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  1. keep cool it's an early beta one
  2. It was only to point this incoherence. Of course I agree, but somewhere with this sentence, you should be assimilated to a pirate and be bashed ... just one more thing, don't use CAPS if you don't want give the impression to YELL
  3. BTW, I just want to say your tag line is about as pointless as some your other statements. is it FALSE ?
  4. Well right now NO ONE has a CF, so for now its the CD that's available. You HAVE to know not everyone will buy a CF either, so I still dont see the difference. don't be so aggressive takes your pills
  5. right but you need a cd player Jugs too no ? in one way or another you must need something else
  6. seriously ? Seriously. There is one guy wich need to take some pills. You can add to this "criminals". ok, no pb to understand who he is ... criminals & thieves ... I've read this in the past concerning sebrmv and atomix 'cause it was done using GPL
  7. My understanding is that when asked whether or not the JagCF will support downloads of legacy cart software, the developers have not answered the question. you should have miss this : Let's recap. (I won't discuss the case of new JagCF games : optional protection will be available to developers, this was planned from the start). Given the "quake" this feature seems to generate in the community, we feel it's more prudent to do the reverse, at least at first : only allow "no-controversy" (protos, public domain, etc.) ROMs to run. We did investigate a "strong" hardware-based protection method, but it turned out to be too complex to implement. What we're planning now : the ROM-running feature will be disabled by default, and enabling will only be possible through an undocumented hardware protocol. This protocol will be released only to trusted developers on a need-to-know basis. We think it's wiser NOT to give a single, public and "official" detection technique, because it would be more likely to be broken. In fact, there are tons of different ways of detecting the presence of the JagCF, and we feel more comfortable letting each programmer design their own protection (it's possible to do so using the information in the developer documentation we'll release publicly). We will help any developer if they request assistance from us. And yes, that means even Thunderbird or Gorf if they ask for it. Hope this answers your question. vote - new Jaguar game on cartridge? Maybe - providing it's a proper game! - new Jaguar game on CD? No, I DO NOT OWN a Jag-CD. - buy the JagCF if you can? Yes - I'll buy it like a development kit.
  8. ah, ok so even PNG-24 and TIFF with LZW compression don't corrupt an image ? always important to know but right, PNG is a great format
  9. Hi, in fact I supposed that the PNG-24 was a loosless compression method. I am wrong ? but it's true that TIFF or others are better for image editing TIFF are high resolution, so are the Photoshop and PaintShopPro formats so theres alot more information to work with plus they don't compress everytime you save them. PNG does compress when you save it, just alot less compression (why I like using it for web images, better picture and a decent file size ) I've try to understand this after my post and ... of course you've right, even with a looseless compression method we still miss some pic informations. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, PNG is nearly the same than a TIFF with a LZW compression (but without the CMYK support). (and better than a TGA with a RLE compression)
  10. - clear intention or paranoia ? pff , You come here to spread bullshits, go and play on your playground. You're fan-base is not the jaguar one. - so I'm a pirate, a lyer, what will be next, unfaithfull ? - not a follower, but just guess that the CF for jaguar is best things happened to jaguar since the Battlesphere release - concerning your safety, you should stop then your devs on any kind of support , this is the solution
  11. Respect is earned. Every post you've ever made has been some shot at me. HOw could I or anyone every respect that? what a joke, so you're a victim ? I don't have "shot at you", I was just asking for clarifications about your assertions. I supposed that, thanks to your position (CEO of a homebrew company), you have made something like a market research report. too bad
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