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  1. Very sad news. Barry Oursler designed Comet, Cyclone, and Hurricane. Three of my favorite tables when they were new. I met Barry Oursler at a pinball expo once and he was an interesting and very friendly guy. Lyman Sheat's death was sad news too. Chatted with him a few times at pinball expos. Lyman always competed in the tournaments and would spend hours just hanging out and watching others play. He was also still programming the latest tables at Stern Pinball. Both were icons in the pinball community and will be missed.
  2. One year advance notice is fair... hopefully games don't get delisted before then. Still a few Wii U/3DS exclusives that I want but never got around to buying like Noitu Love and Mario vs DK Tipping Stars. I'm glad Fatal Frame: MoBW went multi-platform but there are a lot of other Wii U eshop exclusives that will no longer be available anywhere once the storefront closes: https://www.gematsu.com/exclusives/wii-u I'll probably also get Devil's Third digitally since the US retail release is $$$. Not a great game, but a Wii U exclusive that I'd like to try before $$$ or piracy are the only options.
  3. I wasn't very interested in the NES arcade ports, but there are some fun Namco Famicom exclusives in these collections too like Splatterhouse and Mendel Palace.
  4. There were four different versions of Daytona for Saturn, and the Japanese Circuit Edition is probably the best. It's an overhaul of the original Saturn release with better graphics, new tracks, etc. The Japanese Circuit Edition has the original arcade music that was removed from the US CCE version and handling that's closer to the arcade than the US CCE.
  5. Nice! But, were Jaguar consoles ever shrinkwrapped at retail? My system box that was purchased new at Lechmere has the price sticker directly on the cardboard.
  6. Neat! What brand/model of DVD-RAM drive are you using? Have you compared loading times vs internal storage?
  7. The Vita store closure is what's getting me. There are a bunch of Vita games that I want and they're not cheap... physical versions cost even more (or don't exist). I'll probably spend a couple hundred on Vita games before the store closes and still have to pick and choose. PS3 store has been around long enough that I already had most everything I'd like. Still picking up a couple obscure titles that never had a sale (Choplifter HD, From Dust) and random DLC though.
  8. Lego Dimensions has a Simpsons section in the base game and a decent Simpsons level pack add-on.
  9. Bought a few PS4 games from Austin. Arrived quickly, well packaged, and in great condition. Thanks again!
  10. I use my HK PSN account often... lots of asia exclusives and different/better weekly sales than the US. Most HK downloads even have English text. The best place I've found for cards is offgamers.net There's an initial verification code via text, but after that you can buy codes with paypal and they email the codes very quickly. They frequently have 'discount promo' prices for most denominations, so be sure to buy the cheapest version. Also, there's a small paypal transaction fee added at checkout.
  11. Strange cross-promotion with FF7 Remake and Butterfinger candy bars: https://butterfingerff7r.com DLC reward for every 2 candy bars that you buy. 5 possible rewards if you buy 10 candy bars. Bonus Tifa dynamic theme included with the first DLC reward code. Theme is available now, DLC available at game launch.
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