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  1. Just a thought, there are dyes for automotive interior plastics that vinyl that work extremely well and there are quite a few colors available. Google Eastwood automotive products and see what they have. My thinking is that if you were to find a close color match, spray it onto a rag and then rub down the case with it like you would apply a stain to wood. Because the majority of the case is high spots, even if the color was a little off, it probably wouldn't matter because only the low spots would actually get dyed.
  2. take a pin or x-acto knife and see if you can physically separate the white stuff from the case (do this on a hidden area of the case). Maybe that will tell us if it's a deposit or the case plastic itself.
  3. MaXkiLLz: Just curious, did you use any cleaning chemicals on the case before applying the oxy mixture? Perhaps there is another chemical reaction going on here.
  4. Medieval mayhem is spectacular! It will definitely be my next purchase.
  5. I'm happy to report that the new motherboard from Best arrived today and works perfectly! Turns out it was a bad TIA after all, so I guess I overshot the mark by replacing the whole mb. WHo cares... it works!
  6. I believe it is the "light sixer" variety- six-switch built in Hong Kong in 1977. I'll probably keep the old motherboard for parts.
  7. No no the 64-pin rp2a10 chip. There should be a CO number on it. And yes if you solder a game rom there on the board it will work. You just have to figure out a way to switch between cart and onboard rom. To do so you have to pull one of the pins on the rom to ground i think to disable it... I'll have to pull it apart again tonight to check.
  8. Yeah, slather those babies up with the magic goo and make 'em white again. What are those controllers? Never saw those before.
  9. From what I have gathered that is was where the Combat rom was going to be placed. Then Atari decided to make it a standalone cart. Btw can you post all the info thats on that chip? Thanks! Do you mean the pcb. There is no chip in the spot I'm talking about, just pads and traces leading to/from it. I wonder if I soldered a socket in there and plugged an eprom in if it would work. If I get time, I'll try it.
  10. I ended up ordering a complete motherboard from Best. Now I need to find a use for the old parts- perhaps I can turn them into mulch.
  11. It's a 1200xl thing. You have to have at least 3 or 4 of them to understand the obsession.
  12. Funny, I just noticed earlier this morning that there's a similar empty space on my light sixer (ca 1977) pcb. No IC socket, just the solder pads.
  13. Messed around with it this morning and it's definitely my VCS, not the cart. Voltage (+5v0) to pin 7 checks out. No obviously fried capacitors. I tried reseating the IC's. I suspect my TIA is DOA. If it were one of the other chips, such as the processor, I doubt roms would load and play without major issues. I guess it's time to call up Best Electronics for a replacement.
  14. Can you believe it? I actually let one go. See, this addiction thing can be beat...
  15. That sounds exactly like what is happening with mine. Do you know specifically what went bad in your heavy 6r?
  16. Did some more reading and it seems my problem is hardware related, either some bad caps or (hopefully not) my TIA.
  17. Unfortunately, I don't have any other paddle controlled games. Tomorrow I'm going to try loading some paddle game roms onto my Krokodile cart and give that a try. If it is hardware related, it is affecting both left and right controller ports on the VCS. Looking at the paddle pinnouts, pin 7 appears to be a common connection. I don't think that pin is used for the joysticks. Maybe that connection is bad on both ports on the VCS? Seems unlikely, but that would explain why the joystick games work fine.
  18. In hopes of reliving some of the fun I remember from my days of youth, I bought a Warlords cartridge and a set of paddle controllers on ebay. Got them today and eagerly plugged everything in ready to engage my daughter in a fierce battle, but woe befell and I can't get them to work. Thinking it was just the usual dirty pots, I disassembled the paddles, cleaned the contacts, reassembled and tried them again. Nothing. Sooo.... I dragged out the multimeter and confirmed that the pots are actually good. I also tried them on my 1200xl and they work fine. Finally, I plugged the paddles into my stelladapter and played the Warlords rom via Stella and the paddles work fine. The problem is, they don't work at all on my VCS. Not even a flicker. The Warlords cart seems to work fine. Joystick games work fine. Is it possible that the Warlords cart could be bad only as to the paddles? Any thoughts?
  19. Yeah, hang in there. This is a great project! I just messed around with the beta a bit and love the 40-80 column switching. I also love how the program immediately recognized my ram expansion! Sure, there are some bugs to iron out, but that's to be expected. For example, on my 1200xl, the screen started blinking after switching back and forth from 40 to 80 columns. But holding the start button for a few seconds cured it. I'm really looking forward to typing some of my more straight forward text documents on this once it's finished.
  20. I've got a bunch of 1200xl s that I've decided to sell. I sold one to mimo and did the clearpic mod for him on that one. If you're interested, send me a pm.
  21. Are you sure it's a religious radio station and not God himself trying to talk to you through your amp?
  22. I just did the Clearpic2 mod on two 1200xl's and was extremely pleased with the results. Unless you're prone to seizures, soldering in the parts is fairly easy.
  23. The 1200xl has more LEDs and is the sexiest piece of computer equipment ever designed.
  24. How well does it work? Are the rubber character wheels deteriorated? If not, I've got some dead ones here that I would trade for a good working 1027.
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