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  1. I've got a bunch of those Atari stickers/badges here. Not sure what they were used originally used for, but definitely not original equipment for your heavy 6er.
  2. Yes, I tried to kill the dragon. He kept running away. Later I read the instructions again and it was my understanding that in Game Varation 1 (which I was playing) that he runs away and you can kill him in 2 and 3. The original Atari console had "Difficulty Select" switches which could be set to have the dragons either run from the sword or not. Does your emulator accommodate that feature?
  3. The day of the console is nearly spent-- as is the case for nearly all single-purpose devices. I'd like to see an Atari branded smartphone.
  4. tf_hh: For some reason I can't send a PM to you. Perhaps your account here is too new. Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll reply to that.
  5. I've got a non-working sio2sd (atmega32) complete except for the LCD screen. I believe the atmega needs to be reflashed for it to work. PM me if you are interested.
  6. I agree it's a great looking device. I'm case-modding one of mine into a desktop scanner. I had purchased a new head for it back when Best still sold them. I took me about 2 hours to install. First line of text destroyed it. Speaking of scanners, there is a mod from the old Atari User magazines that you can use to turn your 1027 into a scanner... I'll have to try and dig it up. A vintage, vintage case mod. That would be cool.
  7. I agree it's a great looking device. I'm case-modding one of mine into a desktop scanner. I had purchased a new head for it back when Best still sold them. I took me about 2 hours to install. First line of text destroyed it.
  8. I doubt you'll be printing anything with the 1027. It's a near 100% certainty that the rubber print head will turn to mush the instant you use it.
  9. I've been doing exactly that (using my 1200xl as a keyboard with my Dell desktop) at my office for over a year now. I used a Hagstrom universal encoder to convert the Atari key matrix to ps/2. Software on the PC allows me to map any key on the 1200xl to just about any PC function. And yes, it has gotten a lot of strange looks from clients. I presume you are looking at building a custom encoder? If so, will it still allow the Atari to be used as an Atari? In my system, the keyboard won't function properly for both the 1200xl and the PC at the same time. I had to install a switch to select between them. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/95714-the-real-natural-habitat/page__view__findpost__p__1815750
  10. My faithful 1200xl started acting up today. If I try to reboot when it's warmed up, it hangs up. Let it sit for a few minutes and it's fine. Half the time it will give me a rolling blue screen. The other half of the time, it gets to the ATARI colored waterfall logo, but the image is all messed up (random pixels splattered across the top of the screen like someone blew it up. In either case, it won't load from disk or cartridge. Bad ROMS? It has the RAMBO 256k mod, if that matters.
  11. Very nice. How did you deal with the connector at the front? Did you manufacture some kind of blanking plate (like the one on the pass-thru at the back)? As of yet, no. Eventually, I want to make an aluminum panel to cover up the area.
  12. What about an XC12? There's the nice transparent plastic of the cassette door for the LCD and I'm sure you could hook up the menu buttons to play, ff, rew etc. In fact now I think about it I'm sure I've seen something similar before ... Plus they should be cheaper than an XM-301. Here's what I did.
  13. What are you waiting for? Rip open that 1027 box and see if the printer head has turned to mush.
  14. yorgle


    Oooh. I've been away too long. This looks great, guys.
  15. I vaguely remember your original thread about this, but can't remember if this question was asked: Is there any real reason why you couldn't have just torn apart a crappy old $5 PS/2 keyboard and used its encoder, instead of shelling out for the Hagstrom one? Any decent OS should already be able to remap keys without using Hagstrom's add-on software (maybe not as convenient or easy to set up, but should be do-able)... and if you know where to look, you can usually find old PS/2 keyboards for less than $5 even (am referring to the lightweight throwaway ones, not real PS/2 keyboards from IBM). To the original poster: if you get it working as a PS/2 keyboard (with or without a Hagstrom encoder), you should be able to use a cheap PS/2 to USB keyboard adaptor (usually less than 10 bucks at Fry's) I did experiment with an old pc keyboard encoder before buying the Hagstrom unit, and I can't remember why I abandoned that approach. I think it had something to do with the way the keys on a pc keyboard are matrixed vs. the Atari matrix. I think (but it's been a while so I could be wrong) that the issue was that the pc encoder was fixed at a certain row X column matrix that was different than the Atari. The Hagstrom unit can be programmed for any combination of rows/columns. Obviously, if I'm wrong on this (of which there is a high degree of probability) I overspent on the project by a considerable amount.
  16. I'm typing this right now on a 1200xl connected to my Dell desktop via ps/2. I used a Hagstrom universal keyboard encoder to convert the xl keyboard matrix to ps/2 codes. Google Hagstrom Electronics and you'll find them. I believe they also sell a usb version, but perhaps not for Mac. Hooking it up requires mapping the 1200xl's keyboard matrix and soldering a ribbon cable to the appropriate pins of the 1200xl's own encoder IC's. The Hagstrom encoder includes a software program that lets you assign whatever ps/2 code you want to each Atari key, including the function keys (e.g., on mine, I use the BREAK key for ctl-alt-del, the inverse key for F11 (fullscreen), and F1-f4 for cursor controls same as stock). You could even attach an old Atari numeric keypad as well. Since you won't be using the 1200xl computer as a computer (mine can be either or), that's all that's too it. If you want a dual system, then you have to install a switch to interrupt some of the connections when using in 1200xl mode because the universal encoder messes with the Atari for some reason I haven't figured out yet. If you want more info, I can email you pics, info, etc.
  17. Despite its mechanical and performance shortcomings, I've always loved the 1027 for its compact design. They still make great cases for projects and mods, e.g., I'm in the process of converting one of mine into a document scanner.
  18. If the first word (no pun intended) of the title was something other than the article "the" I'd say go with TLW. But since that's not the case, I think LW makes more sense.
  19. Oops. I should have said I connected J2-5 to R181 instead of the R27-C61 junction. My bad.
  20. When I did the Clearpic2002 mod on my 1200xl, I noticed that I get an even better picture by connecting the R27-C61 junction to R181 instead of J2. But I'm using an LCD tv so maybe that's a factor.
  21. I agree that the 1027 probably isn't worth the cost of shipping to most, there are still a few folks (such as myself) that might consider buying it for a case mod. I was thinking it would be neat to mod one into a document scanner.
  22. Wow! Looks really great on my 1200xl and Polaroid LCD tv using s-video.
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