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  1. I need some advice. I have 2 NES's (you might rem me from the 72 pin thread) I bought some new 72 pin cart connectors and I can't get the Nes apart. One of the screws refuses to come loose. I tried on the 2nd NES and since the screws were stubborn I decided to look for some advice. I imagine the plastic over the years has expanded and/or contracted and the screw is stuck. I have some chemicals for dislodging screws, but they are really for screws stuck in metal I am afraid to use them on the nes. I put some wd 40 on the screw and I am leaving it on the screw until tomorrow morning. This damn screw, I would appreciate any advice. I don't want to drill threw the screw and ruin the NES, because I am planning on restoring them to as close to mint condition as I can and I dont want a bigger screw in that hole and quite frankly I just want to get the thing apart!!! lol thanks a million guys Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I started playing RE: darkside today. If you like the resident evil series, you may want to give res evil dark side a chance. I normally grow tired of on rial shooters, but this one is very very good. It may win you over, but not if you are not a fan of the franchise and haven't spent much time in Raccoon City, it might not be as fun. I admit I watched the animated movie when it came out and the game feels like you are in a similar movie, so I do like the franchise and I suppose that makes me a bit biased, but I dontlike all the RE games, so I am not a fanboi. Between this game, COD modern war 2 on the pc and New Super Mario I am set for a while!!! I really think Capcom put together a winner and they should make a down loadable demo of the first level (if that is possible) because this game won me over and I think other skeptics will be won over too.
  3. Good to know. Ironically, the comment I made about The Conduit reminded me I'm only 66% through that game so I'm going to keep playing that instead. I will pick up Modern Warfare though someday, if only to see it finally come for the Wii. Playing COD Mod warfare 2 on the pc (well technically on a Mac) helped to change my mind. The wii game is a step down. dont get me wrong cod reflex is a good game.. but I think for the money I would wait. Now Res Evil darkside chronicles and New Super Mario Bros are both awesome games that will remind of why you bought the wii to begin with.
  4. I've had some time with this game now and while some of the complaints in reviews like the slow cursor (the speed is adjustable in the options) are stupid. I the game has not grown on me. It's a good game but nothing special. I doubt it is something I will still be playing a few years from now, so I would recommend this at a budget price (or used) but not for the full price they are asking now.
  5. I have a mint condition PS2 Game (cover insert, manual and disc all mint) for auction. THE RED STAR
  6. wii remote finnicky? I play it with the numchuck/wii mote it controls awesome. It's the best racing game of it's type on the Wii, obviously Mario Kart is a different type.
  7. The part is $8.49, marked down by $3.50. I looked all over the internet. The cheapest I found were slightly less than $6 shipped on eBay, so for 12 bucks I ordered two. They came last week. I still haven't had time to install them yet.
  8. Both auctions still have another day. If anyone from AtariAge wins I will throw in a free Gamecube Game (Pac Man).
  9. Do you think it's possible 2 people could come up with similar ideas 20+ years apart independently or do you think the guys at Nintendo are huge fans of a corny 80's US sci-fi show?
  10. Can I ask how you're finding the responsiveness of the pointer? IGN said there is a noticable sluggishness and you can instantly tell if you hit the Home button and move the pointer around the standard Wii menu. Is it really so bad in-game? They said it was more responsive in COD World at War (and I really enjoyed that game). I'm going to rent before I buy, this sluggishness might be a deal-breaker for me. Everything else looks good to me. And count me as one who never plays FPS'es with the zapper. I tried moving around in Link's Crossbow Training on those levels that use the thumbstick and I hated it. I only use my Zapper for shooting range games or fully on-rails games like Ghost Squad. Heck, I don't even use the Zapper for Dead Space Extraction. It's a little sluggish, but you can adjust the sensitivity.
  11. I have 2 Nintendo controllers for sale for 10 dollars with FREE SHIPPING: BLACK ORANGE
  12. it's more like Phoenix for the 2600. It's not as detailed as other versions, but it looks and plays good.
  13. Well I actually have the game. I don't agree it's PS2 level graphics. It is definitely beyond PS2 and very good looking. Control wise, I tried playing with the wii zapper, maybe it's me but it's impossible. Playing normally it controls fine. If you have a PS3 or a PC/Mac that can play COD modern warfare it's gonna be in a higher resolution than 480p, but this is a really good looking Wii game. I only played through the first level (the boat) but the graphics look beyond anything a PS2 or Gamecube could do and the game is fun. Does anyone play FPS's on the Wii with the zapper?
  14. If you dont have House of Dead Overkill yet, you can get it new for 12.99 with free shipping at New Egg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16878142044&Tpk=overkill
  15. This is supposed to be the most advanced FPS visually for the Wii. I am looking forward to it.
  16. Zombie BBQ is okay, nothing special. It's repetive Tokyo Beat down, is a mediocre beat em up. is it 15 dollars too? I wouldn't spend much more than that for it. Neither game is going to blow you away and there are tons of games better, that said both games are alright and won't completely disappoint you either.
  17. lol.... I think I've seen the Zelda shirts, unfortunately I'm starting to realize an almost 40 yr old man walking around wearing heavy metal concert shirts and video game t-shirts is starting to look a little sad, even if I am the same inside.
  18. where do you rent Wii games? It's definitely worth a rental fee.
  19. I will probably get it given the good-ish reviews. IGN mentioned that the camera is a bit of a problem, would you agree? They said you don't have a front point of view, only behind the car, so it's easy to crash. They also mentioned going into turbo pulls the camera even lower behind the car, making you even more likely to crash. True? Other than that and the lack of online multiplayer, this game sounds like a good one for me. I always play racing games from the behind the car perspective so I didn't even notice. I'm pretty good at the game and it is fun. I like arcade racers and this qualifies. Good sense of speed and the best racing gaame of it's type for the Wii. Oh, I assume by "turbo pull" you mean when you engage the nitro? Again, aside from going faster there is no control problem. It's a fun game. Like I said before, it's not the most fun racing game ever, but it is fun, it's not a port and worth getting for the Wii if you like this style of game.
  20. I love this game. It's more of a Legend of Kage/Ninja Gaiden style game (both of which I loved) than Metroid/Castlevania/Sonic/Mario, but I think if you give it a chance it might grow on you.
  21. I'm not a huge of the PSP, but I totally agree with your last statement. You can find something fun in every console/handheld if you look hard enough. I get a lot more bang for my buck with a GBA SP2 with an EFA Linker + Supercard SD and especially my DS Lite w/flashcard when it comes to portable gaming, BUT if or when I get a PSP I know I will have fun with it too. I love to play video games, the machines I play them on are just vessels to get to the good games.
  22. you should probably give some of the other RE games a chance, especially RE 4 on the Wii/Gamecube/PS2 is a lot of fun.
  23. Your post came after mine, so I'm not sure if you are referring to my comment "I'm surprised there are 25 good games for the PSP" I wasn't trying to bash the system, just stating how I felt. Every platform has some good games, but the PSP while it has some good ones is seriously lacking IMO. 25 is a lot of 9.0 and above games, and that is why I question whether there are 25 good games and many of the games on the list are ports. Not that there is anything wrong with ports, but it's just not a system that has wowed me. That said I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with one. I haven't met a console/handheld I couldn't have fun with (except maybe the Virtual Boy which gave me a head ache just trying it in the store).
  24. I forgot to mention, one thing about this game, it's subtle, but you actually feel like you are playing on current console. It's not really HD, but the graphics are sharp and crisp in a Wii way and the framerate doesn't change. It's like playing Mario Kart in that respect. The control is also spot on.
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