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  1. I know this is an old post, but I am glad you mentioned this. I love the PS1 game Tempest X but when I tried to play it on the ps3 the timing was all off, no one really got what i was complaining about when I mentioned it at Gamestop and other places that it looked right but didnt play right. Anyway it's a real pita because its not worth having a ps1 set up for literally one game but you know, if playing tempest on my ps3 is my biggest problem I'm doing okay.
  2. Like the title says, i never played this and all i have to play it on now is a Atari 400 with 48k and a b-key keyboard... did this title work on the 400/800?
  3. Hi, I have a Android tablet (Acer Iconia) that i picked up for 100 on Craiglist. Games like rpg's and others that dont require alot of precision key presses or fast action play fine with the onscreen "virtual controls" but most games are impossible. For example I die alot because i pressed outside of the virtual keypad, which is really annoying. Im trying to figure out the best possible solution. Any help would be appreciated. I want to fill up an SD card with all my favs, missed games or games i couldnt afford to collect in real life and have a mobile retro game device also if i pick up a HDMI cable i could use this on a tv which would make it my goto device for retro gaming. money is tight at the moment. so my first thought was using an old Wiiremote with a app called Wiiremote controller. I can get the tablet to work with it but it doesnt seem reliable in the actual games.,.. maybe im doing something wrong or using the wrong app. If Im gonna buy a dedicated controller I want to pick the right one so i dont waste my money on a contrioller that sucks or will fall apart. So any advice from you guys would be appreciated. THANKS !!!!!
  4. Okay guys Im gonna say this here and you tell me if you think im crazy. IF PEOPLE ARE WEARY TO BUY THE XBOX ONE BECAUSE OF USED GAME AND OR ALWAYS ON LINE GAMES.. or really anything that has to do with Microsofts controversial policies, MS will simply change their policies. They arent gonna let the system die. I dont really have the same love for PS3/X360 though i like both, they are kinda too alike for me to get all passionate about, iwhen it comes to those two systems its about the games , BUT I will be the first to admit Im a Ninty fanboy and I love Nintendo games, regardless of what stupid thing Nintendo does/did as long as i live I will always buy their latest console to get Zelda, mario kart etc.. Im sure Xbox fan boys feel the same way... you think a little DRM is gonna stop the love of a boy (or girl) and his faceless company NEVER!!!!!
  5. all your games belong to me

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      Yup, better be careful or we'll correct your Engrish, too!

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      You can have them and oh, BTW - I also own the landfill in Alamogordo so you can have those too!

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      you mean, all your games are belong to us?

