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  1. That would be my guess as well.
  2. Free Play Florida is an annual three day gaming expo that's tentatively scheduled for November 20-22 at the Caribe Royal in Orlando as you posted above. Tickets are not on sale yet and no one knows if it's actually going to happen this year. The show has not been cancelled yet but it's not looking too good with the way things have been going lately in Florida with regard to the large number of COVID cases. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-play-florida-2020-electronic-gaming-expo-tickets-101567057804
  3. The shirt was supposed to be free with purchase according to this original ad.
  4. Not to flog a dead horse, but here's a decent article with some info on C64 power supplies... https://retrogamestart.com/answers/replace-c64-power-supply-voltage-failure-will-kill-your-c64
  5. I have one of these cartridges and can probably dump it at some point. Mine is the Canadian white label variant but was purchased via eBay a few years back from a US seller.
  6. I just randomly came across a picture of one of these pins while searching an old hard drive. It looks like another once surfaced recently because someone just grabbed one.
  7. Any type of passthrough device is probably your best bet.
  8. Je ne sais pas si le propriétaire l'a toujours mais je ne pense pas qu'il parle français. Si vous parlez français seulement, essayez de poster un message ici et il est possible quelqu'un vous aide... https://atariage.com/forums/forum/9-international/
  9. TechnoVision was a brand name used by Video Technology Ltd. for non-CreatiVision products, similar to Atari's use of Atarisoft and Mattel's M-Network. VTech is and has always been based in Honk Kong. I'm not sure how and why their 2600 games were distributed mostly in Europe but seemingly nowhere else. I do suspect those games may have been developed by a subcontractor in Germany or elsewhere in Europe based on them being released there, and on them being original games of higher quality than most of the garbage coming out of Asia at that time. But that's just speculation on my part.
  10. Even before that while it was still on the market and actively being supported, the Jaguar always seemed to me like a niche console with a cult-type following (i.e. not unlike today). By 1999, even Atari itself was already gone. The Jag never really being commercially viable coupled with it being the now-defunct Atari's last gasp pretty much instantly elevated it to "retro" status.
  11. I'm pretty sure the sticker that appears orange is just faded or discolored from a printing variation. The blue stickers are specific to the Commodore 64. My copies of Bristles and Flip and Flop both have them.
  12. I have the Atari cartridge and Commodore diskette versions of Flip and Flop, both complete in box. The former lacks a media format sticker whereas the latter has a blue one. The stickers for the Atari versions should actually be red as seen here.
  13. Yes sir...it was a pleasant surprise to see both the display and ad finally surface after all these years. A higher resolution picture of the display would be nice if someone here won it.
  14. Did someone here manage to win that Tooth Protectors retail display that was on eBay several months back? From what I remember, it sold for a few hundred dollars. I was outbid on that one but did manage to grab this full color original circular ad last month. First time I've ever seen one. I'll scan and post it sans watermark when I have a chance.
  15. This was a known issue with the first batch of Skeet Shoot cartridges that was apparently corrected. It was mentioned in this interview with programmer Ed Salvo back in 2006.
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