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  1. Yup, some Gamestops were confused, but they're free and you don't need to sign up. Anyway, this game is pretty deep. The more I read about it the more I want it. Lol Not around here. They all have the demo disks and won't give them out unless you pre-order. I am against the pre-order.
  2. I really love Asteroids. I play it on my Mac and use OSX's built in zooming capability to play in full screen, works awesome. I find the harder skill level to be great because it actually provides me with a challenge. I think the other 3 games are well done, but Lunar Lander and Breakout are just not my thing. I'm more a Arkanoid or Bit.trip.beat kinda guy when it comes to pong games. My only complaint is with Centipede's controls. That said it looks awesome! The packaging is superb and Asteroids alone is worth it!!! I would of loved to see Tempest and maybe Battlezone or Missle Command instead of Lunar Lander/Breakout but you can't please everyone and you did an outstanding job! I will still be playing Asteroids on my mac for years to come!! What better compliment can you get than getting an old gamer to play your version of one of his fav games?
  3. picked up mine last night... as always very faithful to the originals. The only time I really feel like I am buying "authentic" retro-modern stuff is when it comes from Curt (okay I gotta give props to the c64DTV too). These disks go right up there with Flashback 2 and my actual classic gaming stuff. thanks for doing this curt. the extra's touches you guys put into the packaging and games themselves may fly by your average gamer, but you know some of us really appreciate it!!! Now how about Tempest, Battlezone and Missle Command!!!! I would like to add, the 5 layer 89 cent burrito's are surprisingly good!!! Don't spill any cheese on your games!!!
  4. Well lots of interesting new games cuming, but I would really like to hear about the rumored new handheld in the works.
  5. I frequent the forum this guy was on and he was soo stoopid. Not only did he get himself a pre-release copy and dump it, but he took pictures of himself with the reciept and posted them on the board after he uploaded the game. He was practically begging to be caught.
  6. If you have a Wii, there is an awesome 2d Castlevania called Castlevania Rebirth!!
  7. You dont need the controller but it is available separately for I think $49.99 It would be cool if it worked with VC games, because the ball joystick would be perfect for pac man and similar 8bit games.
  8. I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I think this is the best fighter in YEARS!!!! I love it!!!! I would like to get the special joystick thing at Gamestop, but I can't afford it atm.
  9. That would be great for those who don't have or don't want to have Wii2600 and Wii7800 emulators installed on their Wii's I have Homebrew installed with those and would not buy at any price Quick question... I have the Homebrew Channel installed but no emulators. Are the emulators good quality? I would love to be able to play some 2600, Atari 8bit, and Amiga/Atari ST games if the emulators are up to par. As far as the OP. I doubt Atari games will find their way onto the Virtual Console. Atari seems to be in bed with Microsoft.
  10. According to vgchartz, it's sold about 120K copies so far which, somewhat surprisingly, isn't too bad compared to the other Silent Hill games. http://www.vgchartz.com/games/index.php?&results=50&name=silent%20hill&console=&keyword=&publisher=&genre=&order=Sales&boxart=Both&showdeleted=&region=All&alphasort= Glad to see the game is doing relatively well. it deserves the sales!
  11. With your comment in mind I went into the game with trepidation, but I did not have any control issues. In fact, I am very impressed with the game. It's very good both in control ,graphics, and fun factor. One game I agree is better (because of control) on the PS2 than the Wii is Quantum of Solace, I swear that game is ruined somehow on the Wii despite being the same game, but Silent Hill is not like that at all. This is a highly rated game and I havent read any other complaints about the controls so I dont get what your issue was unless you arent used to using the Wii controls? Anyway folks, if you like survival horror this is the game to get for the Wii. I imagine it will sell about 20,000 copies and we will never see another, so enjoy this while you can.
  12. I love the old school Castlevanias (up to Castlevania IV) so I was psyched to get this to say the least. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I dont turn on my wii without playing thru a game. A must have. I have no complaints really, but I have not finished it yet, so I can't comment on the games length.
