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  1. Just downloaded this - very nice game, really captures the 2600 platformer spirit!
  2. I've been on a bit of a 2600 Star Wars game kick for the past week, playing all the Parker Bros. SW games again as well as some of the almost SW games like Star Strike and Swordfight - I'm not really sure why (they're a real hit-and-miss collection of games) - so this caught my attention. I can't really imagine what sort of game would have been developed based on the Sarlacc Pit encounter, but it sure would be interesting to think about what could have been.
  3. Although it's a bit late given the excellent work neotokeo2001 has done hacking Cookie Monster Munch, but going with the 'Where's Elmo?' name, the first thing I thought of was that a hack of Sneak N' Peak could work as an 'extra' Sesame Street game - the children in it could be changed to be Elmo and Zoe (orange female Elmo, sort of) playing hide and seek. And maybe the title screen could be brightened up a bit so it doesn't look so gloomy
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