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  1. That's a good deal considering that the original list price was ¥5,980 ($55) plus shipping, with most merchants selling it for much more. It figures they'd lower the price now after I already have the game, but I'll probably grab another copy for trade since I was going to place an order with them anyway. I was planning to grab the Japanese release of Battle Kid but it looks like it's on backorder now.
  2. We were referring strictly to the Japanese release by Columbus Circle, which is listed on the PlayAsia site and elsewhere as being compatible with Asian Mega Drive consoles only but actually will work on an NTSC Genesis. The NTSC release by Strictly Limited was intended for use with both North American and Japanese consoles, hence the notch on the side of the cartridge to accommodate the cartridge lock on the Japanese MD.
  3. Weird. My copy didn't seem to work on my Genesis 3 when I tried it, which is why I assumed it was region locked even though I thought it seemed strange that it would be. I haven't tried it on any other North American consoles but now I guess I'll have to.
  4. Nothing on the internet can be guaranteed to last forever. Websites do go away, sometimes unexpectedly. It's unfortunate but it's the nature of the beast. At least this time the data is still there in some form.
  5. Just thought I would add that unlike 16-Bit Rhythm Land or their reissue of Gley Lancer, the Japanese release of Ultracore by Columbus Circle is not region-locked despite rumors to the contrary. If anyone was considering importing that version, the game will work on a Genesis 3 or presumably any other North American console using a Game Genie or other passthrough device.
  6. My copies of Knight 'n More and Muncher Mouse have arrived safe and secure but I haven't had time to try them out yet. The Muncher Mouse box has a minor bit of damage to the top front edge of the box but it's not a big deal. The games were packaged as well as can be expected. I did notice something rattling around up inside the Muncher Mouse cartridge. It appears to be a plastic object about the size of a Tootsie Roll and wrapped in black electrical tape. I see the same thing inside the Knight 'n More cartridge except it's not rattling around. What the heck is that thing?
  7. Just before the NintendoAge site was completely transformed (i.e. cannibalized) a breakaway group of NA members started the Video Game Sage forum and a lot of people migrated over there. Previously discussed here... https://atariage.com/forums/topic/297911-if-you-once-were-a-member-of-nintendoage-visit-now-to-be-shocked/
  8. Given how long they've taken to get these cartridges out the door, SLG should've just given the digital ROM to anyone who purchased the game in the first place. They know it's going to get out eventually anyway and they aren't making any more cartridges, so what do they care?
  9. I purchased the Japanese Mega Drive release by Columbus Circle after missing out on the Genesis one from Strictly Limited. SLG not limiting the number of copies one could purchase was completely ridiculous and left a bad taste in my mouth. This practice only benefits scalpers. I don't believe anyone has cracked the Mega SG and extracted that version but the Japanese release was indeed dumped and there are already Chinese bootleg cartridges being sold on eBay using the Japanese NTSC version of the ROM image. I'm sure the SLG versions will also be circulating in short order once people get their hands on the physical cartridges. Has anyone received theirs yet? I see a few people on Facebook are reporting that they have. One person complained about the overall lack of quality and another reports a damaged case. I've been watching eBay and I'm surprised that none have turned up for sale yet. I'm sure there'll be no shortage of people flipping them.
  10. Not that I'm aware of and I can't imagine why someone would want to play this game with a joystick. Do you simply not have a set of paddles?
  11. I recently ordered an Atom Retro power supply from commodore4ever and I'm happy with it so far. It was shipped via Priority Mail and arrived in less than a week.
  12. CommaVid distributed their games nationally, albeit in limited quantities. Despite rumors to the contrary, all titles except MagiCard and Video Life were sold in stores to some degree. I'm sure that most distributors in the Midwest had them although I couldn't tell you which stores actually sold them. There had to have been regional department chains there that carried them. I'll check old newspaper ads and see if I can find any. I know Boscov's (who had other rare oddball stuff at closeout prices like the Wizard games) sold them in the Northeast. The Tigervision games were sold at several national chains, including Kay-Bee and Lionel stores.
  13. Meh. I already ate...and 900+ pages is an awful lot of tacos. I don't know if I can handle that.
  14. First time reading this thread...what did I miss? Is this thing basically the Coleco Chameleon, Mark II?
  15. He was always a bit flaky, even ten years ago when the site was fully operational and business was booming, so nothing surprises me. It's too bad because it was pretty much a go-to place to get stuff once upon a time.
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