  13. O.K. Some info: Original (Polish): ""System operacyjny", a właściwie to loader programów w Turbo-Basicu XL. Może również służyć do wczytywania programów napisanych w Atari Basic. W takim przypadku należy liczyć się ze zmianą prędkości wykonywania programu (TBXL jest szybszy). Programy przeznaczone do uruchomienie muszą mieć rozszerzenie .PRG i muszą być zabezpieczone przed kasowaniem. pomoc: Program rozpoznaje tylko stację dysków numer jeden. Ikony stacji numer dwa i kosza, to tylko żart." Short translate by me (sorry for my english): "Operating System", rightly only loader for Turbo Basic XL programs. You can use it to load Atari Basic programs too, but remember - programs in AB may be faster (TB XL is faster then AB). All programs to run must have .PRG extension and must be protected. Program knows only disk drive 1. Trash and other icons are only joke." So, this is only loader for Basic programs (sorry), but useful. is fairly useless actually, but it looks cool.
  14. What do you use to play Gamecube on your iMac? I would like to use my Wii on my iMac!!! Thanks!!!
  15. Quick question. I love Bioshock, but don't have a PS3 yet. Will there be a PC/Mac version?
  16. I always thought I was a Nintendo guy, and while I still think the lack of actual d-pad ruins a lot of games on the iPod Touch (like Pac man championship for example). It amazes me the games that do work are light years ahead of the DS counterparts. I love NOVA, it's like Halo/Metroid Prime combined into the best all around portable fps . I also really get into Zenonia (Zedla style RPG). There are some other games too, but the thing about the touch I like it's more portable and more likely for me to have around, when I am at the Doctors office waiting or another boring moment in life. Of course I use mine primary for music and sometimes movies, but I find myself hooking into free wifi all over the place to catch up on mail, facebook, or even send some IM's to my sweet heart... The iPod Touch despite not being the perfect fit as a gaming or web browser seem's to be the best all around device and I don't get weird stares when I pull it out like I used to with the DS.
  17. I have to agree Amiga. The late 80's and especially early 90's it was impossible to findNTSC ST stuff. I remember Electroniques Boutique (now Gamestop) had a little tiny section devoted to Atari next to the Amiga section, but all the ST users I knew played pirated Euro releases.
  18. I agree 100%. The weirdest thing was after Christmas I read at least 4 times that the most disappointing wii game for many reviewers was New Super Mario Brothers. I am at the point now where I just read the review to get an idea about the controls. Then I go to YouTube for a gameplay video and see for myself. Of course they don't have a problem if a game is a real piece of shovelware or a future classic, but anywhere in between and it seems you cannot rely on most reviews.
  19. I've only heard good things about it from those that have played it. Haven't yet. I plan too soon. I am playing Avatar now and it is surprisingly very good.
  20. Actually the Wii got it's own Madden this year (not a port) and it was really well done, but it did not sell well, probably because the previous Madden was so underwhelming. It's not I'm sure they could do a good DS Madden, but like Video said, for it to be good it would need to be totally redesigned from the ground up as a DS game. I don't think EA see's enough of a market for it.
  21. Critics are often idiots, especially for Wii games. Real people seem to like the game: 4/5 by 32 Amazon users. 7.8 by 59 gamefaqs users. 83 by 16 metacritic users. 7.8 by 104 ign users. IMO it's a solid 9\10 for sure. Best Bond game sense Rouge Agent. Best since Rogue Agent? Yikes...
  22. I would love to see a new Goldeneye, it was a great game on the N64. Here is what I know: They started work on an updated Goldeneye for the Xbox 360, because of licensing issues it was canceled. I seriously doubt Microsoft will be making any Nintendo Wii games although there is some president on the Nintendo DS (Diddy Racing), but I am extremely skeptical about this rumor. There has been a Perfect Dark for the 360 for a while. I've never played it, but it hit the bargain bin pretty quick. I wouldn't be surprised if the original Goldeneye makes it onto both Xbox and Nintendo's download service yawn... It's gonna look like a big blocky mess and it won't play the same without the n64 controller, but I have an n64 so if I didn't then I would be more excited.
  23. Right HERE Download, copy to Applications folder and click. Works 100% on my iMac running Snow Leopard.
  24. They were working on a MAC version, is it out yet? I have it on my mac, but it might be just a cider port. At any rate it runs 100% on my iMac. I can't be bothered to use bootcamp. I have Modern Warfare 2 running through Cider too. Now as far as Torchlight the game goes... I highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun and well worth the paultry sum they are asking.
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