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  1. Im always here to help if you need me via PM too
  2. If you are patient a cheap one will pop up the last one I bought was like 7 shipped same for my buddies controller. Just wait and snap one up and send it my way I will have you playing in no time man.
  3. Modified, this one is going to a buddy in my mail station that also enjoys nes very much I made some tweaks to my BPS MAX and my Personal Max, I love showing these together!
  4. A new challenger appears!! Its the BPS MAX, just like the power pad the NES Max was a third party controller for the Famicom, the B and A are not concave and they feel more responsive compared to the NES MAX. Update to follow...
  5. I would assume this opens the door for different colors and configurations? But a question HOW DOES IT FEEL? And does the D-Pad feel too small?
  6. Hey cool beans 80skid, hope you get plenty of enjoyment from it
  7. My offer is still good to upgrade you to a SNES D-Pad whenever you want, be it that aame one or getting a new max all together for me to mod it
  8. I believe you man I have big hands too so I can relate too
  9. Im going to play test and film a video to see if I can duplicate any of icemans issues on the D-Pad as none of mines nor my customers have experienced any difficulty
  10. Thanks for the kind words Kosmic and Yoshi Looking forward to see what the other members have to say too
  11. Hey cool beans man, I have not had problems playing shoot em ups, love me some Crisis Force, with my modded max. This is an obvious comment, but did you sand the back of the D-Pad flat? I have not seen anyone tell me they have to press harder than normal to make it work. Granted the time it took you vs me its because on my dremel mine has the variable speed option and I always go on the lowest setting (I rather take 10 minutes just on the cycloid than do it in 2 minutes and regret it all) Mind you you need it to be super tight vs just snug as you want the D-Pad and Cycloid assembly to move as one unit. Glue I have used non so far. But again I congratulate you on your great mod. Give them some time (believe me) If you check the thread dates It took me almost a year to realize the full potential of the mod. And mind you I started with NES D-pads
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