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  1. kyle

    Fatal run indeed

    Can’t think of the name but it was in pigeon Forge and I paid 20 bucks. I bet that’s it. It would’ve been summer 2019 or 2018.
  2. For whatever reason when I play kung fu master my cart now glitches out. So whenever the dragon appears on Second level and blows fire the screen just goes black. I’m playing it on a AV modded 7800 just for reference.
  3. kyle

    Fatal run indeed

    I picked up a copy of Fatal run from a game store in East Tennessee a couple of summers back and it’s never worked. It will bring up the Atari logo screen with the rainbow but won’t boot up the game. I just get a black screen or either colored lines then a black screen. Could it be pal? Just a bad cart? Would it be worth it to take it apart and clean it?
  4. VCR did the trick! I wonder why I didn’t have to do that on my other TV?
  5. Is this a new one on everybody? Anybody got any suggestions?
  6. Hey guys about two weeks ago I moved my AV modded 7800 from my bedroom into my in the works game room. Anyway tonight I was going to play solar fox and for some reason I’m only getting sound on the game no video. I checked other games and the only other ones that seem to have the same problem are Gorf and and blueprint all three CBS games for the 2600. I’ve played CBS games on the system for years now since the mod solar fox being one of my favorite games . But this is the first time on this TV. So my question is it something to do with this particular television? Or is something going wrong with my AV mod or what? Anyone else had a similar problem?
  7. I’ve cleaned it but I definitely could clean it some more. I was wondering if it was PAL? How can I find out? Is there something that identifies it as pal on the cart or circuit board?
  8. I have a Fatal Run cart that will Display the Atari logo screen but after that just colored lines. Any ideas?
  9. Hey guys my friend Carla s Son is autistic and his smash Brothers melee for the GameCube got scratched and hes really upset. What is her best bet to get the scratch out to make it playable again ?
  10. Start with fun titles then go after completing third-party libraries like Activision Parker Brothers etc. youll never get everything .
  11. kyle

    Tigervision games

    I guess I could just hook up a 2600. lol
  12. What kind of modification needs to be done to either the cartridge or the 7800 so tigervision games will fit ?
  13. kyle

    Water Ski

    While playing it it made me think an overhead speed boat racing game would be fun for the 7000
  14. kyle

    Water Ski

    I didnt know it was an arcade game also
  15. kyle

    Water Ski

    I kinda like it. Not sure what that says about me ? lol
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