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  1. Thanks FibroFreak78, but thats just the paypal fees, not concerned about the fees, it's the policy i am concerned about. That's why there are 2 options. Easy and cheap or higher and not so cheap. It is a cool page though for those who want to know the charges of paypal only. Do they have such a page for ebay transactions with buy now and bid options as well?
  2. Hi Icemanxp300, i don't know anything about the policy of paypal without ebay, the reason the higher price is because i know with ebay the seller and buyer are both protected and i have had no trouble using that method in the past. Without ebay and the seller protection, as far as i know the buyer could just charge it back and i'd be without a game or money. Thats why i did the ebay option and gift option is because there would be no fees at all, no risk on my part and i have 10 years and over 3000 feedback on various sites to back up that you would get what i say, as almost all my items are shipped with tracking and insurance to cover any damages. Thats why the difference in price, i simply don't know what sort of situation would arise from a non gift payment without the ebay seller protection/buyer protections both tied into the transaction. Hope that explains it.
  4. Great buyer, keeps up with emails. Pleasant to deal with. Recommend to everyone.
  5. Listing new items this week, starting with an Atari 5200 lot. More coming soon.
  6. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300912122927 Good deal on river raid if you can grab it before its snapped up at the low price.
  7. I have now sold all my overflow boxed games and now moving up to another lot i picked up recently, then after that will get to my main collection and begin selling off. These games are all complete in box with instructions. Some may have additional pack ins. Conditions vary, priced accordingly. Photo shows all the games, as they sell i will mark them off the list and photo. Shipping is $5 for first game and $1 extra for each game after that up to 4 games. Starting at 5 games or more total order all shipping is flat rate $4 total. So 1 game is $5, 2 games are $6. 3 games are $7, 4 games are $8, 5 or more games are $4 total. Basically just giving a bigger discount for those buying 5 or more. I accept Paypal only by Gift Option. Pole Position $5 Q*Bert $6 SOLD Popeye $9 Megamania $9 Worm War I $14 SOLD Atlantis $5 Riddle of the Sphinx $5 Pitfall! $9 Frogger $7 Laser Blast $5 Super Breakout $6 SOLD Yar's Revenge $7 River Raid $9 Adventures of Tron $7 Donkey Kong $7 Starmaster $8 PENDING Frogs and Flies $7 Ms. Pac-Man $5 Grand Prix $8 SOLD Fishing Derby $8 Freeway $6 G.I. Joe Counter Strike $15 SOLD Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match-Ups $10 SOLD Amidar $6 SOLD Dig Dug $5 Crystal Castles $5 Sneak'n Peek $5 SOLD
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