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  1. Another thing to consider: His previous games were for niche platforms that tend to have more gameplayers who are open to his way of thinking (Jaguar,ST, Amiga, C64/A8bit etc). The 360 is a mainstream console and most 360 fans want the same games over and over again with better graphics and would not be interested in something like Space Giraffe, even the name would turn them off. Even if you take the flaws of his new game into consideration I believe he would of had more luck he designed the game for the Wii.
  2. I count Tempest 2k as one of my fav games of all time. llamatron is also on my short list of all time fav's. I think when Minter get's it right he is a genius his games scream playability and retro cool. I have two things I don't get about his comments. 1. Since when has anything he's done been original or new? I mean as cool as Space Giraffe or ColourSpace, or Mutant Camels or llamatron and on and on were/are the one thing they aren't is original and new, they are remakes of someone else game and in some cases better. Now my next question is this: Since when does Frogger suck? Frogger is a great game and a lot of fun, just because he doesn't like it and it outsold his crazy new Tempest game he's gotta put down Frogger and all time classic?
  3. Every time Ive tried Ive been able to jump right in. Make sure you check worldwide and not regional and I cant see why you would have any problems.
  4. thanks for responding. I have taken the game online, but I made the mistake of waiting to get Metroid hunters at the same time as New Super Mario Mario and I havent got enuff play time in to last more then a few seconds online without getting killed, but I am finally nearing the end of NSMB, so I will prob start playing Metroid next. I think the voice chat thing is a cool idea and I wishit was built into the DS then you could give out your DS friendcode like a phone #!! When you get it online lety me know, Id really like to check it out.
  5. Have you tried the voice chat feature? I donty know anyone with one and I would like to know how it works. If you havent tried it and want to, do you wanna exchange friend codes and meet online sometime so we can see how it works? Seems like it would be a nice feature if every DS could do this automatically. Then you could publish your ds friend code as a phone # of sorts.
  6. I always leave a game in my DS slot, and used to always leave a GBA game in the GBA slot, but since I havent bought any new GBA games lately Ive been leaving the rumble cart in there instead. I dont think there could be any problems.
  7. never did get this to work, nor did I get Mario to fly or find Luigi, if anyone else has any tips please let me know. Im putting this on hold while I try my hand at New Super Mario Bros for awhile or until someone gives me a clue.
  8. every pinball game I play I subconsciously compare to Pinball Dreams and Pinball Illusions on the Amiga. I should probably just break out the Amiga and or UAE and play the original!!!
  9. Ive been waiting for this one for literally 20 years! Sinistar was one of my fav games and I rem reading there was a version for the 8bit coming.. but alas it never came... now I wait again!!! Cant wait to finally play it.
  10. Anyone know any more info about this? Is there a release date in sight? Or should we hold our breath for another 20 years?
  11. I have 26 stars now, but I can't fly yet. Could that be why? Ive also dont have Luigi (just Yoshi and Mario) still cant get the light thing to do anything...
  12. I've tried it as Mario and Yoshi and that's all that happens just a little "watching you from above."
  13. Always wondered what happened to Tom Hudson, great story. I remember talking to him way back when and he told me how to get an Atari to create a perfect 2600 mhz tone so that I could write a Blue Box program like my friend had for his Apple II/Mockingbird. I actually typed in Livewire back in the day!!! Im suprised he didnt work on it more and release it commercially?!?! Seems like they could of made alot of money on that one.
  14. I have 23 stars, and I was lookng at GameFaq's for some help when I read that if I stare up into the light when you walk into the castle I can somehow turn the ? boxes solid??!?!?!?? when I do that it says "mario someone is watching you from above" and that's it. Am I doing something wrong? what the hell is that light thing for anyway?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys!! I guess it is pretty good. I found Mario Pinball Land to get really repetitive after a while, but from the videos Ive seen and what you 3 say it sounds like Metroid PB is much better. I am partly getting it for the rumble pack too, since I want to get Metroid Hunters for the DS at the same time and I understand it uses the rumble too. I'm wondering why hex65000 leave's the rumble pack out? Has anyone used it with Metroid Prime? Is it well emplemented in that game too? thanks a million!
  16. Anyone have Metroid Pinball for the DS? I had Mario Pinball land (GBA) and I sold it because it got sort of old... but I always liked the oldschool pinball games on the Turbografx (Alien/devil crush) and the AMiga (Pinball Fantasies) so I was thinking of picking this game, especially since it comes with a rumble pack and it will be nice to have for Metroid Prime which I want to get at the same time, so anyone have Metroid Pinball care to comment? thanx....
  17. I read I think here and definetly on the Usenet that Sinistar was found in near complete and playable form for the 8bit atari. It was supposed to be released real soon (this was like a year ago) as soon as they determined which was the final version. Was this an elaborate hoax? Is it still coming out? just wondering if anyone here knows
  18. when is this cuming 4 the DS?
  19. I hate to say it, but with Atari's luck and business practices in those days the only way the NES could of failed is if Atari had agreed to market the NES. They would of found a way to drive it into the ground.
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