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  1. That appears to have been the case, or Charles Band was just superstitious. The first Wizard Video release on Betamax/VHS (Ms. Don Juan) was also catalog number 007.
  2. Who knows but they look pretty real to me. The seller also had unused labels from other games by various publishers listed for sale, and appears to be someone with no apparent connection to or knowledge of video games who primarily deals in sports cards and other assorted oddities. Such a person is highly unlikely to attempt faking something like this.
  3. Yeah, he was killed in an automobile accident near Seattle involving a logging truck. His former wife Dale died of cancer back in 2007. https://www.turrentinejacksonmorrow.com/obituaries/doris-bieschke-43088 His kids are still around. I believe someone was in contact with one of his daughters at one point, but she didn't know much about Apollo.
  4. Restland Memorial Park, Dallas https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/74776298/patrick-james-roper
  5. I'm pretty sure the name was an in-joke specifically based on this incident.
  6. Random question, but what store are those price stickers from?
  7. I thought of that as soon as I saw KK II also, but I would say it's just a coincidence. The version of James Bond that took place on a train was supposedly in development at Western Technologies but they were way behind in completing it, so Parker contracted another company (On-Time Software) to develop the version that ended up being released.
  8. I would try the forums at Sega8bit or SMS Power if you haven't already. If you don't have any luck there, I might be able to scan it for you at some point if I have some time.
  9. Correct. John Perkins programmed the original Astrocade version. The ports on other platforms were presumably done by other programmers at Action Graphics. Whether Schwartz worked for Action Graphics or was subcontracted by them, I do not know. In that article, you refer to Mike Schwartz as a "Spectravision programmer" but it should be noted that he did not work for Spectravision/Spectravideo, nor is it likely that company had anything to do with the game whatsoever beyond manufacturing it. They did not develop the game, nor did they distribute it. Most of Spectravision's 2600 titles were developed in Asia. There's only a few that weren't. Schwartz did the game under subcontract with TMQ Software in Wheeling, IL. The game is copyrighted to Ralston Purina, and it is their return address in Illinois appears that appears on the original shipping box.
  10. I'm pretty sure Steve Woita has the version he worked on in some form or another, but he can't/won't release it for legal reasons.
  11. Interesting...I never knew about this. I also have a copy of Moondust that plays with no sound. I thought I had a bad cart or something since I never noticed any SID issues with any other games. I'll have to see if I can track down a machine it's actually compatible with.
  12. It's not in circulation as the few people that have it haven't released it. There really isn't much to review, but I talked about it a bit in this thread a few years ago.
  13. I believe the "Gang of Five" programmers who left Parker Brothers for Activision (Rex Bradford, Mike Brodie, Charlie Heath, Dave Lamkins & Jim McGinnis) all worked there. I talked to Rex Bradford several years back and think I showed him some screenshots of the two unknown Activision protos, but I can't be certain. If you're in contact with those guys, hopefully one of them knows something. It would not surprise me if both of those games were done in Boston. It's my understanding that nothing being developed there was ever published (much like the Western Technologies satellite office in Florida).
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