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  1. Neat! What brand/model of DVD-RAM drive are you using? Have you compared loading times vs internal storage?
  2. The Vita store closure is what's getting me. There are a bunch of Vita games that I want and they're not cheap... physical versions cost even more (or don't exist). I'll probably spend a couple hundred on Vita games before the store closes and still have to pick and choose. PS3 store has been around long enough that I already had most everything I'd like. Still picking up a couple obscure titles that never had a sale (Choplifter HD, From Dust) and random DLC though.
  3. Lego Dimensions has a Simpsons section in the base game and a decent Simpsons level pack add-on.
  4. Bought a few PS4 games from Austin. Arrived quickly, well packaged, and in great condition. Thanks again!
  5. I use my HK PSN account often... lots of asia exclusives and different/better weekly sales than the US. Most HK downloads even have English text. The best place I've found for cards is offgamers.net There's an initial verification code via text, but after that you can buy codes with paypal and they email the codes very quickly. They frequently have 'discount promo' prices for most denominations, so be sure to buy the cheapest version. Also, there's a small paypal transaction fee added at checkout.
  6. Strange cross-promotion with FF7 Remake and Butterfinger candy bars: https://butterfingerff7r.com DLC reward for every 2 candy bars that you buy. 5 possible rewards if you buy 10 candy bars. Bonus Tifa dynamic theme included with the first DLC reward code. Theme is available now, DLC available at game launch.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up on this! I told my kids we'd use some of the gov't stimulus money to get a Switch, but I'll start checking now and buy as soon as I see one available.
  8. It's not the most convenient way to play, but Lego Dimensions has a Midway Arcade expansion pack with 23 arcade games including Rampage/Spy Hunter/Gauntlet/etc. Your Lego character walks to the chosen cab and it switches to full-screen gameplay. Lego Dimensions is available on PS4, PS3, Wii U, 360, and xbone. Maybe there was an exclusivity deal with Lego preventing a separate compilation release for a while?
  9. PS4 doesn't have as many retro compilations as earlier console generations, but there are some good ones. The Atari Flashback Classics 1-3 that dj_convoy mentioned are great. Most of the popular titles are on vol. 1 & 2, while vol 3 features some 2600 homebrews, 5200 games, and arcade games that never had console ports. If you have a Vita or Switch, all 3 volumes were combined into one release for those systems, and the Vita version is the best bargain at $20. Along with the Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Konami has also released similar collections for Castlevania and Contra. All three are frequently discounted to $10 each during PSN sales. From Capcom, there are 2 collections of the original Megaman games, 2 collections of Megaman X games, and a Megaman Zero collection. The Disney Afternoon collection has their Disney licensed NES games. And, they've also released Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection with most of the old SF games and the Capcom Beat em up Bundle with 7 arcade games. If you want more obscure compilations, there's the SNK 40th Anniversary collection which has a lot of pre-Neo Geo snk arcade games. There's also a compilation of Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun which has 18 old NES/Famicom games from Technos. And, if you happen to have kids who played Lego Dimensions, there's a Midway Arcade expansion pack with a bunch of arcade games. Not worth the setup cost unless you happen to already have the base game though. There are also a couple PS2 on PS4 SNK compilations available for download, like Metal Slug Anthology, ADK Damashi, and a few fighting game series like the King of Fighters Collection. These go on sale pretty frequently too. Beyond the compilations, there are a ton of individual retro titles for download on PS4. Namco has individual PSN releases for Pac-man, Ms Pac-man, Dig Dug, and Galaga which are frequently on sale for a buck or so each. Then there's the Arcade Archives and ACA Neo Geo series, which offer dozens of old Japanese arcade games. They're expensive, but some of them are great games that never had home ports.
  10. A few brand new/sealed PS4 games for sale. Prices include postage, discount for multiple games. Injustice 2 : Legendary Edition - $SOLD Lego Marvel's Avengers - $15 Lego Marvel SuperHeroes 2 - $SOLD
  11. Minotaur Arcade Vol. 1 is supposed to be released for PS4/PSVR next week! (October 10th) Jeff Minter has updated two of his delisted Minotaur Project iOS games for PS4/PSVR/Steam. The first volume will contain Gridrunner and GoatUp. They've had massive overhauls and now fit the trippy pseudo-3D Llamasoft style. Really looking forward to these... hopefully all nine of the Minotaur Project titles will eventually get updates. Preview video: https://youtu.be/4OHX7gCtzoc Blog: http://minotaurproject.co.uk/blog/?p=461
  12. Congrats on hitting 490 on Monte Carlo Vita! Been trying to at least tie but no luck yet. Also noticed that you've taken 1st on tracks 2-8. Pretty sad that you're the only score on a couple of the tracks... of all the Vita owners, no one else has played them?? I did manage to get 1st on Black Widow. I never use the stage select/starting bonus on games that offer it... feels like cheating to me... so getting 1st when starting at level 1 was an extra challenge. Are you playing Lunar Lander on 'Command Mission'? The PS4 version has a trophy for scoring 800+ in that mode, so that's the mode that trophy hunters would be playing. Scoring may be higher for the harder mode? Or people may be hacking scores just to get the trophy?
  13. I'd never tried expert track Super Bug until now either... so many branches/dead ends that it doesn't seem fair. Since it doesn't have its own leaderboard, I wonder if either mode posts to the main leaderboard? Seems like the score adds up more quickly on expert. I reached bonus time and scored 220 in one try, even though I crashed a lot. Could probably beat my standard mode score with a little luck. I won't be chasing #1 on Lunar Lander. I'm horrible at that game and lucky if I can land once. Your current score is close so should be able to boost it a little. Good luck! I've been trying for first on Black Widow but hitting a difficulty spike similar to what you mentioned in Red Baron. After level 25 the game is determined to get someone else's quarter asap.
  14. I use the analog stick. I keep upward pressure and make slight rotations along the upper hemisphere. Was actually playing Breakout today to get to #1 in each game mode on Vita. Also got the Breakout trophy on PS4 vol. 2 earlier while in the groove. Analog stick on both systems. I don't use the touchscreen/touchpad on any of these games. EDIT: Also, if you go for the Breakout trophy, I found it much easier to clear all the bricks in Double instead of Cavity.
  15. First place on PS4 Red Baron is currently 56,920. Second is 40,670. I spent a lot of time going for trophies on all the PS4 volumes, but Vita has become my go-to platform if I just want to play... having all 3 volumes on a portable is awesome for quick arcade gaming.
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