks for all the help, folks.
  5. Thanks, Pengwin. I'll try that. When the new game is finally done and saved using the "Save Adventure" option, how does one go about running the new game? I see on the directory that the "Save Adventure" option creates two files: "XXXXX.ADV" and "XXXXX.PRG"
  6. I'm having trouble figuring out why I can't save and reload work in progress files using AdventureWriter. The files appear to save ok and show up on the disk directory, but when I try to load back into AdventureWriter, I get an "I/O Error" message. I'm using an 800xl and 1050 drive. Is this one of the xl vs 800 compatability issues I've read about? Has anyone here ever used this program before and had a similar problem?
  7. AtariWriter System arrived today. Complete with box, no manuals. 600XL looks good but supposedly doesn't work. Bought it for the working 1027 printer to replace my dead one. I plan to gut the old 1027 and use the case as a master case to house all the hardware upgrades to my 800XL such as IDE and SIO2PCUSB. The 600XL has a really nice keyboard which I might swap into my 800XL if they are compatible.
  8. What functions (if any) do the original switches control?
  9. That was the problem. I was switching back and forth between dos and Basic between saves. Thanks for the help.
  10. I don't get any error message. When I type LOAD "D:XXXXX.XXX", the drive runs for about 5-10 seconds and then I get a READY prompt as though the program loaded, but when I type LIST, nothing shows up. I know the drive works because I can save and re-load AtariWriter and AtariArtist files without any trouble. I'll try reformating another disk and giving that a try.
  11. I hooked up my 1050 drive to my 800xl but can't seem to get programs to re-load. They save ok and even seem to load ok , but when I try to RUN or LIST, I get nothing. I've got the dos 2.5 files writtent to the source disk and I'm using the SAVE"D1:XXXX.XXX" filespec format from my dos2.5 manual. The disk directory shows my file on the disk, but when I load it into basic, there's nothing there? What am I missing here?
  12. Final Report: Spent the better part of all day installing the new printer head. Had to disassemble 85% of the printer. Got 'er all back together and realized the character wheel was 180 deg. off. Had to re-disassemble and re-reassemble. This time I accidently let the cable that pulls the head back and forth get too loose and it unravelled from the pulley. Much cursing and head pounding followed. Finally got everything back together. Second test. Prints great the first 3/4 of the page but fades out as it gets to the right side of the paper. Paper feed slipping too. Printer is junk. Hate it. Want to destroy it.... don't do what I have done....
  13. I received the new printer head and an extra ink roller today from Best Electronics. It looks to be brand new. I can hardly wait to install it and see how it works. Will report results later.
  14. Vacuum cleaner bags are a great place to find many of the smaller pieces. Now, lets see who will be the first to make a complete 800xl or 1050 case out of lego.
  15. Ribbon? We don't need no stinkin' ribbons! The 1027 uses an 'ink roller' to wet the print head. I'll bet you can buy these from B&C. I got a new 1027 printer head unit and two new ink rollers from Best Electronics for $49.00.
  16. My kids (same state) were whining that all the thin black pieces were missing this morning I had intended to use a bunch of the "white one-bump-slanty pieces" staggered around the top edge of my case to simulate the cooling slots around the top of the xl series cases, but I would have had to destroy the house my 6 year old just built--- didn't want to deal with the consequences that would have brought...
  17. What parent would have expected that in 2007, their kid would still be playing with that same Atari computer...
  18. I just acquired a 1027 as part of an ebay lot (I only really wanted the XEGS). It was boxed. I had to test it, right? It works great. In fact it keeps the paper aligned better than the one I had in the 80s. I'm not going to use this, except to, every once in a while, break it out just to hear that familiar rat-a-tat-tat. So, go ahead and laugh at me BTW, this guy refunded me excess shipping and the 1050 had a US Doubler under the hood. I leave the XEGS carts laying around because I like the way they look. I agree the 1027 is a great looking printer and fits nicely on a desktop. Sure it's noisy and slow, but hey, if efficiency is what you're after, that's what PCs are for. My only real complaint about the 1027 is the lack of a paper feed.
  19. Well, as promised, here is my version of a Lego SIO2PC USB housing. The gauntlet is thrown...
  20. Yeah. My 800XL has SIO2PC (serial and homebuilt version) built in. See my signature, bold characters are links. Its the small upright board between PBI and SIO port. One chip solution using MAX232. Sweet, but way beyond my abilities. I think I'll stick with my LEGO idea.
  21. No picture? This sounds like a contest/challenge to me Guess what I'll be doing tonight after the kids are in bed...
  22. Last night my 10yr old daughter and I downloaded Zork I and saved it to a floppy via my new SIO2PC from Atarimax. This was my first attempt to use the SIO2PC and amazingly, Zork was up and running on the first attempt! I had forgotten how much fun Zork is to play and it was great to see my daughter get into the game as much as I did when I first played it on a C64 back in the day.
  23. I was wondering the same thing and my solution is both corny and cool at the same time- LEGOs. Relatively low cost (if you steal them from your kids), an enclosure can be assembled in under 20 minutes, and it is easily expanded to accommodate changes in your hardware. Has anyone installed an SIO2PC internally on an 800XL?
  24. A good model supply store will have transfer paper that you can use with an inkjet printer. I would think it would be easy enough to scan an image of the lettering and then transfer that to the paper and then to the metal strip. Then spray with some clear lacquer to protect it. The only other thing I can think that might work would involve taking it to a professional sign paper and having some stickers made, but again, you'll need an image to work from.
  25. Is there a version of Zork 1,2 & 3 for the 800xl? I've never seen it but would really like to get a set.
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