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  1. Uhm I apparently told this story 15 years ago. Silly me.
  2. Pac Kong.jfif My mistake, I didn't bought Crackpots, I bought "Boom Bang" in exchange for Pac Kong. The images I'm putting are not mine, I'm using them as reference. And as kid I was expecting to see a Transformer robot game, but then I noticed the obvious contradiction between the image in the label and the obvious concatenation of the names Pac and Kong. Never knew until 15 years later. I lost most of my cartridges due to giving them to a cousin and never seeing them again, except for the whole Atari 7800 collection I have.
  3. Quoting myself: "So my question is: Is this a Zeller's game that didn't made it, a rare variant, a common bootleg cart from Hong Kong or what?" I completely forgot Taiwan, it was Taiwan, not Hong Kong, but yeah, whatever came from either country was good to sell in thrift stores and the local market flea. I have seen also Taiwan Cooper cartridges, I owned very few of them in comparison to all the other original games my dad bought over a span of 8 years (1980-1988) until I got my NES right after I won my Atari 7800 on a contest. I had a heavy sixer, got broken many times. Then we got the Atari 2600jr, more original games, then by '86/'87 the Taiwan Cooper cartridges came up, just bought few of them to see what games they were. I bought a Pac Kong cart that never worked then I changed it for Crackpots. Then the Atari 7800 was introduced in Mexico, and a local store made a contest with first prize an Atari 7800, second prize Atari 2600jr. with 1 cart, and third prize an Atari 7800 cartridge. I won first prize by playing Ms. Pacman for 60 seconds, highest score. That's how high scores means something in real life lol. And from there I started to buy my own Atari 7800 games and even 2600 games, and so on did the same with the Nintendo consoles I had. I never knew what was the Pac Kong game due to a faulty cartridge, until the age of internet when I found here at the AA forums that Pac Kong was another game imitating Donkey Kong.
  4. Of course, the cartridge I found is not in mint conditions, the box is damaged, it's not CIB but it's complete. I don't care much about the box, honestly. I need to fix my Atari (RF out is broken), and I need a Pokey chip game to test Audio. I have seen 8 Bit Guy's video when he modded his Atari 7800 and how important is to do the composite mod correctly. That's why.
  5. The title says it all. If you find Ballblazer for the Atari 7800 at a moderate cost, is it worth to buy?
  6. Oh wow, that's funny! I remember seeing the Zeller's thread years ago, and I granted as valid that my cartridge was part of the Zeller's collection, yet I started to search more about this variant and couldn't find it. Even there's an entry for Frogger sold by Zellers but with the original artwork by Parker Brothers. Not this hand drawn version. And I was thinking in replacing the label to a custom made based on Parker Brothers original. I think it's bad idea. I'm thinking in buying an original instead.
  7. I always had this kinda strange (or not) Frogger Atari 2600 cartridge with a drawing of two frogs on a pond. The game is effectively Frogger, I have been playing it on my Atari 7800, and the label style match up with other Zeller cartridges from Canada. But I got this cartridge from an unknown source, but I recognize it as one of those carts that were sold very cheap along with other bootleg carts. So my question is: Is this a Zeller's game that didn't made it, a rare variant, a common bootleg cart from Hong Kong or what?
  8. My return to Atari Age after a Decade

    Hello everyone! Nabuko78 here. I have been here since 2006 sharing my interest and love for the Atari home consoles (2600 & 7800), but then after a while I disappeared for an entire decade. I think the last time I was here was on 2010, according to my profile story. I'm from Mexico, mostly I love Atari 7800, what else... yeah, I learned from people in the forums about technology, games, collections and whatnot. I was doing my stuff for 10 years without interacting with people in the AA community, then I decided to return. Only to show you this is really me, I'm showing below a recently taken pic of Atari 7800 Custom gamepad finished next to a C64 Mini that I bought on October 2020. And I'm posting here my entry about my modded 7800 gamepad I made on August, 2007.




    1. Nabuko78


      I never finished my project, it was very hard for me to wire the missing pin into the pause button, yet the wire I used has 9 lines as shown in the pics from 2007. and I ended up using epoxy around the connection after succesfully having a working gamepad.

    2. Unbeliever


      Welcome back!

  9. I liked most the orange variant, in my particular opinion because combines the adventure territory art with the original orange colored box of adventure we all know. Did you submitted your label for the AtariAge / Monkey Labs label contest as well for this mockup?
  10. Hello again "Atari VCS 2600 PAL to NTSC Conversions" enthusiasts. I see you found a Treasure Island NTSC conversion, a really nice, decent and playable conversion (at last) that once I was looking for. Here's where I started my quest. And then, I don't know how, after my frustration I was on my way to "hack" such title into a rom what it seemed to be a conversion, but it was more like a disaster. The file is in this very post. Where did that 2nd one come from? Was it in the forums somewhere? Yes, it was somewhere in the forums, with another name. The conversion attempt was a failure, as you can see in this thread. It was glitchy, with a lot of flickering, but at least became "NTSC-esque" according to Stella 2.2. I was responsable of the conversion. After that, ROM PM me, asking for my name, and I told him Juan Arceo is my real name. 4 years later, a week ago, I realized my name was written along with the rom I hacked and it was inside of a .ZIP file, a collection of roms named "Hacks_and_Homebrews_V1.2b_sorted" I found here. Also you can see there other hacks I made, inside the folder "hacks" such as the "Double Dragon Improved", my very first hack where I changed colors and character sprites. Anyway, it's nice to see that Thomas Jentzsch made a great work by converting "Kampf um die Schatzinsel" or "Treasure Island" into NTSC format that is playable now, unlike my crashy, crappy, newbie attempt. Thank you very much.
  11. Thanks for sharing your Atari 5200 emulator with us!! Congrats for your work, Brian! I was on my way to ask you how to assign user defined color palettes, but then I read the FAQ, followed by the manual for this new version and could know how to make it. Other question is: how come my palette named Nabuko52 ended inside the kat5200 v0.6.2? I noticed that palette was, somehow, among the others, on a list refered "somewhere" except on my personal files. Anyway, I like the updated GUI, the emulation, the misc palette options (That finally allows the .pal format), and everything else. Thank you so much!
  12. It is actually an original Atari VCS controller, not sure if its CX-10 or CX-40, but it's a legit model for the mexican market. I'm pretty sure it is original. I'm damn pretty sure. The circuit board is exactly the same I had in my controllers - once - , as much as I remember... when they got broken after 1 year of use, then my dad brought me a 2600 Jr. from US.
  13. YAY! Thanks everyone! I didn`t realized that were in this very site.
  14. Anyone in this forum has schematics to make paddle controllers for the Atari 2600, or any other useful schematics for most common Atari controllers?
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