  6. retroish games: plasma sky (vertical shooter) sonic (sonic from genesis updated gfx) gunslugs (absolutely awesome little platform shooter Alien Breed (awesome update but i always loved this game) emus atarioid and gbaoid are free and look great (i also use my boy for gba emulation) n64oid (also free) and muopen64plus are both awesome n64 emulators. my current favorite emu is epsxe for playstation games. there are a few emus so others might be better but ps1 games on my tablet are a lot of fun, not just old favs but many i missed the first time around. I also love rpg's lately and Symphony of Origins is my fav android classic style rpg so far. Another one that is a blatant rip off of the top down zelda's i like is called Zenonia. Im not big into fps's on my tablet but there are quite a few ive tried Modern Combat and the Conduit are two off the top of my head, they take up a ton of disk space. Another game off the top of my head that is free is Slenderman, made me jump out of bed one night lol Another option if your tablet isnt rooted is to get a bluetooth controller or use an old Wiimote. Some games/emu support the Wiimote/bluetooth out of the virtual box, ive tried it, but i am pretty good with the onscreen controls and having an extra joystick is cumbersome for me. You didnt really say what you liked so i hope something i mentioned helped. Like you i found a great deal on tablet and thought i would use it for reading and videos, but i end up playing a lot games on it, dont just stick to the playstore, download APKINSTALLER and look on other sites, you can find some great games that way which arent on Playstore (for example all the free oid emulators)
  7. kinda looks like a Mario Galaxy Sonic-ized. It looks awesome to me!! If it's as fun to play as it looks, it's the first game that makes me want a WiiU !!!!
  8. Maybe so, but I would like to try out the Oculus VR technology. It sounds pretty interesting.
  9. Its a quirky RPG that pokes fun at american culture from a Japanese perspective.I played it on my phone and I liked it, but I love rpgs.
  10. can anyone here explain what will happen to the name and logo, will there still be an "atari" company? actual link to article
  11. just not as many... http://www.polygon.com/2013/5/21/4351844/ea-developing-wii-u-games
  12. The Wii version of Ghostbusters is done in a totally different but equally as good style than the HD versions, Ive played both. They are both fun and the Wii version doesnt really suffer in comparison in the fun department, but I think if you've finished one you wouldnt need to have the other. The PS2 version is good too, one of th elast great games for that system.
  13. i did a quick search earlier and there were complaints in reviews that the controls werent so good and the game is slow. I dont agree with either complaint. I think the control thing was part of the bias towards the Wii at the time and the game is slow like a pre-RE4 kinda slow suspense... it's just a matter of gamers having little tolerance for something different than what they are used to. As an Atariage member I doubt any of us fall into that category. I see thereis a PC version as well if you cant find the Wii version. If you can find the Wii version, it's pretty cheap used.
  14. I just started a new (to me) game called Cursed Mountain. so far the game is fun, controls well and I like the story. This game flew under my radar in 2009, anyone else play it anyone finish it?
  15. thanks for the replies. You guys helped me to see the situation in a different light.
  16. I guess i wanted someone with a Wii U to get me excited about it. I think if it were flame bait i wouldnt go into how much i like Nintendo gaming. Im not out to bait anyone and i thought i made that clear in my post. all i hear is negative stuff. I want to hear some positive stuff because I know for years i heard a lot of damning reviews of Wii games for example when many were actually pretty fun... I get that not having one makes me a poor judge of the system, so I want your opinions as fellow nintendo gamers who do have the system. I probably wasnt clear enough because I was kinda venting all the negative stuff ive heard in hopes someone would reply with some positive reviews or other information i dont have. Im not asking you to sell me on the idea, just tell me what fun you are having with it.
  17. Hi, I'd like to say right off, IM NOT A TROLL. I love Nintendo and have had every console and even most of the handhelds. I think Mario Kart is awesome, I love the original and 3d mario games, most of the Zelda games etc... I want to like the Wii U. I cant really see any reason to get it. I realize in a year there will probably be a 3d Mario game and a new Zelda game (Im not as crazy about a HD WindWaker since well it's a great game but i played it once on the cube and then again in 480p on the Wii... it will be great for kids or adults that missed it the first time around but i cant get excited about it) so even a year from now lets say there are 4 awesome Nintendo titles... is that enough of a reason to buy this thing for anyone but the fanboys? No one seems to care about it. I went to Best Buy to try it again to seeif they had any other playable demo besides Ray Man Origins (which isnt even coming out till Fall now) and they dont even bother turning on the demo machine, when I asked the salesperson he said I was the first person who'd asked and that no one is buying it since the first week it came out. I read online that Nintendo wants the Wii U to be popular with hardcore gamers and yet it will be far weaker than the other 2 next gen systems which means it wont be easy to port games to it and few of the franchises for even the ps3/360 are coming out for the Wii U nevermind that it seems developers seem to have no interest for next generation games... it seems to me this console is going to be a colossal failure, but to be fair its early and I dont have one, so can someone who has one or is more informed tell me otherwise?
  18. I guess Android is not popular here, so far i have found 2 games the previously mentioned Blood brothers and also a game called Wind up knight seems good. still hoping someone may see this!!
  19. I picked up a new Android phone and its my first time using this platform. It runs Ice Cream sandwhich 4.something, but i could sure use some suggestions for good games, anything good from any genre but anyone know of anything zelda-esq? aside from emulators of course.... so far I found one game thats ok, called Blood Brothers (rpg)
  20. it's a great time to get a used wii! They are routinely going for under 100 dollars on craigslist. I second soft modding your wii. I use Wiimc to watch videos from a flash drive and there are some great emulators for the Wii!!! I was playing Atari 800 Krazy shootout last night!! I have a collection of Gamecube games, but havent played any in ages. I still think Gamecube capability is important because IMo nothing beats a wavebird for goldeneye, i assume the same would be true for the Modern Warfare games, but I dont have the Wii versions. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are two other essentials that will keep you busy for awhile, but Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart and Rayman origins are also top notch!!!
  21. great thread, i really liked Castlevania on the SNES (IV) so i will throw in my vote for that being imo the overall best... BUT I cant believe no one has mentioned Castlevania Rebirth it's awesome.
  22. "hacking" sounds bad but in reality its a small thing (on the wii). WiiMC is really a great video player, i use it all the time, BUT if you really dont want to hack the wii there is an alternative. If you have a Mac get a program called Wii Transfer (pm me if u cant find it) it will let you stream almost any video from your mac to the Internet channel. I used to use it all the time and its not bad (but not as good or convenient as Wiimc). If you dont have a mac, I suppose you could set up a server on your pc and just manually convert any video to .flv *(flash) format. and again use the internet channel to stream the videos.
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